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Published on
January 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about R.E.M. Residential?

R.E.M. Residential exhibits a diverse range of customer experiences, demonstrating both commendable service and areas for improvement. Positively, customers laud specific employees, such as Nina, Albina, and Violsa, for their exceptional responsiveness, professionalism, and a willingness to go the extra mile, leading to an enjoyable customer experience. The efficient communication, prompt resolution of issues, and fair pricing during difficult times are highlighted benefits. Conversely, there have been severe allegations of unprofessional behavior and financial mismanagement against Rick Elezi, including a judgment in small claims court. Instances of pest infestations, unclean building conditions, and unsatisfactory maintenance responses have also been reported, tarnishing the company's image. The company's reputation seems to be at a crossroads, with glowing endorsements overshadowed by critical claims of misconduct and negligence.

Positive Feedback

The testimonials provide insight into R.E.M. Residential's positive aspects, emphasizing the staff's commendable professionalism and attentiveness. Employees like Nina, Albina, and Violsa receive particular praise for their responsiveness and dedication, which appear to contribute significantly to client satisfaction. The timely manner in which the company addresses repairs and maintenance issues, coupled with its commitment to effective communication, is resonating well with customers. The advanced digital interface for rent payments and service requests reflects a company embracing modern convenience. Moreover, fair rental pricing policies showcase customer-centric values, particularly highlighted during the pandemic, adding to the company's high regard in managing residential and commercial properties.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive feedback, R.E.M. Residential's reputation is marred by serious negative experiences. A highly troubling account involves Rick Elezi, associated with allegations of financial mismanagement, unprofessional conduct, and legal disputes resulting in a court judgment against the company. Furthermore, complaints about the failure to maintain clean living conditions, pest infestations, and subpar maintenance responses signify operational shortcomings. These issues culminated for some clients in a living environment that was perceived as uninhabitable and led to significant distress, with advice to prospective clients to avoid engagement with the company. Such feedback suggests that while R.E.M. Residential has potential, trust and service consistency are areas requiring immediate attention and rectification.

Frequently asked questions about R.E.M. Residential

What measures does R.E.M. Residential take to ensure effective communication and prompt service?

R.E.M. Residential has been praised for its quick responsiveness and effective communication channels, including a resident portal for efficient rent payment and service request management. The team's dedication to providing timely assistance with repairs and maintenance is a key facet of their service commitment.

How has R.E.M. Residential demonstrated fairness in rental pricing?

During economically challenging periods, such as the pandemic, R.E.M. Residential has been acknowledged for maintaining fair rent prices, avoiding price gouging, and demonstrating an understanding of tenants' financial constraints.

Are there any notable concerns about R.E.M. Residential's management practices?

Some customers have raised serious issues regarding certain management practices, including alleged financial mismanagement by a company representative, pest-infested living conditions, and negligence in property upkeep. Prospective customers should consider these concerns and possibly seek confirmation from R.E.M. Residential on how they address such issues.

What are customers saying about R.E.M. Residential

R.E.M. Residential
Chris DelCore
a week ago
I can't speak more highly about the experience I had working with Albina P. in the management office. She was beyond helpful and responsive as we navigated a board package for a condominium. I have worked with many management companies through the years, and people like Albina are a rare breed of excellence. I truly enjoyed a process that I normally hate because of how lovely she was to work with. Thank you, Albina!
R.E.M. Residential
Samantha Mitra
a month ago
R.E.M Residential stands out as a highly reputable property management company in New York. Their stellar reputation is attributed to their commitment to excellence and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. The team at R.E.M Residential is known for its professionalism, attention to detail, and effective communication. If you're in search of reliable property management services in New York, R.E.M Residential is a top-notch choice based on their strong industry standing.
R.E.M. Residential
Lauren Tsaur
4 months ago
I'm delighted to share my positive experience with REM NY. Since our landlord switched over to them, it's been a breath of fresh air. Their promptness and easy accessibility have lifted a weight off our shoulders. It's reassuring to know we can reach them easily, and their service has consistently been prompt and reliable. We highly appreciate their efficiency and responsiveness. A special shoutout to Nina, our contact at REM! Nina's dedication and professionalism have been truly outstanding. Her responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile have made our experience even better. We're grateful to have her as our point of contact, and her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you, Nina!
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