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What do customers say about Scrub! Residential Cleaning?

As of May 01, 2024, 426 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

exceeded my expectations

exceeded my expectations in every way

fantastic job keeping my apartment spotless

Very good communicator

Jessica M. is thorough, responsive

everything spotless

never been more welcomed

went above and beyond

AMAZING job cleaning our home

Gina has gone above and beyond

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May 1, 2024
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May 1, 2024

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Scrub! Residential Cleaning's customer reviews analysis

Scrub! Residential Cleaning generally possesses a strong and favorable reputation among its customers, as inferred from the latest reviews. The company's professionalism, responsiveness, and friendliness are notably regarded by clients, with multiple mentions of positive interactions with both the cleaning staff and office personnel. The company appears to be praised for efficiency and the consistently high quality of the cleaning services provided. Customers regularly highlight the ability of Scrub's staff to exceed their cleaning expectations, contributing to a positive overall customer experience. The reviews also underscore the company's affordability, which couples with the service excellence to establish a competitive edge. A particular name, Jessica, is recurrently praised for her thorough and attentive service, enhancing Scrub's image as a provider of personalized and detail-oriented cleaning services. Additionally, the staff's accommodating nature and strong communication skills have been well received, reinforcing the perception of a customer-centric business.

Positive Feedback

Insight from the recent customer feedback on Scrub! Residential Cleaning reveals several key positive attributes associated with the company's services. Customers express considerable satisfaction with the high level of cleanliness achieved by Scrub's personnel, who are consistently described as detail-oriented and thorough in their cleaning processes. The commendations encompass various services including standard cleaning, general housekeeping, and deep cleans. The team, notably individuals like Jessica, are frequently acknowledged for going above and beyond in their duties. Furthermore, affordability is highlighted as a strong suit of the company, attracting customers looking for cost-effective cleaning solutions. Responsiveness and effective communication are additional assets cited by the clients, enhancing the overall convenience and user experience. Compliments directed at both the cleaning staff and management, particularly for flexibility in scheduling and prompt service delivery, further consolidate the perceived value of Scrub's offerings.

Concerns and Threads

The set of reviews provided does not explicitly present any significant recurring negative aspects regarding Scrub! Residential Cleaning's services or customer interactions. The reviews in question depict an overwhelmingly positive landscape, with clients voicing satisfaction and endorsements. It is possible, however, that not all customer experiences reach the same level of excellence as those depicted. In the absence of direct criticism or complaints, it cannot be conclusively determined if there are any widespread issues or areas of concern. Negative aspects may exist outside this batch of reviews, and potential clients might seek additional sources for a more rounded perspective.

Frequently asked questions about Scrub! Residential Cleaning

How does Scrub ensure a high-quality cleaning service?

Scrub ensures a high-quality cleaning service by employing detail-oriented and thoroughly trained staff. According to customer reviews, the company adheres to a '5star Scrub cleaning standard', which is likely a set of rigorous cleanliness and service guidelines followed by their cleaners.

Is Scrub considered an affordable cleaning service option?

Yes, reviewers often highlight the affordability of Scrub's services. Despite the high quality and professionalism provided, the company is praised for offering cost-effective cleaning solutions that do not compromise on the level of service.

What kind of customer service can I expect from Scrub?

Customers can expect responsive and flexible customer service from Scrub. Reviewers commend the company for their quick response times, easy communication, and willingness to accommodate various scheduling needs. The office staff and management are also noted for their professional and helpful nature.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Scrub! Residential Cleaning

Scrub! Residential Cleaning
Melissa Vining
5 months ago
I'm very impressed with Scrub. Every interaction I've had with them (over email and with the cleaning staff) has been positive. They are professional, friendly, and extremely responsive. I'm pretty particular about my house being clean, so I've never trusted anyone to do it before. I decided to try Scrub after seeing all their positive reviews, and they exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!
Scrub! Residential Cleaning
John Wainwright
5 months ago
When I first moved to Philadelphia this past year I was worried about finding a cleaner that I could both afford and do a good job at the same time. Scrub has exceeded my expectations in every way. Jessica is both nice/easy to work with and does a great job cleaning my apartment. Tabitha is also very responsive/patient and answered all of my questions when I first came for service.
Scrub! Residential Cleaning
Katie Cummings
6 months ago
I've been using Scrub for a few months now and I'll never go back to cleaning my own place! I've used a few cleaning services in the city before, and I've always been left disappointed by the quality of the service for the price that I'm paying. This is definitely not the case with Scrub. They do such a fantastic job keeping my apartment spotless, yet they're still super affordable. Everyone I've met from Scrub has also been super kind and respectful. I have nothing but great things to say about this company! Services: Standard cleaning, General housekeeping, Deep clean
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About Scrub! Residential Cleaning

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Scrub! Residential Cleaning has been serving the Center City Philadelphia area for the past 10 years. We’ve cleaned a lot of houses, and we just keep getting better and better! We’re excited about our growth and expansion and humbled by all of the word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews that we’ve received over the years.