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Published on
January 8, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Safeguard Self Storage?

The overall company reputation of Safeguard Self Storage, as reflected by the customer reviews provided, appears predominantly positive, especially in terms of customer service quality. Staff members such as Ms. Rodriguez, Sheila, Carlos, Rob, and Daria are frequently complimented for their helpfulness, professionalism, and efficiency. Reviews repeatedly emphasize an appreciation for the personal touch and the ability to respond to customers' needs promptly, particularly in stressful situations like relocations. While the customer service aspect shines, there seem to be some operational issues that negatively affect customer experience, such as unclear office hours and staffing challenges. These operational hiccups, despite being exceptions, do prompt unwelcome inconveniences for certain customers.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects in the customer feedback center on Safeguard Self Storage's excellent customer service. Staff members are consistently recognized for going the extra mile to provide support during the moving process, demonstrated by proficiency, patience, and the ability to offer quick solutions. This is not limited to a single individual but seems to cover multiple employees across different locations. The friendly and efficient staff contribute significantly to a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, fostering strong customer loyalty and willingness to return. The storage facilities are also praised for their cleanliness and security, implying satisfaction with the physical aspects of the company's service offerings.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews reveal certain operational inefficiencies affecting the customer experience at Safeguard Self Storage. A notable concern is the lack of clarity regarding office hours, which has resulted in inconvenience and additional cost for customers who arrived according to posted schedules only to find the office closed. The delay and lack of communication are areas that beckon for improvement. Additionally, while staff members are applauded for their exceptional service, there are indications of being understaffed, which hints at potential service delays or reduced availability, possibly stretching existing resources thin and affecting overall team performance.

Frequently asked questions about Safeguard Self Storage

What are the official operating hours for Safeguard Self Storage, and where can I find any updates or changes to these hours?

Operating hours for Safeguard Self Storage may vary by location. It is advised to check the official website or to contact the storage facility directly. Updates to operating hours due to special circumstances, such as poor weather conditions, should be communicated on the facility's front door, website, or voicemail.

How does Safeguard Self Storage ensure the cleanliness and security of their facilities?

Safeguard Self Storage places a high priority on maintaining clean and secure storage facilities. Regular cleaning schedules are in place, and security measures such as surveillance and controlled access are implemented to protect customers' belongings.

Can I expect assistance from staff during my move-in or move-out at Safeguard Self Storage?

Yes, staff at Safeguard Self Storage are known for providing assistance during move-in and move-out. They are commended for their helpful and professional customer service, which includes help with logistics and offering solutions to moving problems.

What are customers saying about Safeguard Self Storage

Safeguard Self Storage
Jessica Sanchez
2 months ago
After countless attempts in trying to find the right storage space having just moved to NY, I was relieved to have come across safeguard on grand st, because that is where Ms. Rodriguez is the most helpful. Her customer service was so proficient and made my experience an easy one during all the stress of a big move. She was so helpful and patient. Thank you again for all your help.
Safeguard Self Storage
Zack Morrison
a month ago
Sheila did such a great job getting us transitioned into our new unit late on a Friday evening. Top quality customer service (along with a clean and secure storage facility) is why we’ve been such a long time customer here.
Safeguard Self Storage
Leyla Nora
2 weeks ago
Carlos has been an amazing help from the moment I stepped into Safeguard. Everything was accommodated, from space for the moving truck to unload as well as quick solutions to my moving problems. Carlos is super friendly and helpful and I’m so glad I chose this safeguard location
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