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Titanic Hotel Liverpool

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Published on
March 20, 2024
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March 20, 2024

What do customers think about Titanic Hotel Liverpool?

The Titanic Hotel Liverpool, nuanced by its integration of historical dockside architecture with modern luxury, enjoys a favorable reputation characterized by its unique ambiance, spacious and well-appointed rooms, and hospitable staff. However, there are mixed sentiments among guests, with some expressing dissatisfaction particularly around cleaning standards and management responsiveness. Positive experiences often cite the hotel's aesthetic blend of old and new, the quality of food offered, and the attentiveness of the staff. Contrarily, negative reviews periodically point to issues such as unclean rooms, unhelpful management, and a service charge policy perceived as non-transparent. The frequency of these critiques is low in comparison to the number of positive reviews, suggesting such instances are not the norm but rather exceptions. Despite these concerns, the prevailing customer experience leans significantly towards the positive, reflecting a strong overall company reputation.

Positive Feedback

The positive reviews for Titanic Hotel Liverpool predominantly highlight the hotel's distinctive character that harmoniously fuses historical elements with contemporary design. Guests are pleased with the spacious accommodations, notably the superior rooms, which are often described as 'enormous' and 'beautiful.' Appreciation for the hotel's aesthetic, including the preserved original features such as brickwork and steel, is a recurring compliment. The food and restaurant service receive high praise for both quality and presentation, contributing to guest satisfaction. Customer service is generally commended, with staff described as helpful and attentive, which accentuates the hotel's hospitable image. The provision of a pleasant spa experience, despite minor criticisms, along with gestures like complimentary drinks for special occasions, create an overall impression of a well-regarded establishment focused on hospitality and ambiance.

Concerns and Threads

Negative feedback for Titanic Hotel Liverpool, while less frequent, centers on cleanliness and service issues. A particularly memorable account involves a room not being properly cleaned, with remnants from previous guests and unsatisfactory conditions such as 'black sludge' in the kettle. Negative interactions with upper management staff, including perceived indifference towards guest feedback, contribute to the dissatisfaction of some customers. Added service charges at the bar and restaurant that were not explicitly communicated to guests induce feelings of deception and discontent. Lastly, some guests have voiced discomfort due to the proximity to ongoing construction and disruptions caused by adjacent rooms. These isolated instances of negative feedback suggest areas where the hotel can focus on to refine its customer experience and ensure consistent service quality across all aspects of the establishment.

Frequently asked questions about Titanic Hotel Liverpool

What unique features does Titanic Hotel Liverpool offer?

Titanic Hotel Liverpool is known for its combination of historic dockside warehouse architecture with modern luxury. Features include exposed brick, original steel elements, contemporary furnishings, spacious rooms with large bathrooms, and a distinctive design ambiance.

Are there any additional charges I should be aware of during my stay?

Yes, guests should note that a 10% service charge is added to all purchases at the bar and restaurant. It is advised to review bills carefully and discuss any concerns with the staff.

What are guests saying about the accessibility and location of the hotel?

Guests acknowledge that the hotel is a bit removed from the city center, with a 25-minute walk through a less desirable area, which may require reliance on taxis. However, this is often regarded as a minor inconvenience compared to the overall positive experience.

What are customers saying about Titanic Hotel Liverpool

Titanic Hotel Liverpool
Chris Wyatt
a week ago
It's hard to put into words how good the Titanic Hotel Liverpool is. The hotel is so individual, marrying old working dockside warehouses, exposed brick and original steel features together with contemporary furnishings. Our room on the 3rd floor, (be prepared for the dark ominous vast hallway), was stunning, so big with a huge bathroom, large bath and walk in shower, lovely interior design and ultra comfy bed. There was a level up two steps, with a bar, sofa, desk and an original window overlooking the dock side. It was luxurious. We had dinner in the restaurant, all the staff were superb, they knew exactly what they were doing, efficient and very friendly. The food was superb, everything was tasty and well presented. After dinner we had very good cocktails in the relaxing bar area which was calm and quiet. After an excellent night's sleep we went to the restaurant for breakfast. There was a good choice of the usual breakfast fayre. This was one of the best hotels we have stayed in for individuality, atmosphere, style and friendly service. Rooms: Amazing room, so incredibly big. Fixtures and fittings were lovely plus blending this with the original bricks and iron work of the building is amazing. Noteworthy details: The conversation of an old dockside warehouse into a modern luxurious hotel.
Titanic Hotel Liverpool
Gabriella Ferguson
a week ago
Really unhappy with our stay. Majority of upper management staff very unhelpful. Room was not clean. Fake petals from the previous guest left in room and black sludge coming out of the kettle after used. Guest relations manager was not helpful at all. Feedback clearly not taken onboard and no satisfactory outcome given. Never staying again. Breakfast is rubbish, not worth the money. Spa is full of people having a social media photo shoot, so really uncomfortable in the spa as well. Luckily we received a refund for that experience.
Titanic Hotel Liverpool
David Plowman
a week ago
Really nice hotel. Beautifully renovated, particularly if you like the retro industrial chic look! The superior room was enormous (even titanic, you might say), the staff ever so helpful. Excellent buffet breakfast too. I guess the only slight downside is that it's a bit out of the centre so you might be taxi-ing a fair bit. But on balance, yeah, I'll put up with the taxis!
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Luxe, contemporary rooms in a historic warehouse, plus a restaurant, spa, pool and free WiFi.