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What do customers say about Simply Housework Ltd.?

As of May 02, 2024, 29 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

absolutely amazing always happy

friendly and professional

went above and beyond

so happy with the job

such a professional team

tick all the boxes


flexible if you need to change days

prompt, hardworking, friendly

ignored our many follow up calls

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May 2, 2024
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May 2, 2024

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Simply Housework Ltd.'s customer reviews analysis

Overall, Simply Housework UK Limited has established a strong reputation according to recent customer testimonials. These narratives consistently emphasize a high level of satisfaction with the thoroughness and friendliness of the cleaning staff, notably mentioning employees by name, like Caz, and acknowledging their personalized approach. Customers appreciate the professional attitude, reliability, and efficiency of the service, and several have converted to long-term clients, indicating trust and quality. The flexibility and responsiveness to scheduling changes, as well as the company's efforts to adapt to client needs post-lockdown, contribute positively to its reputation. On the downside, an isolated incident where a customer felt ignored following up for a quote can point to potential issues in communication or follow-through in customer service. This negative experience stands in contrast to the otherwise high praise and may indicate an area for improvement.

Positive Feedback

The key positive aspects gathered from customer feedback involve the company's exceptional service quality and reliability. Simply Housework UK Limited is often praised for its professional, friendly, and thorough cleaning teams, which not only deliver pristine cleanliness but also extend the courtesy of friendly interactions. Customers highlight the staff’s willingness to engage in conversation, adding a personal touch to the service. Long-term clients who have used the service for years cite consistent satisfaction, flexible scheduling, and the cleaners' trustworthiness with house keys as important factors that maintain their loyalty. The company's quick adaptation to clients' needs during challenging times, including the pandemic, also demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positive impressions, Simply Housework UK Limited has displayed some shortcomings in its communication with potential clients. A specific instance of a customer being ignored after multiple follow-up attempts for a quote raises concerns about the company’s responsiveness and professional conduct in handling inquiries. This lack of acknowledgment following a home assessment for services may reflect an isolated lapse in customer service management or point to an oversight in their follow-up processes. While this is the only negative aspect gleaned from the reviews, it could be indicative of areas where Simply Housework UK Limited may direct improvement efforts to ensure consistent communication with all clients.

Frequently asked questions about Simply Housework Ltd.

Can I trust the cleaners from Simply Housework UK Limited with a key to my home?

According to long-standing customer reviews, the cleaning staff of Simply Housework UK Limited is deemed trustworthy with handling house keys, adding convenience for clients by enabling cleaning sessions in their absence with no reported issues.

Are the cleaners from Simply Housework UK Limited able to adapt to schedule changes?

Yes, the company shows flexibility regarding scheduling. They have been praised for accommodating schedule changes, which includes managing days when customers have other home work going on or post-lockdown adjustments.

Does Simply Housework UK Limited offer a variety of cleaning services?

Customer feedback confirms that Simply Housework UK Limited offers a comprehensive range of services including standard cleaning, general housekeeping, deep cleans, spring cleans, and they appear willing to take on jobs with short notice and under difficult circumstances.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Simply Housework Ltd.

Simply Housework Ltd.
Shauni Bate
3 months ago
Simply housework are absolutely amazing always happy when they hey leave. I have them fortnightly and it helps me so much. Especially Caz she is so thorough and always does an amazing job and shes always happy to have a chat and its been nice getting to know her. Reasonable price as well which of course is helpful but definitely recommend them if your looking for a reliable cleaner
Simply Housework Ltd.
Neil Michael Walsh
3 months ago
Five stars all the way for Simply Housework! The cleaning team is both friendly and professional, and no task seems too big for them. They consistently go above and beyond. It's an absolute joy to come home to a spotless home. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a trustworthy and efficient cleaning service.
Simply Housework Ltd.
Robert Perry
3 months ago
I highly recommend Simply Housework. Kerry and the team went above and beyond and did an amazing job at very short notice and in somewhat tricky circumstances. They are super friendly, very understanding, quick and responsive to my enquiry. I will be using them again.
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About Simply Housework Ltd.

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Welcome to Simply Housework! Nestled in the vibrant community of Mossley Hill, South Liverpool, we take pride in being an award winning family-run business since 2002. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have been delivering a high-quality, reliable, and professional domestic cleaning service that has garnered satisfaction from countless customers. Led by a dedicated mother-and-daughter duo with over 40 years of combined expertise, we prioritise your satisfaction, ensuring that our family-run business not only stands for cleanliness but also for a personalised touch.