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As of Apr 06, 2024, 806 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 6, 2024

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Albany Lettings's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating Albany Lettings based on the customer reviews provided denotes a predominantly positive corporate reputation. Consistently, reviewers commend the company's excellent communication, citing timely and responsive interaction. Their staff's friendliness and professionalism are frequently mentioned, enhancing the customer experience and building trust. Several landlords remark on the adept handling of their properties, noting Albany Lettings' ability to manage tenancy changes, property maintenance, and issues adeptly, evidently ensuring customer satisfaction over extended periods, some spanning over a decade. Moreover, the reviews suggest that the company excels in offering personable service while maintaining a professional standard, whether it concerns renters or property owners. Potential areas of growth or concern are not evident from the reviews supplied, and the overall impression is one of a well-respected and reliable letting agency.

Positive Feedback

Albany Lettings is highly praised for its excellent communication, with numerous testimonials highlighting the promptness and effectiveness with which they respond to queries. Customer service is depicted as a cornerstone of their success, with staff being consistently described as friendly, approachable, and professional. From the perspective of landlords, Albany Lettings is commended for their diligent property management, including proactive issue resolution and efficient handling of tenant transitions. Renters express satisfaction with the smooth processes regarding move-ins, tenancy, and planned move-outs. The personal touch and attentiveness during property viewings, as well as the clear and informative interaction from agents, also receive specific positive recognition.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not reveal any significant negative aspects of Albany Lettings' operations. This could indicate a high level of customer satisfaction across the board, or may reflect a selection of reviews that does not include critical feedback. Without additional data indicating customer dissatisfaction or areas for improvement, it is challenging to assess any negative elements. To maintain a balanced view, further reviews, both positive and negative, would be required for a comprehensive evaluation of potential drawbacks or issues faced by customers.

Frequently asked questions about Albany Lettings

How responsive is Albany Lettings to issues and communications?

Based on customer feedback, Albany Lettings is highly responsive, engaging in timely and effective communication with clients, and quickly addressing any property-related issues.

Do landlords and tenants have a personal point of contact at Albany Lettings?

Yes, landlords and tenants report having direct communication with staff members, with a personal touch being a recurring theme in customer interactions.

Can Albany Lettings manage properties for extended periods without concerns?

Yes, several reviews from landlords indicate long-term satisfaction with Albany Lettings' management services, spanning over a decade, highlighting reliability and consistent professional service.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Albany Lettings

Albany Lettings
Bradley petch
a week ago
I’ve been working with Albany lettings for over a year now and I must say they have been absolutely fantastic, they have always been great at communicating with us and replying very promptly, they are also very understanding with projects. They are very friendly when we are in the office and I truly enjoy working with them. I’ve seen the work they do in and out of the office and it’s absolutely amazing to see an agency stay on top of things for the people renting and for the landlords.
Albany Lettings
corin williamson
a week ago
We have used Albany for the management of our flat for several years now. They have always been very speedy to respond to any request from us and they are very professional when it comes to the marketing, viewing and rental of our property. Most recently, communication with Nicola, Jenna and Laura about various issues has been helpful. This is a great property management company with a personal touch, I would highly recommend.
Albany Lettings
Lauren Cameron
a week ago
Albany has been our letting agent for the past 3 years, and they've been wonderful. The staff is all very friendly, and any issues that popped up with the property we rent were quickly resolved, and they were very accommodating with all questions and needs! Everything from our move in, tenancy, to pending move out have gone very smoothly, and we'd definitely recommend them!
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About Albany Lettings

Property Management
Albany Lettings was established in 1995 by Neil Johnston when, after several years of managing his own properties, he decided to offer Landlords the standard of service that he himself would be happy with.