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Published on
February 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Linley & Simpson?

The overall company reputation of Linley & Simpson Estate & Letting Agents - Leeds City Centre is predominantly positive, with many clients praising the knowledge, professionalism, and helpfulness of the staff. Agents such as Amina, Tom, Steve, Spencer, Jade, Andy B, Eesha C, Alix S, Ed S, Holly S, Luke P, and Ellie Harris are repeatedly commended for their approachable nature, responsiveness, and dedication to providing a good service. Customers have noted an appreciation for the personalized service, the ability to view multiple properties in one appointment, and smooth transaction processes. However, there are instances of negative experiences noted, particularly with property maintenance issues, poor responsiveness to tenant concerns, and disputes over deposit returns which have challenged the company's reputation. The instances of dissatisfaction appear to be less common, but carry significant weight in the overall customer experience. The company's strengths seem to lie in the sales aspect and customer service provided by individual agents, while the main areas for improvement are related to maintenance response times and tenant support after the commencement of lease agreements.

Positive Feedback

Multiple positive aspects of customer feedback focus on Linley & Simpson's staff professionalism, with personal thanks extended to many of the agents for their service, including patience and understanding during the property hunting and buying process. Customers have lauded the agents' detailed knowledge of properties, efficient communication, and their ability to tailor the search for an appropriate home according to customers' needs. The team at Linley & Simpson are also noted for their ability to facilitate a smooth transition during both property purchases and tenancy agreements. Positive experiences with the speed and quality of responses, as well as the ability to handle complex sale transactions effectively, were highlighted. Furthermore, the approach of aggregating multiple property viewings into single appointments has been appreciated for its convenience and efficiency.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of customer feedback primarily center around Linley & Simpson's handling of property maintenance and tenant communication post-lease commencement. Some tenants have reported experiencing significant stress due to long periods with unresolved maintenance issues such as lack of hot water and untreated black mold problems. Communication failures were a common theme in the negative reviews, with tenants needing to chase the company multiple times for responses and resolution. Additionally, contentious deposit deductions and the handling of end-of-tenancy procedures have caused dissatisfaction among some customers, which included being charged for cleaning when the company's actions had prevented them from doing so. These issues appear to have marred the leasing experience for some and point to potential areas for Linley & Simpson to address in terms of property management and customer care.

Frequently asked questions about Linley & Simpson

How does Linley & Simpson handle the viewing of multiple properties?

Linley & Simpson streamline the property viewing process by allowing clients to view multiple properties that fit their criteria in one appointment, which saves time and increases the ease and efficiency of the property search for potential tenants or buyers.

What can I expect in terms of responsiveness from Linley & Simpson agents?

You can generally expect a high level of responsiveness and efficient communication from Linley & Simpson agents during the property hunting and buying process, as noted in several positive customer reviews.

Has there been feedback on Linley & Simpson's handling of property maintenance issues?

Some tenants have provided feedback indicating dissatisfaction with the property maintenance response times and communication regarding issues, which suggests that while many customers have a positive experience, there are areas where the company may need to improve their services.

What are customers saying about Linley & Simpson

Linley & Simpson
Alex Christopher
3 weeks ago
I had Amina from the city centre branch show me round (on multiple occasions as I had some unsuccessful applications). She was really sociable and easy to get along with as we walked round multiple properties and she was really well-informed about each place we visited. She was honest, open, and I never got the impression she was trying to pull my arm to sell me somewhere, which ultimately made me more likely to rent using her recommendations. After the viewings she also replied to messages very quickly and was very helpful with the letting process.
Linley & Simpson
Fengshuo Xing
2 months ago
I wanted to take a moment to extend my deepest thanks to Linley & Simpson, especially to agents Tom and Steve, for their exceptional service and support. Their dedication and expertise were pivotal in helping me find the perfect home for my family. The place we now live in is not just satisfying, but absolutely perfect, and their ability to secure it for us in such a short time frame was nothing short of remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Linley & Simpson for anyone looking for their ideal home. They are indeed the perfect choice. Also, I apologize for the delay in posting this comment. My family and I are truly grateful!
Linley & Simpson
Sabrina Robyn S
2 weeks ago
DO NOT RENT THROUGH THIS COMPANY Linley & Simpson are a completely poor excuse of a company and should not be in control of so many tenancies. My 1 year lease has been nothing but constant stress for me, 3 months of my tenancy I had freezing cold showers and no hot water. The company barely ever responded to me and I had to chase multiple times just for it to be looked at. On my move out day they finally sent a plumber to fix the water and shut my access to water off all day so I could not clean the apartment fully. They then proceeded to charge me for a full clean (when I had not water to clean with) and charge me from my deposit for areas that were described ‘left as new’ I ultimately took the to TDS and they sided with me and I was awarded back my deposit. The property I also has excessive Black Mould that I complained about for months before they eventually sent some one to paint over some areas of it causing the paintwork to be mismatched and the mould to return. Please please please do not use this company, they are rude and do not value their customers, go elsewhere unless you want constant stress
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Since opening, Linley & Simpson have helped more than 50,000 people move across North & West Yorkshire.At the Leeds City Centre branch, we are backed up with the resources, knowledge and experience of a leading estate agency. We offer excellent services, to help you rent, buy, sell or let your property - our aim is to build trust with our customers through a professional approach.We give you this assurance by drawing upon this unparalleled expertise and the pool of talent that exists among our Leeds City Centre team. This ensures we can provide you, whatever your needs, with the very best customer experience in the property world.