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Published on
February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Pack & Send Systems Pty Ltd.?

Overall, PACK & SEND Birmingham Hall Green demonstrates a strong reputation with customers highlighting an exceptional level of customer service. Reviews frequently commend the professionalism, friendliness, and efficiency of the staff, contributing to positive customer experiences. Notably, customers appreciate the care taken in packaging items, particularly for international shipments, and stress the convenience and reliability of the service, which includes handling customs and paperwork. The tailored assistance, such as personal communication and adaptability to tight deadlines, distinguishes the company, with team members receiving praise for their support and responsiveness. However, there are concerns regarding communication post-payment, transparency about shipping procedures, and unexpected charges. A notable negative issue arises from a customer’s unpleasant experience with misinformation about VAT and customs, as well as a perceived lack of integrity when managing customer expectations and subsequent issues.

Positive Feedback

The customer feedback for PACK & SEND Birmingham Hall Green is predominantly positive. Clients highlight the superior customer service, including personal engagement and rapid responsiveness from the staff. The efficiency of the shipping process, such as easy booking and pickup, and the extra mile the staff go to meet tight deadlines, ensure customer satisfaction. The company's handling of international shipping is particularly lauded. Customers emphasize the seamless process of packing, customs clearance, and reliable delivery. Services such as home pickups, assistance with paperwork related to Brexit, and proactive updates during transit add considerable value. The company's attention to packaging for safe delivery and their follow-up to confirm receipt and condition of items are also praised, indicating a high level of care and professionalism.

Concerns and Threads

A subset of customers of PACK & SEND Birmingham Hall Green report negative experiences, mainly around issues post-payment. A point of contention is the lack of continued communication and fulfillment of promises once the service is paid for, which has led to trust issues. Customers indicate dissatisfaction with the handling of items deemed unsuitable for shipment, citing a lack of transparency and inadequate resolution of disputes. Moreover, there are complaints about the company's packing efficiency, with suggestions of overestimating the number of required boxes and unnecessary fillers. The most severe criticism comes from a customer who received misguided advice on customs and VAT, resulting in unexpected costs and questioning the advice given by representatives. These experiences reflect a gap in consistent service delivery and transparency, which could impact the company's reputation if not addressed.

Frequently asked questions about Pack & Send Systems Pty Ltd.

Can PACK & SEND guarantee that my items will not incur unexpected customs charges?

PACK & SEND provides assistance with customs paperwork and strives to ensure a smooth delivery process. However, customs charges can be subject to regulations beyond the company's control. Customers are advised to seek clarity and confirmation on potential customs fees before shipping, as the company cannot guarantee there would be no additional charges.

Will PACK & SEND handle the entire packing and shipping process for international deliveries?

Yes, PACK & SEND offers comprehensive services that include pickup, professional packing, and international shipping. They manage the entire process, maintaining communication throughout the shipment's journey to ensure customer expectations are met.

What should I do if I have specific deadlines or requirements for my shipment?

For urgent or specific shipping requirements, contact PACK & SEND directly to discuss your circumstances. They have demonstrated an ability to adapt to tight schedules and specific needs, but it's advisable to communicate these details early in the process for the best outcome.

What are customers saying about Pack & Send Systems Pty Ltd.

Pack & Send Systems Pty Ltd.
Judith M
4 weeks ago
Amazing customer service and an amazing shipping company!! Very professional, very friendly, extremely helpful and very efficient!! Each package was very carefully packed (International) and everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent service!! I highly recommend them!!
Pack & Send Systems Pty Ltd.
baldeep Dhillon
4 months ago
Pack&Send offers a great service. David helped me on international shipping where they assisted with pick up from sender's address and packed the package properly and shipped to US without any hassle and issues on custom clearance. Very great service than any other UPS/FED EX services.
Pack & Send Systems Pty Ltd.
Naomi Rouse
9 months ago
I am extremely impressed with the service from Pack and Send. These days, it's amazing to have a real person on the end of the phone who knows about your case and is able to help you. They went the extra mile to get my package sent in time for a tight timetable, and packed it very securely for international shipping. The communication was brilliant throughout. I was very grateful as I would definitely have missed the shipping deadline if they had not switched their deliveries around to help me. I would like to give a shout out to the individual who served me who was so helpful, professional and responsive, but I know that you are not supposed to name individuals in these reviews. But you know who you are - THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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PACK & SEND Hall Green offers secure packing services combined with international delivery and shipping services. When you need secure packing options for fragile and valuable shipments then PACK & SEND is the courier business to contact in Birmingham.PACK & SEND Hall Green is next to Greggs on Stratford Rd. From here we can collect large, fragile, awkward or heavy items from areas such as Sparkhill, Selly Oak, Birmingham University, Solihull, Bournville and Kings Heath as well as central Birmingham businesses and major hotels and popular locations.Our service is highly flexible to provide secure door-to-door wherever the delivery destination is - in the UK or, more commonly across the globe.