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As of Mar 14, 2024, 443 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Foot Locker's customer reviews analysis

Foot Locker's reputation, based on the customer reviews provided, appears to be marred by a series of service-related issues that impact the overall customer experience negatively. Many reviewers noted significant delays and inattentiveness among staff members, with complaints ranging from staff tardiness in opening the store to employees engaging in personal activities during work hours, such as using their phones or socializing with friends, instead of assisting customers. These instances suggest a trend of inadequate customer service that contributes to customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, multiple customers encountered rudeness and a lack of initiative from staff, further indicating a culture that may not prioritize customer needs effectively.

Positive Feedback

Despite the overarching negative sentiment, there are instances of positive experiences with Foot Locker. Some customers found the products they were looking for, acknowledging the selection of trendy shoes available. Prices for certain items were also viewed favorably, with some customers pleased with the bargains they found. A minority of the staff were noted as being pleasant and smiling, which suggests that while there are significant issues with staff behavior overall, individual employees do contribute positively to customer experiences.

Concerns and Threads

The negatives in the customer reviews for Foot Locker highlight a concerning lack of effective customer service. Employees are frequently described as disinterested and non-responsive, with several instances of staff being distracted by their phones or engaging in personal interactions rather than providing assistance. The company has been criticized for its staff's tardiness, both in terms of store opening times and in servicing customers quickly. There are also reports of incorrect actions by the staff, such as writing down wrong email addresses or providing unwarranted and uncomfortable interactions, which further degrade the perceived value of the brand's customer service.

Frequently asked questions about Foot Locker

What are Foot Locker's store opening times?

Most Foot Locker stores are scheduled to open at 10am. However, there have been instances of stores opening later than advertised. It is recommended to check with your local Foot Locker for accurate opening times.

Can I expect good customer service at Foot Locker?

Customer service experiences at Foot Locker vary. While there have been reports of satisfactory service, numerous reviews indicate that there is often a lack of attentive and responsive customer service. It may depend on the specific location and staff on duty.

Does Foot Locker offer competitive pricing on its products?

Foot Locker does offer competitive pricing on some items, and customers have been able to find good deals on certain products. However, the overall shopping experience may be impacted by service-related issues.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Foot Locker

Foot Locker
6 months ago
First purchase at Footlocker. Got these gems in a size 4 for just £85. I waited over 10 minutes just for the worker to bring me the Jordan's. I don't what was taking so long. It was a Monday ergo it wasn't busy. The girl at the till was very slow-paced with her work, made a few mistakes (which was corrected by the worker who gave me the shoes) and wasn't quick to jump on the till when she clearly saw customers waiting. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait as long in the queue to check out. Footlocker appears to have very low standards when it comes to customer service. Wish I could work there for that reason. But I got these gorgeous trainers in the midst of all of it. Thank you, Hannah F.
Foot Locker
7 months ago
was searching for comfortable but stylish trainers. Store was busy but stuff was really trying their best. My eu size is 39 and there was not a lot of this size but i still found cute sneakers for 79.99.(puma-nitro)
Foot Locker
3 months ago
Never before have I received such horrid customer service. I was having a lovely day experiencing the great sights of Manchester after my 9 hour direct flight from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in my native Michigan. After my big tour of the famous Northwest city I had worn out my shoes, so I decided to get a new pair in a local Footlocker. I entered, picked out a pair of sambas and went up to the checkout, where I was greeted by the absence of any living being. After an inexcusably long period of time I finally had a short, seemingly unaware woman come to my service. Her name was “JAM”, though I think I would have been better off with a jar of the condiment. She said hello to me, then began to perform some sort of uncomfortably rigid and robotic dance routine, completely ignoring any respect to my personal space. About halfway through she insisted I join in, when I refused she began hitting me with her pom-poms to the beat of the stores background music (A Fairytale of New York, if you as the reader find yourself curious). After about 20 minutes of what can only be described as mental and physical torture of the most painful degree, she finally gave me my shoes and added her 15% student discount (hence the lone star in my rating). I will not be returning.
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