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Published on
January 18, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Southern Motion?

Southern Motion's reputation is characterized by a mix of customer experiences. On the positive side, there are customers who praise the company's after-sales support and durability of select furniture items, citing instances of prompt and helpful customer service, as well as longevity in previously purchased products. Conversely, a dominant theme appears to be concerns over the quality and durability of some Southern Motion furniture. Customers have reported structural failings, such as sagging cushions, broken frames, and materials that degrade over time or are deemed substandard from the outset, like cardboard construction and the use of particle board. Warranty issues also figure prominently, with some customers expressing dissatisfaction with the company's willingness or ability to honor warranty claims, particularly in cases where the product has not met expected lifespan standards. Notable issues include collapsed armrests, malfunctioning recliner mechanisms, and materials like non-leather components showing signs of wear prematurely.

Positive Feedback

Several key positive aspects emerge from the customer feedback regarding Southern Motion. Customers often commend the company for providing exemplary customer service, including one where replacement parts were sent free of charge and another where helpful assistance was readily available via a phone call. There is also specific praise for the durability of certain products, with some recliners withstanding years of use while remaining functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, favorable mentions of accommodating service, such as the provision of free replacement parts for damages not covered under warranty, highlight the company's customer-centric approach. This proactive stance in addressing issues and ensuring customer satisfaction forms the cornerstone of many positive reviews for Southern Motion.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of Southern Motion's customer feedback predominantly relate to product quality and warranty fulfillment. Reports of materials failing shortly after purchase, such as sagging cushions and collapsing structures within armrests or frames, raise concerns about the construction and longevity of the furniture. The use of seemingly inferior materials such as cardboard and particle board in high-stress areas of the furniture contributes to these perspectives. Additionally, customers have experienced frustrations with the warranty process, citing cases where Southern Motion or the retail partners were reluctant to honor warranty claims or where customer service was unresponsive. The negative feedback consistently stresses the contrast between the expected quality associated with Southern Motion's pricing and the actual experience of some of the products they offer.

Frequently asked questions about Southern Motion

What materials are used in the construction of Southern Motion furniture?

Customer reviews indicate that Southern Motion uses a variety of materials in their furniture construction. While some customers have been satisfied with solid wood and durable components, others have reported the use of materials like cardboard, particle board, and non-leather upholstery that may impact the furniture's durability and longevity.

Does Southern Motion offer a warranty on their furniture, and how reliable is it?

Southern Motion does offer warranties on their furniture, but customer experiences with the reliability of these warranties are mixed. Some have had positive experiences with warranty claims being honored, while others have faced challenges with having their issues addressed, particularly when third-party retailers are involved.

How responsive is Southern Motion's customer service in addressing issues with their products?

There are varying accounts of Southern Motion's customer service responsiveness. Some customers recount prompt and helpful service, with quick resolution of issues. However, there are also reports of difficulty getting in touch with customer service or receiving support, which suggests that experiences may differ.

What are customers saying about Southern Motion

Southern Motion
Brian A
a year ago
We bought two matching Southern Motion Rocker/Recliners from Furniture Fair. We literally had them for 3 days and when I leaned on one of the armrests, my elbow "popped" through the structure under the material. I flipped the recliner on its back and found that it appears to be constructed primarily of cardboard with 2 OSB cross members. These were not "cheap" to buy, but are cheaply made. Called FF for warranty and we will see how the handle this. I want to return then because this will be an ongoing issue for as long as we own them!! The picture is looking up at the bottom of the armrest from under the recliner. Furniture Fair let us return both recliners and pick out different ones. We went with recliners made by Best Home Furnishings out of Indiana, and couldn't be happier. We bought one of their recliners 20 years ago and it's held up great through multiple dogs and grand kids!
Southern Motion
Hugh Brooks
2 years ago
These folks are awesome. We bought two of their rocker recliners several years back that have held up really well, looked and worked great. During a recent move we were in despair when our movers broke one of the return springs leaving the chair permanently reclined. Our furniture dealer had gone out of business so we were facing having to scrap at least one of the chairs. However I looked under the chair and found Southern Motion’s name and address. Went to their website and provided the model and serial number from the stickers underneath. The next week I called them getting straight through where a very helpful person looked up the online contact I had made and confirmed they had already sent both of the return springs so we would be certain to gave the correct one. Excellent quality product. Fantastic consumer support. Will look for them next time we buy furniture and recommend that you do too.
Southern Motion
p lato
4 months ago
This has been one if thee most stressful experiences of my life, following great medical treatments for months and years, purchasing a sofa via Wayfair with FIVE YEAR warranty not held up, return policy unheard of, the couch is collapsing in two weeks time!!! It looks exactly like the photo shown with another customer with caving in sofa...to the point of DANGER to me physically and hope I don't have to get a lawyer....they DISALLOW any human or humane phone contact at all! THEY BOAST an American company but take short cuts as the cushions are almost nonexistant!I cannot even have my elderly mother over cause she'd sink and may get injured...now the back frames are caving in backwards! I purchased from Wayfair and neither help, at the cost of almost TWO GRAND OF WASTED MONEY! I want the couch gone and my money back now!! I'm tired of trying to REASON with people who have NO REASONABLE HUMANE thought in their heads! I WILL NEVER BUY SOUTHERN MOTION & everyone I know of this damaged and dangerous sofa will be informed of my experience ONGOING!! FOR SHAME to treat folks this way. Let alone the disabled 💢 😡
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Southern Motion™ was founded in 1996 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. After over 20 years in Motion, we are still committed to America and pride ourselves not only on the quality of our furniture but also on the dedication and commitment of our workforce. Southern Motion believes that American workers can manufacture a quality, competitively priced product. We have become a leader in design and innovation in all categories of motion furniture. Southern Motion presently employs over 1500 workers in our five Mississippi-based facilities, in our ongoing quest to manufacture the "World's Best Reclining Furniture"!