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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Square Repair?

Square Repair has garnered a commendably positive reputation as evidenced by the content of recent customer reviews. The reviews overwhelmingly praise the service quality, efficiency, and professionalism of the staff, specifically noting individuals such as Stephen and Anthony who have been consistently lauded for their expert assistance. The company is recognized for its rapid repair services, with multiple accounts of same-day resolutions effectively meeting urgent customer needs. Moreover, the transparency in communication and pricing is repeatedly highlighted as a core element of the customer experience, contributing to the trustworthiness of the service offered. Nonetheless, a single account of a delayed service due to stock inadequacy indicates an area for potential improvement in inventory management. Overall, Square Repair has established a strong reputation for professional, high-quality device repairs with customer satisfaction at the forefront of their operations.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Square Repair's customer feedback are prominent and multifaceted. Customers routinely commend the speed and efficiency of the service, sharing experiences of rapid repairs that range from same-day resolutions to prompt two-hour expedited services. Personalized attention from staff members has also left a positive imprint on customers, who perceive the repair team as not only professional and competent but also friendly and approachable. The exceptional quality of the repairs is a consistent theme, with reports of reliable fixes that return devices to prime condition, and in some cases, avoiding the need for complete device replacement. Location and service amenities, such as being situated in the premium Spaces complex, add an element of convenience and comfort to the customer experience. The value proposition, encompassing both competitive pricing and the avoidance of personal hassle in DIY attempts, further solidifies the favorable reception of Square Repair among its clientele.

Concerns and Threads

The negative feedback regarding Square Repair is minimal and appears to be isolated rather than indicative of a systemic issue. The primary concern mentioned is a delay in service due to the repair center waiting on the correct screen model for a phone repair, which could suggest a need for improved inventory management or faster supplier response times. While this example shows that not all repairs can be immediately addressed, which may cause inconvenience, such instances seem to be balanced by staff actions like compensating with express services at no additional cost. No other substantive negative patterns are discernible from the reviews provided, which suggests that such instances are exceptions rather than the rule.

Frequently asked questions about Square Repair

How quickly can I expect my device to be repaired at Square Repair?

Customers often report rapid repair services, including same-day repairs for urgent requests. While immediate service cannot be guaranteed for all cases, as it may depend on the issue and stock availability, the company is known for its efficiency.

Are the repair services at Square Repair worth the cost?

Reviews highlight the good value and competitive pricing of the services at Square Repair, suggesting that the cost is often seen as reasonable by customers, especially when considering the complexity of the repair and the high-quality components used.

Can I trust the technicians at Square Repair with a professional and reliable repair service?

Yes, according to customer feedback, the technicians at Square Repair, including names such as Stephen and Anthony, are repeatedly praised for their professionalism, expertise, and friendly service, indicating a high level of customer trust in their work.

What are customers saying about Square Repair

Square Repair
Rahi Malik
2 months ago
Perfect service by Stephen. My godson was gaming on a broken iPad screen this morning, and by this afternoon he was back heavy gaming on it with a new screen! No issues whatsoever :) Amazing professional service and I would return here again. I didn’t want a substandard repair with a cheap screen and everything has been first class - highly recommended so don’t hesitate!
Square Repair
M Phillips
3 weeks ago
Great service, very happy. Took my phone in for a battery replacement. All done in just over an hour. Everything was explained clearly to me. Their office is located in the super nice Spaces complex. Good value considering how much it would have cost me to replace the battery myself, quite apart from the headache of figuring out how to do so. Recommended.
Square Repair
Felicity Hayward
a week ago
Anthony and Stephen were both very competent, professional and friendly. I came in with an urgent phone repair request and while they were unable to do it the same day because the screen they had in stock was for a slightly different model, they gave me the express service at the regular price 2 days later as soon as the right screen arrived. Excellent service, very satisfied.
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About Square Repair

Mobile Phone Repair

Square Repair is a reputable mobile phone and electronics repair shop conveniently located in London. We offer a comprehensive range of repair services for smartphones, tablets, iPhones and other electronic devices. Their team of experienced technicians is skilled in handling a wide range of repairs, from cracked screens and battery replacements to water damage and software issues. Square Repair is committed to providing their customers with high-quality repairs at competitive prices. We also offer a convenient walk-in service, so you can get your device repaired quickly and easily.