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Cell Phone Repair Houston - Galleria
Cell Phone Repair Houston - Galleria

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Published on
February 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Cell Phone Repair Houston - Galleria?

An assessment of the Phone Repair Ambulance (near Galleria) 'We Buy Phones' based on customer reviews reveals a polarized reputation. On one hand, several customers have praised the business for its prompt, professional service, quick turnaround times, and courteous staff. This customer segment appears to be largely satisfied with the quality of repairs and customer support provided. On the other hand, multiple grievances have been raised concerning the use of lower quality materials, perceived fraudulent activities, and poor post-repair functionality of devices. These issues have led to severe customer dissatisfaction, with some alleging negligence and damage beyond repair. This dichotomy in experiences suggests that while the company has loyal patrons who trust the service, there is a significant risk for consumers seeking repairs, particularly on non-Apple devices.

Positive Feedback

In evaluating the positive feedback for Phone Repair Ambulance, customers routinely commend the swift and professional manner of the services received. Representatives are often described as kind and attentive, signifying a commitment to good customer relations. Many reviews underscore the efficiency with which repairs are made, often citing times as short as ten minutes. The business has garnered recommendations from those who appreciated their experience, and it has been noted that repeat customers and referrals are common. Moreover, the company seems to have established a trustworthy reputation among a segment of customers who view it as a go-to source for iPhone repairs and protective accessories.

Concerns and Threads

Conversely, the negative feedback highlights a series of critical concerns. Some customers have experienced what they describe as deceptive practices, with one customer alleging that parts paid for were not installed and their device was irreparably damaged as a result. Complaints about poor quality replacement materials causing additional malfunctions after repairs were frequent, with issues ranging from screens ceasing to function to hardware being improperly reassembled or damaged during service. Several reviews also point to an apparent lack of accountability and inadequate customer service response when addressing these failures. These alarming accounts of customer experiences reflect shortcomings that question the technical competency and ethical practices of the business.

Frequently asked questions about Cell Phone Repair Houston - Galleria

Can I trust Phone Repair Ambulance with high-end devices?

The reviews are mixed regarding the repair of high-end devices. While some customers have had positive experiences, others have reported serious issues after repairs, particularly with non-Apple devices. It is advisable to consult with the store and assess the risk before proceeding with any repair.

Does Phone Repair Ambulance offer any guarantees on repairs?

Some customers have reported receiving written statements offering no-charge repair for issues arising post-service. It is best to inquire directly with the company for specific warranty or guarantee policies before any repair work is conducted.

Is it possible to get a refund if I'm unsatisfied with the repair?

There are accounts of refunds being issued after persistent complaints; however, the process appears to be lengthy and may not cover collateral expenses such as transportation or the full cost of the device. Clear communication and understanding of the refund policy is advised before using their services.

What are customers saying about Cell Phone Repair Houston - Galleria

Cell Phone Repair Houston - Galleria
Tiberiu Tudor
4 weeks ago
They were prompt and quite professional. They assisted me, and the guy was really kind and quick to fix our iPad—it took him ten minutes. Excellent customer support! Without a doubt, I'll return with any problems.
Cell Phone Repair Houston - Galleria
Ben Bayone
a week ago
One of the best iPhone repair services in Houston tx. Quick ,friendly, professional and good quality items. I recommend these guys to anyone.
Cell Phone Repair Houston - Galleria
2 months ago
VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ AND AVOID THIS BUSINESS. Oh my goodness I must add to this review over new information as of December 6, 2023. Yesterday, I had my phone opened to get a 4th opinion ( time consuming) including multiple confirmations from Apple Store , even in writing that my iPhone is permanently destroyed over this store. I cannot believe what I saw. My phone was opened in front of me yesterday at another repair store. There was no camera that I payed for! So the repair man put in a new camera all on front of me and it still didn’t work. Turns out the camera connection area was permanently damaged. Plus a bunch of little screws were missing as well proving a very sloppy job was done. My screen repair was always bouncing around and freezing up. And the camera they replaced like twice didn’t work still. But once the repair man realized he broke the camera connection , he just seemingly didn’t bother putting the camera in. This should be criminal but definitely fraud ! So point is this company truly ruined my phone. I’ve never made a public review and this upset. But please read on to explain more about this horrific experience being disabled battling a very rare aggressive cancer. I think I looked like a frail target going to this store in a wheel so sick. I cannot believe they took advantage of my situation. It certainly looks this way right? So here’s the run down. I had a fairly new iPhone that Apple quoted me like 550 for repairs , so I tried this cheaper place. Huge mistake my phone had no internal damage confirmed by Apple multiple times. I sent the proof to the phone ambulance too. My iPhone only needed a new screen and camera repairs. But after multiple attempts for store to fix my phone screen and camera, Apple confirmed 2 times that the store cheap parts ruined my phone permanently. This is what diagnostic tests confirmed. I kept going to the store to complain, spending at least 100 bucks on transportation counting getting other opinions about my phone. Not to mention wait times probably as much as 20 hrs counting all visits about this phone. The owner or manager , after many complaints for them to fix my phone or replace it, did eventually refund my money after like 4 months. But what good is this if it won’t cover a new phone. A matter of fast even with the refund I’m still short almost 200 to buy the same phone. What I know now is never take an Apple phone to any repair stores except Apple bc if they use other parts it can destroy your phone. Sometimes you’re going to get lucky but know there is a big risk as I’m living with. The whole thing was a nightmare and I really trusted them at first. But 2 phones now didn’t work after repairs. The first phone stop working 2 days after warranty was over with the store. Talk about bad luck or better put, I’ve been seemingly scammed. I now know you get what you pay for and there is no shortcuts. It was an expensive mistake. My losses counting both phones and transportation is well over 900 in losses for me thinking I could get a better repair price. Well I won’t ever make these decisions again and I WILL NOT REMOVE THIS REVIEW AS THE STORE ASKED ME TO YESTERDAY AS OF DEC 7, 2023 UNLESS THEY REPLACE MY PHONE. I was asked to buy another phone by the manager yesterday and after I hung up? I was like, why would I be out all this money when it’s their fault! No way. Sorry, I hate feeling mean but this is so wrong. It’s unsafe for me to have a phone like this because of my medical condition. And they are well aware of this too for months.
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