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Published on
January 17, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Schuh London?

A comprehensive analysis of recent customer reviews for Schuh presents a varied picture of the company's reputation and customer experience. Customers frequently praise the store for its wide variety of shoe collections and the pleasant atmosphere for shopping. Positive interactions with staff members are commonly highlighted, with specific employees mentioned for their helpfulness and kindness. However, there seems to be inconsistency in customer service quality, as some reviewers have reported outright negative experiences with staff who were described as rude, unprofessional, and inattentive. These negative experiences sometimes involved store managers, which is particularly concerning with regards to leadership and overall store service conduct. The ability to obtain discounts through sustainability initiatives, like shoe recycling, contributes a positive aspect to the customer experience that aligns with contemporary consumer values. The contrast between stores, even within close proximity, suggests that the customer experience can vary significantly from location to location.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Schuh centers on several key aspects. Staff members who were attentive, caring, and went above and beyond in assisting customers are regularly commended in reviews. These helpful employees are acknowledged by name, suggesting that excellent service is personally valued and memorable to customers. The shopping environment is often described as spacious and pleasant, which enhances the overall customer experience. Moreover, the variety and range of shoes available receive appreciation, indicating strength in product offerings. Schuh's initiative offering discounts for shoe recycling is also well-received, showcasing the company's successful integration of sustainability into their business model. Instances of swift and satisfactory resolution to product issues, like arranging for a replacement pair to be delivered the next day, highlight an effective customer support system.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of Schuh's customer feedback are mainly focused on customer service. Several reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with experiences involving rude, unprofessional, and dismissive staff, including store managers. Such experiences significantly detract from what would otherwise be a positive shopping experience. Customers also report a disparity in service, with instances of being ignored or treated with 'passive aggressive' attitudes. This inconsistency raises concerns about staff training and management standards across different locations. The negative impact of such interactions is profound, with some customers stating an intent to not return or to avoid certain branches, underscoring the importance of customer service in retail reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Schuh London

Can I receive a discount on my purchase if I recycle my old shoes at Schuh?

Yes, Schuh offers a £5 discount on your bill when you drop off unwanted shoes for recycling at their stores, regardless of the brand or condition of the shoes.

What should I do if I encounter a fault with my Schuh purchase within a few months?

If a fault develops with your purchase, Schuh customer services suggest returning the item to any store for appraisal, where they can check for a component failure and potentially arrange for a replacement pair to be sent to you.

What is the general atmosphere and selection like at Schuh stores?

Many reviewers mention that Schuh stores offer a spacious and pleasant shopping atmosphere, along with a great range of diverse and trendy shoe options to choose from.

What are customers saying about Schuh London

Schuh London
Ana T
a year ago
Imogene was my little helper in store yesterday. She was super kind, patient and so helpful. My experience was great shopping at Schuh. Good variety of shoes n brand. The store is very spacious making browsing n shopping very pleasant Thanks
Schuh London
Lara Serpi
2 months ago
Thanks Gee and Caitlin for helping us find the perfect white trainer(although we left with black ones!). Great customer service from both <3 *You can also get £5 off when dropping unwanted shoes off(no matter what brand/condition). My friend left her old trainers there , which were going to end in the bin anyway, and walked out with her new trainers and a fiver off her bill x
Schuh London
Autumn Autumn
3 months ago
I was unfortunate to be served by extremely rude young girl yesterday. Her attitude “ I cannot be bothered/don’t care” was shocking. When you come to the shop and buy something like I did yesterday, you expect at least decent human interaction. She should be professionally trained or not work in customer service industry at all!
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