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As of Jan 12, 2024, 996 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Hiyacar's customer reviews analysis

Reflecting on the recent feedback regarding Hiyacar, the company's overall reputation appears to be a blend of high convenience and variable satisfaction. Customers consistently praise the ease of booking, the app's efficiency, and the concept of car-sharing for its environmental benefits and hassle-free nature compared to traditional rental services. However, there is a discernible undercurrent of dissatisfaction relating to vehicle quality and customer service. Notably, issues such as app connectivity, response time of customer support, and the condition of the vehicles have surfaced as significant concerns. While some users find the service cost-effective and the cars well-maintained, others encounter outdated or poorly maintained vehicles, highlighting an inconsistency in the fleet's condition. There seems to be an emerging trend of dissatisfaction with increases in rental costs, which some customers feel are not justified by the service quality.

Positive Feedback

Hiyacar receives commendation for its innovative approach towards car rental services, which emphasizes convenience and environmental sustainability. Positive customer feedback frequently underscores the user-friendly nature of the Hiyacar app, which simplifies the rental process and provides clear instructions for vehicle collection and return. Users appreciate the no-deposit policy and the app's assistance with unlocking and locking vehicles without the need for direct owner interaction. This feature, coupled with Hiyacar's competitive rates, has made it an attractive option for customers seeking an easy, more economical alternative to traditional car hire companies, especially for short-term needs or occasional journeys.

Concerns and Threads

Amongst the customer feedback, there are notable grievances that pinpoint key areas where Hiyacar could improve. Recurrent complaints focus on the reliability of the app, particularly with locking and unlocking vehicles, which is sometimes hampered by connectivity issues. The efficiency of customer support is questioned by clients expressing frustration with delayed responses during times of immediate need. Additionally, the quality and maintenance of the vehicle fleet have been called into question, with anecdotes of cars being dirty, old, or even mechanically unsafe. As prices have risen, these quality concerns have become more pronounced, leading to a perception of diminishing value for money and a consequent loss of some customers.

Frequently asked questions about Hiyacar

What happens if I encounter technical difficulties with the Hiyacar app during my rental?

If you experience issues with the Hiyacar app, such as problems with vehicle locking/unlocking, you should contact Hiyacar's support team promptly. Customers have reported varying response times; however, the company aims to address such concerns as quickly as possible.

Is there any deposit required when renting a car through Hiyacar?

No, Hiyacar typically does not require a deposit when booking a car, streamlining the rental process and making it accessible for users who prefer a low-barrier service.

How does Hiyacar ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of its vehicles?

Hiyacar claims to have policies in place to ensure vehicles are clean and well-maintained; however, some reviews suggest that customer experiences may vary. It is advisable to directly contact the company for information regarding specific standards and actions taken against non-compliant car owners.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hiyacar

chinheung khew
4 months ago
We booked a car for our Cotswold trip last week. We had a great time and found the Hiya app to be convenient for people who don't own cars.
Matt Redmond
a month ago
Great idea. The app works well and it's easy to find a car, pick it up and return it when you want. Good value and better for the environment because you're using someone else's car when they don't need it. Also much more convenient and less hassle than renting from a car hire company.
Ines de Santiago
4 months ago
I rented the car through Hiyacar for a day to explore London with my family. Using the Hiyacar app has truly simplified the way we rent cars. The convenience it offers is remarkable. With clear instructions provided within the cars themselves, there's no need to coordinate with the owner to lock and unlock the vehicle. This feature alone saves so much time and effort, making the rental experience incredibly hassle-free. This convenience, coupled with the affordability factor, has undeniably made our lives simpler and more efficient. I truly recommend to anyone looking to rent a car, in a safe, stress free e economic way!
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About Hiyacar

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Hiyacar is a peer to peer car rental network, letting car owners rent out their car when it's not being used.Our accompanying free app lets you hire cars direct from people in your neighbourhood instantly, using our unique keyless technology.It’s fast, secure, and cheaper than old-style car rental, because you’re renting from people just like you. Hiyacar owners earn up to £1,000 a month, and drivers rent safely for less.