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Published on
January 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about New York Marriott Marquis?

The overall reputation of the New York Marriott Marquis is nuanced, with a mix of praise and criticism evident in recent reviews. While the strategic location of the hotel in the heart of Times Square is consistently appreciated for its proximity to theatres and attractions, guest experiences with service and amenities are varied. Positive staff interactions are overshadowed by logistical inconsistencies, especially during high-profile events such as New Year's Eve. The inconsistency in M Lounge access and service levels reported by guests with status indicates an area of concern that negatively affects the customer experience. Problems with room views and an incident of theft are also highlighted, detracting from the hotel's reputation. Despite these issues, recurring commendations for clean, spacious rooms, efficient elevator systems, and good security suggest that the hotel does maintain certain operational standards that resonate well with guests.

Positive Feedback

Guest satisfaction with the New York Marriott Marquis is bolstered by several positive aspects. Reviewers consistently praise the hotel's prime location, emphasizing the convenience of being in the vicinity of the Theatre District, Times Square, and other key attractions in New York City. Furthermore, the efficient management of the property, despite its large size and bustling surroundings, is often highlighted, with specific regard to the prompt elevator service and the attentiveness of security personnel. Many reviewers note the cleanliness and spaciousness of the rooms, as well as the quality of on-site dining options. A few guests have mentioned pleasant interactions with staff members, such as bellmen and valets, which contributed to their overall positive stay.

Concerns and Threads

Negative feedback for the New York Marriott Marquis revolves around a few central issues that have impacted guests' stays. Notably, various guests experienced service inconsistencies, particularly with the enforcement of access rules to the M Lounge during peak times; this discrepancy, along with reduced lounge hours, causes discontent among guests. Some visitors also report an unsatisfactory level of customer service for loyalty status holders, conveying a sense that the hotel did not meet their expectations of enhanced service. During high-demand events like New Year's Eve, logistical challenges, including restricted movement and exit changes, significantly inconvenienced guests, especially those with mobility impairments. Additionally, a reported theft by housekeeping staff and dissatisfaction with the promised views from certain rooms have tainted the perception of trustworthiness and value for some customers.

Frequently asked questions about New York Marriott Marquis

What amenities and services can I expect as a guest with status at New York Marriott Marquis?

Guests with status can enjoy access to the M Lounge and other benefits consistent with their loyalty level. However, access is subject to the hotel's discretion and may have limitations, such as the number of guests allowed per room key. During busy periods, experiences may vary.

How convenient is the New York Marriott Marquis for attending theatre shows and visiting Times Square interests?

The hotel is exceptionally well-located for theatre enthusiasts, as it is situated next to the Theatre District and Times Square, offering guests the advantage of walkability to numerous attractions, restaurants, and shows.

Can I expect a quiet and comfortable room in such a busy location?

Yes, many guests have reported that, despite the bustling location, rooms at the New York Marriott Marquis are spacious, comfortable and maintain a level of quiet conducive to relaxation, particularly on higher floors where street noise is less intrusive.

What are customers saying about New York Marriott Marquis

New York Marriott Marquis
Cynthia Blanchard
a week ago on
This was our second stay at this hotel for New Year’s Eve. We had three rooms for 7 people. The M lounge staff were militant about one guest in lounge for us, but entire families of young adults were allowed into the lounge with one key. Additionally, the M lounge was closed with no additional compensation. The first stay we were able to walk out to the barricades and watch performances and the ball drop. This stay we couldn’t even walk across the street to the restaurant we had dinner reservations. We were traveling with elder parents ages 85 and 78. Both of whom used canes. The street wasn’t closed, Marriott just wouldn’t let us exit on that side and wanted our parents to walk 3 blocks to get across the street. We even checked earlier to make sure we could get to the restaurant. Marriott kept changing the exits. We were completely locked into the hotel. We had to cancel the reservation. This would have been the worst stay EVER except for two bellmen Erik and Daily who took great care of both of our parents and saved the stay.
New York Marriott Marquis
Robert Hoyt
a month ago on
Great location especially if you are going to watch a play. I just felt like the experience could have been better. It was a busy holiday weekend. If you want to go to the m club they only accept two people in your party. The hours for the club aren’t that great. Closes at 4pm on the weekend. There was a guard to let you into the club and he always asked me questions. I just prefer not to be hassled in that way. Rooms are good size for the location. It just felt to me like a decent hotel that didn’t elevate the level of service for guests with status. At least not in my experience. I could have saved some money and stayed at a lower tiered hotel for the same experience
New York Marriott Marquis
Mandy Dalton
2 weeks ago on
We were there during their 12 days of Christmas and enjoyed the activities we were able to participate in. The hotel is clean, staff is friendly, and the elevator system was easy to navigate, never making us wait more than a couple minutes. The hotel is right in Times Square so easy to walk to most attractions we wanted to see. We dined at both the Broadway Lounge and Revel & Rye and enjoyed the food at both.
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