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As of Jan 20, 2024, 1040 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Ifixscreens's customer reviews analysis

iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn is generally perceived as a reliable and efficient establishment for mobile device repairs, as evidenced by the preponderance of positive customer feedback. Customers commend the quick service, professional staff, and the high-quality repair work which often exceeds expectations. However, there are concerns about the store's refund policies that not all customers are made aware of. Some customers reported dissatisfaction due to the no refund policy after work had not begun or when they managed to solve the issue independently. This has sparked some negative perceptions, although the store's response to complaints appears prompt and courteous, with attempts to resolve issues through store credit.

Positive Feedback

The predominant customer sentiment towards iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn is positive, particularly highlighting their swift and quality service. Clients are impressed with the turnaround time for repairs, often completed within 20 to 40 minutes, and frequently mention the professional demeanor of the staff. Repeat customers and referrals are noteworthy, indicating a strong trust in the staff's expertise. A few anecdotes of competency include handling older devices, such as a 15-year-old iPod, and resolving complex issues rejected by other repair shops. The provision of discounts and the willingness to stay beyond regular business hours for urgent repairs further boost the establishment's customer-centric image.

Concerns and Threads

While customer experiences at iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn are overwhelmingly positive, there are some concerns regarding their refund policy. A customer reported frustration after being denied a refund, despite the repair not having been started, which taints an otherwise stellar reputation. Although the company does offer store credit, it seems this may not satisfactorily resolve customers' issues, particularly when there's a limited selection of products for the credit to be applied toward. This highlights a potential area for policy review or at least clearer communication with customers at the point of service.

Frequently asked questions about Ifixscreens

What is the refund policy at iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn?

As per customer feedback, iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn has a no refund policy, which is particularly strict if the repair service has been processed or even if it has yet to start. The store might offer store credit instead, but conditions apply, and customers are advised to inquire directly with the store for the most accurate information.

How fast are repair services at iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn?

Repair services at iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn are frequently praised for their speed, with many customers reporting turnaround times ranging from 20 to 40 minutes for services like screen and battery replacements.

Can iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn handle repairs on older devices?

Yes, customer reviews indicate that iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn has successfully repaired older devices, including a 15-year-old iPod. They appear to have the expertise necessary for working on both modern and older electronics.

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a month ago
First of all, the guy at the front counter has no bearing on this rating. He was fine and I have no complaints apart from not being told about the no refund policy which the owner claims they always do. They don't. I paid over 130 dollars to get a screen replacement for my phone to get data off of it since it was broken. I called the next day and said I was able to do it myself and asked for a partial refund - I understand it took time to process my request. I was denied and made aware that it is against company policy to issue refunds and work hadn't even started on my phone yet! This is absurd. And before the owner comes in and says "we're sorry you feel that way, we want our customers to be happy", you don't. If you did, you would give me at least some of my money back. Now I am offered store credit - you don't even have anything for sale besides screen protectors and cases. This is such shady behavior. Edit: I do appreciate being responded to quickly. I will come back either for my store credit for which I'm not sure what i can get still, or for my data transfer - whichever will be best for me. If these go well and are transparent, I will update or remove the review.
Amalia Rudnik
a week ago
This the place to go to to get your devices fixed! The service was fast, affordable, and the staff there have great expertise! Would highly recommend! My screen needed to be replaced and was fixed within 30 mins. They have also fixed my battery for my phone when it needed a new one within 30 minutes.
Isabel Byron
2 months ago
Walked in amid several other customers needing by attention. Mohammed was professional and promised a fix ( screen, battery and glass protector) within 40 minutes. True to his word I am now typing on a renewed phone — better than new. Reasonable cost AND I will postpone a new phone for another year or more! Came here because of great reviews. Not hype. The real deal!
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Broken Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer? iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn in Park Slope, New York located near Barclays Center and next to NY Kids Club - Park Slope offers iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Smartphone Repair, Drone Repair, Smart Watch Repair, PC Repair, Laptop Repair & Mac Repair Services.We fix cracked screens, batteries, charge port, ear speaker, mic, headphone jack, motherboard repair, camera, water damage. We perform virus clean-up, ram upgrade, HDD / SSD upgrade, data recovery, software installation, & much more.Our store carries a range of accessories, protection plans, prepaid plans, bill pay, refurbished smartphones, tablets, & computers. All first responders get 25% off of any accessory and 10% off on glass screen repairs.