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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about Texaport

Analyses of the reviews for Texaport consistently paint a picture of a company with a strong reputation for customer service and technical expertise. Multiple customers highlight the quick response times and human touch – specifically noting the absence of 'on hold' frustrations that are common with IT services. Texaport appears to have a team of trusted advisors that are not only responsive but also knowledgeable and effective communicators. There were specific mentions of assistance with data migration, recurring IT issues, and the integration of new structures that suggest Texaport is adept at handling various IT needs. The emphasis on understanding their clients' processes and proactive approach to solutions further reinforces their quality of service. The reviews suggest that Texaport's customer experience is distinguished by efficiency, friendliness, and a readiness to provide valuable support, leading to client satisfaction and contribution to their business growth.


The overwhelmingly positive feedback for Texaport is centered around their exemplary customer service and professional expertise. Clients express appreciation for the quick and efficient support provided, avoiding the typical frustrations associated with IT troubleshooting such as long wait times and automated systems. The staff's friendliness and willingness to help are repeatedly cited, implying a congenial and customer-focused corporate culture. Texaport's team—specifically named individuals like Hugh, Lewis R., Dean P., and Daniel P.—is commended for their knowledgeability and ability to resolve issues promptly, which is of paramount importance in IT support. The fact that they take the time to understand and improve clients' IT processes, as well as bring forward innovative solutions for efficiency and security, showcases Texaport's dedication to adding tangible value to their clients' operations.


While the provided reviews do not detail any negative experiences directly, it is important for prospective customers to consider the range of services tested by the reviewers. As such, customers should inquire whether Texaport has experience in handling companies of similar size or industry to theirs. It is also worth noting that the reviews center on a few named employees, which could indicate a variance in service quality depending on the personnel involved. Although this is speculative, potential clients might want to ask about the consistency of service across different team members to ensure uniformly high standards. Lastly, while the reviews are all favorable, they are not rich in constructive criticism, which could be vital for gauging how Texaport handles less-than-satisfactory service outcomes or complex challenges that may arise.

Frequently asked questions about Texaport

How does Texaport ensure quick response times for IT support?

Texaport ensures quick response times by being readily available either via phone or email, with a dedicated team of advisors who are trained to provide swift solutions without the need for complicated procedures or forms.

Are Texaport's services suitable for businesses experiencing growth?

Yes, Texaport is portrayed as instrumental to business growth by several clients. They provide solutions, innovations, and maintain systems to keep tech operations efficient and secure, which is essential for expanding businesses.

Can Texaport handle complex tasks such as data migration?

Texaport has been positively reviewed for effectively assisting with data migration. Their representatives are knowledgeable and quick to respond to inquiries, ensuring that complex IT tasks are managed competently.

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Gillian Reid
4 months ago
Quick response times either by phone or email. No complicated forms to fill or 'on hold' messages whilst your frustration rises - just excellent service by trusted advisors NOT bots, with quick solutions from people who know what they are doing and communicate effectively with you!
Sonia H
2 months ago
Texaport is the new I.T. vendor for my client's company. While I was employed, they helped us through our data migration. Whenever I had inquiries, the representatives who responded (Lewis R., Dean P., and Daniel P.) were knowledgeable and speedy.
Samina Khan
4 months ago
Always provide great customer service and are very friendly!
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About Texaport

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Texaport is an accredited IT support and cyber security managed service provider. Our headquarters is located in Edinburgh, UK. We service areas throughout the UK including Glasgow, Aberdeen, Manchester and London. As a proactive IT support company, we were truly born into the ‘cloud revolution’ and, unlike many of our competitors, we are a step ahead with the latest technological advances. Our industry expertise, coupled with the deep knowledge we develop of our client's business, ensures we will deliver both commercially and technically sound IT solutions.