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As of Apr 29, 2024, 2063 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

absolute wonderful couch

most wonderful experience

loving my items

shopping experience here amazing

beyond happy with my order

so happy and in love

service was great

furniture delivered was beautiful

exact quality as advertised

Coffee Table is gorgeous

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Furniture To Go's customer reviews analysis

Furniture To Go appears to maintain a positive company reputation, grounded in multiple accounts of excellent customer service and satisfaction with product quality. Sales representatives, particularly Alfred and Mike, are repeatedly commended for their professionalism, helpfulness, and attentiveness. Personalized service seems to be a hallmark of the customer experience, with staff members going above and beyond to assist in selection, financing, and setup. Delivery timeliness and product satisfaction contribute to a high level of customer loyalty, as exemplified by customers' stated intentions to make future purchases. However, there are noted instances of challenges, particularly with third-party delivery services. These issues, while seemingly resolved by the staff's intervention, suggest an area for potential improvement.

Positive Feedback

Furniture To Go is characterized by its personalized customer service, with sales agents like Alfred and Mike earning high praise for their professional and helpful manner. Many reviewers highlight the staff's commitment to understanding and meeting their needs, even when handling transactions remotely. Product quality receives strong positive feedback, described as 'sturdy,' 'well-made,' and meeting expectations. The speed and efficiency of service, from the selection process to delivery, are also prominent positive aspects noted by customers. The proactive approach of staff in resolving issues and ensuring customer satisfaction further enhances the positive impression of the company.

Concerns and Threads

While the overall sentiment toward Furniture To Go is positive, some areas of concern emerge regarding delivery experiences. Issues cited include a lack of care and professionalism from the third-party delivery service, with one instance of a delivery person being described as unpleasant and not fulfilling setup responsibilities completely. These delivery challenges seem isolated but nonetheless impact the overall customer experience. The need for better coordination with or selection of a delivery partner is evident in customer feedback, suggesting it is an area that requires attention to maintain the company's otherwise sterling reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Furniture To Go

What can I expect from the customer service when visiting Furniture To Go?

Customers can expect to receive personalized, professional and attentive service from Furniture To Go staff. Sales representatives are often highlighted for their dedication to assisting customers in finding the right products and providing a pleasant shopping experience.

Are there any common issues with Furniture To Go's delivery service?

Some customers have reported issues with the third-party delivery service regarding professionalism and the completion of setup services. However, these instances are not reflective of the entire delivery experience and are often counterbalanced by positive in-store service.

What is Furniture To Go's reputation with regards to product quality?

Furniture To Go's products are generally described as sturdy, well-made, and as advertised. Customers often express satisfaction with the quality of their purchases and the fair pricing offered by the company.

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Furniture To Go
Erika Pond
a week ago
I went to this place and was met with Jose. He explained everything through and help me find my absolute wonderful couch with two twin platform beds. With the budget I was on it was great. Delivery was only a few days met with Eduardo who was great. My husband wanted to put everything together and he did. Their was 4 plat missing but we used the ones off the old couch. It's the pieces that level the couch out. Still deserves 5 🌟
Furniture To Go
Selena Aguilar
2 months ago
My husband and I came to this furniture store as newlyweds, searching for our new rounds of furniture. We had such an amazing experience as we were helped by Alfred who was so professional and beyond helpful. Excellent customer service! Excellent store to find furniture. Our experience was so joyful, that this has literally been the most wonderful experience in furniture hunting. God bless!
Furniture To Go
shelia Leggette
2 months ago
What an amazing place. Everything went so smoothly. I was nervous at first didn't know if was a scam. But my items arrived on time just Mike said. I'm loving my items. I will be ordering again very soon. Thank you Mike for your wonderful customer service!
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Furniture Store in Dallas with a large selections of furniture located at 2759 Irving Blvd in DALLAS, TX 75207. At Furniture To Go, we specialize in affordable high quality furniture in Dallas, Texas. A lot of furniture stores in dallas have the same furniture everyone else does, but we strive to have a unique selection only found at FTG. Furniture To Go a.k.a FTG Furniture is the largest furniture store in dallas with a 50,000 squarefoot showroom! No other furniture stores in dallas import unique furniture and accessories like we do! Check out our mega Dallas Clearance Furniture section! Clearance and wholesale furniture is available at our main furniture store in Dallas! Dallas Mattress Store Throne Chair Wholesale