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What do customers say about Canales Furniture?

As of Mar 28, 2024, 1985 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 28, 2024
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March 28, 2024

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Canales Furniture's customer reviews analysis

Canales Furniture generally elicits positive feedback from customers regarding its diverse product selection, customer service, and sales support. A common thread among the reviews points to the satisfaction with the range of options available, both in-store and via digital catalogs. Sales representatives, particularly Maria and Nelly, have been frequently commended for their attentiveness, knowledge, and assistance with financial arrangements. Positive mentions of in-store cleanliness and proactive customer communication contribute to the company's favorable reputation. However, these commendations are somewhat overshadowed by significant concerns raised by some customers regarding the transparency of financing options, potential issues with stock availability after purchase, and alarms over the possibility of unfair lending practices or overcharging that has tarnished the company's image for a portion of its clientele.

Positive Feedback

The majority of Canales Furniture customers express high levels of satisfaction with their shopping experience, emphasizing the responsive and personable service provided by sales personnel, such as Maria and Nelly. Buyers routinely highlight the extensive furniture selection and the ease of shopping, either in-store or through digital means. Customers appreciate the competitive pricing and the range of financing options tailored to their needs. Positive individual experiences are often highlighted, including the availability of staff to help with post-purchase inquiries, a friendly store environment, and efficient purchase and delivery processes.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the prevalent positive sentiment, Canales Furniture has some areas of concern as indicated by customer feedback. Issues such as inaccurate stock information post-purchase have led to dissatisfaction for some customers. More alarming are the reports of potential financial misrepresentation, where customers caution against unexpected loan practices which ostensibly involve loan amounts exceeding the cost of purchased items. These episodes of financial ambiguity, including hidden fees and intricacies of contract terms, have resulted in a sentiment of caution among some customers when approaching the company's financing options.

Frequently asked questions about Canales Furniture

Does Canales Furniture offer a range of furniture options, including those not on display in-store?

Yes, Canales Furniture provides a variety of furniture selections. In addition to the items available in-store, customers can also browse additional options through a tablet showcasing a wider catalog.

Can sales representatives at Canales Furniture assist with financing and post-purchase inquiries?

Yes, the staff at Canales Furniture, according to customer reviews, are knowledgeable about various financing plans and are proactive in assisting customers with any questions or changes to their contracts, even after the purchase.

What should I be aware of when considering financing options at Canales Furniture?

Customers are advised to thoroughly understand the financing terms, ask detailed questions, and read the fine print to ensure clarity on the total costs, interest rates, and any additional fees associated with their purchase financing.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Canales Furniture

Canales Furniture
a week ago
I just want to point out if you want something great come to these place! They have options and if they don’t have anything you like on site they have a tablet where you can see other options you would like. My experience was easy and fast. Great customer service!
Canales Furniture
Juan Montes
2 weeks ago
Maria helped me out immensely in the mattress purchase I made 🙏🏽 she was attentive in the type of mattress i wanted and demonstrated different types to see which I’d like best. She explained financing with a company well and let me know that I needed to call to change my contract to 120 days without interest to avoid any additional fees. She also let me know that I could come into the store and they could help me make the call if I had any trouble. Highly recommend! Will come back soon 😁
Canales Furniture
Juan Flores
2 weeks ago
I shopped at the Spring Valley, I bought the my living room set and my bed room set. Maria Gutierrez is an excellent sales person. She gave me the best possible prices and very helpful with the financial options. I am very satisfied with my buy. I really recommend this store.
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