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Published on
January 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Streetlane Homes?

An analysis of recent reviews for Streetlane Homes reveals a mixed overall company reputation characterized by stark contrasts in customer experiences. On one hand, certain clients express extreme dissatisfaction, citing issues with billing inaccuracies, inadequate post-move-in support, and poor maintenance responses. Notable complaints include difficulties in reaching customer service, unaddressed property damage from prior tenancy, and challenges with dispute resolution that escalated to involvement with debt collectors and legal authorities. In contrast, other customers report positive interactions, particularly praising a leasing agent named Andrew for his exceptional service, proactive communication, and professionalism. While there are positive personal testimonies regarding the leasing process, they are overshadowed by the recurring themes of neglected property maintenance, poor communication, and billing and deposit disputes.

Positive Feedback

Positive experiences shared by Streetlane Homes customers primarily center around the highly commendable service provided by Andrew, a leasing agent mentioned in multiple reviews. Andrew is portrayed as responsive, thorough, and understanding of clients' needs, contributing to a seamless application and leasing process. Clients appreciate his attention to detail and swift follow-up through calls and emails, ensuring clarity and ease during otherwise high-stress periods. The streamlined application process, along with the diligent efforts to address preferences and concerns, indicate that when customers experience good service, it is largely due to individual staff members who go above and beyond their duties.

Concerns and Threads

The negative feedback for Streetlane Homes suggests systemic issues within the company. Conspicuously troubling highlights include negligent property maintenance, with reports of unaddressed health hazards such as mold and pest infestations. Customers express frustration over the inability to reach representative assistance when needed, as well as poor follow-up on maintenance requests. Billing complications are a persistent concern, with some clients experiencing unfair charges and others being pursued by debt collectors erroneously. These negative reviews suggest a pattern of neglect and deficient customer support, which negatively impacts the overall customer experience and trust in the company.

Frequently asked questions about Streetlane Homes

Can I expect proactive communication and support from Streetlane Homes after I move into my rental?

Based on mixed customer experiences, while some tenants report satisfactory communication pre-move-in, there are concerns about the decline in support and effective communication post-move-in, particularly regarding maintenance issues and billing.

Are there any recurring issues with the properties managed by Streetlane Homes?

Several reviews highlight significant concerns with property conditions, such as maintenance neglect, cleanliness at move-in, and unresolved damages. Prospective tenants are encouraged to conduct a thorough inspection and document all property conditions prior to signing a lease.

What should I do if I have a billing dispute with Streetlane Homes?

If you encounter billing issues, it's important to document all communication and attempt to resolve the dispute through customer service. If unsatisfactory, consider reaching out to higher-level management or seeking third-party mediation. Some tenants have reported needing to contact legal authorities or the Better Business Bureau for resolution.

What are customers saying about Streetlane Homes

Streetlane Homes
Jamie Brooks
a month ago
I would put zero stars if I could. My lease ends on November 15th and when I logged in to pay rent on November first i noticed that it looked like the normal amount for a full month. So, I looked at the detailed amount and my assumption was correct they were charging me for the full month. I then attempted to contact Street Lane and via phone. I selected the current resident option on their automated line, and it kept ringing and would go to voicemail. I left a voicemail and called back about 15 more times between the next 2 days, and it was the same outcome, and nobody had called me back. The last time I call I selected the new resident option and what do you know I get to talk to somebody right away and then they transfer me to collections, and they told me that I am responsible to prorate the amount I owe myself. I was never told this before and I should have to assume I have to prorate my rent myself and their system should do it. I was then told that it will show a remaining balance and to just disregard and late payments calls and messages. I am now getting contacted by debit collectors due to this remaining balance showing on my account that I do not owe and the only thing Streetlane is doing about is telling me to disregard it. On top of that in August our soap dish fell off the wall in our shower and i put a work order in to have it fixed and they told me that it is my problem and they do not cover it. It fell. off the wall due to poor craftsmanship of the repairs in the house there was water and mold behind the soap dish which caused to fall off. They only wanted to fix it when I told them that is the reason why I am not renewing my lease. They are also making fake charges and taking my security deposit and the charges are all for issues I noted when I moved in. It is all listed in my move in condition list. Do not rent from this company!!!! I repeat do not rent from this company at all.
Streetlane Homes
Tameka Winston
a week ago
I recently had the pleasure of working with Andrew as my leasing agent, and I must say that he is the best leasing agent I have ever encountered. From the moment I reached out to inquire about a property to the final signing of the lease, Andrew consistently went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and positive experience. First and foremost, Andrew's professionalism and knowledge of the leasing process were outstanding. He was always prompt in responding to my inquiries and took the time to thoroughly explain every step of the process. His attention to detail and willingness to address any concerns or questions I had made me feel confident and well-informed throughout the entire leasing journey. What truly sets Andrew apart is his exceptional customer service. He genuinely cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. Andrew took the time to understand my specific needs and preferences, and he diligently searched for properties that met my criteria. His dedication and commitment to finding the perfect place for me were evident in the personalized options he presented. In addition to his professionalism and outstanding customer service, Andrew's friendly and approachable demeanor made the entire leasing process enjoyable. He was always courteous, patient, and understanding, making me feel comfortable and valued as a client. His positive attitude and enthusiasm were contagious, making him a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Andrew, for making my leasing experience a memorable one. I am grateful for your outstanding service and will not hesitate to recommend you to others in need of a leasing agent. Sincerely, Tameka Winston
Streetlane Homes
Chris Walsh
5 months ago
Wishing I didn't have to leave a one star, because our experience deserves a negative start review. I didn't read peoples reviews until after we locked in on a rental house in AZ. After reading the reviews I was very nervous and now I know why. A lot was wrong when we moved in. Pool hadn't been cleaned in 8 months, you can imagine what that looked like. Two of our three sinks leaked. Dishwasher had black mold/grime on it. Windows inside were disgusting. Floors were dirty from previous construction work. Bushes all over grown. Trash (including plastic from pool parts) left in gravel. The amount of emails and phone calls made to this company is too many to count. The response or CARE was less than. To get a hold of someone was so so beyond challenging. You can't directly contact anyone. They are SO QUICK to LOCK you in and TAKE YOUR MONEY and then sideline you and give to you know what's about you. They over charged us on our last two water bills which we made 8 email attempts to contact them to simply discuss. I received a few back but it lead to a dead end. They send out bill to a third party collector. Once thing this last year renting with streetlane taught me. Read the reviews first and never rent from them again. Also, patience, but persistence. I documented all the cons when we arrived so thankfully we weren't charged anything from our deposit when we moved out. Probably the only positive. I feel for anyone in a current lease. Praying for you. DON'T WALK, RUN.
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