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As of May 02, 2024, 113 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

a joy to come home to a clean and organized space

extremely professional and friendly

sparkling clean

above and beyond to leave our bedroom looking fresh and tidy

an amazing job of getting all the hard-to-reach areas

a huge improvement from the state it was in

spent 3 hours cleaning my entire 3 bedroom top to bottom

really disappointed in the job they did

messes up my schedule

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May 16, 2024

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King Of Maids's customer reviews analysis

Companion Maids Cleaning Services receives a mixed spectrum of reviews that highlight the company's customer service responsiveness and cleaning efficiency as well as areas needing improvement. Positive experiences note the firm's professional and friendly staff, thorough cleanings, and seamless digital interactions including ease of communication and convenient billing. The company's commitment to go above and beyond in certain areas such as detailed cleaning in specified regions of the home, like the master bedroom, has been lauded by clients. However, recurring negative feedback includes instances of late arrivals, inadequate deep cleaning services that do not meet customer expectations, misunderstandings regarding the scope of work, and inconsistent pricing. This feedback suggests that while the company successfully delivers a satisfactory service in many cases, there are operational and service consistency issues that affect overall customer satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback for Companion Maids Cleaning Services include notable praise for professionalism among the cleaning staff and the quality of the cleaning provided. Customers celebrated the detailed and efficient cleaning of difficult to reach areas as well as the effectiveness in transforming homes to appear fresh and tidy. Another recurrent positive note involves the company's easy communication and responsiveness to inquiries, adding convenience through their digital service booking and payment systems. The ability to schedule recurring cleanings with discounts appears to appeal to customers looking for regular service. Broadly, these aspects contribute to a perception of reliability and a generally high standard of service offered by the company.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative feedback for Companion Maids Cleaning Services centers around instances of unmet expectations and logistical issues. Several reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with the services labeled as 'deep cleans,' claiming that the actual service did not align with the promised standard. Additional complaints highlight delays and lack of punctuality, with cleaners arriving late and disrupting the customers' schedules. Some customers also report dissatisfaction with the final outcome of the cleaning tasks, pointing to overlooked areas and inadequate attention to detail. There are also concerns over unexpected pricing escalations and lack of transparency when it comes to the conditions of the services rendered. These experiences signal potential gaps in service uniformity and reliability, impacting the trust towards the company.

Frequently asked questions about King Of Maids

Can I expect a consistent pricing model each time I book a cleaning service with Companion Maids?

While Companion Maids aims to provide consistent pricing, some customers have reported unexpected price increases based on the condition of the unit. It's recommended to confirm and agree on the price before the service is conducted to avoid surprises.

What if the cleaning service provided doesn't meet my expectations for a deep clean?

If you find the cleaning inadequate, the company provides channels for communication and customer service responsiveness. It's important to convey your expectations and specific needs upfront to ensure they align with the service capabilities offered by Companion Maids.

How reliable is the scheduling for services with Companion Maids, and what if cleaners arrive late?

Scheduling with Companion Maids is typically straightforward, but there have been reports of cleaners arriving later than the appointed time. Should this occur, contacting customer service is advisable, and the company often communicates delays, aiming to mitigate any inconvenience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for King Of Maids

King Of Maids
Elena Putt
2 months ago
We had a great first experience with Companion Maids. They were very easy to communicate with. I had a few pricing questions that I emailed them directly about and they responded the same day with helpful information. They did a great job on the first scheduled cleaning and we will be taking advantage of the discounted base rate for recurring cleaning. Thank you Companion Maids for taking good care of our home! It was a joy to come home to a clean and organized space!
King Of Maids
Paul Sergalis
5 months ago
This firm claims that the do deep cleans. They don't. What they will do is ask you for pictures, then cancel on you the day before your deep clean appointment was supposed to happen because it is "...out of scope due to the condition of the home. Sadly, I can only assume that they only clean "clean" homes.
King Of Maids
nakyo heo
2 years ago
Made the move-in cleaning appointment about 2 weeks ago for today (saturday 8/28) at 10am. I received a call from the Companion Maids 5 minutes past the appointment time that they are running late and will be here around 10:30. No problem. Comes 10:45 no one was here so I called asking if they are coming. They said they are 5-6 minutes away. The cleaners finally arrived an hour later than appointment time at 11:10pm. I left the apartment and came back around 12:30pm and they were already gone and was just really disappointed in the job they did. My new apartment is 1000sq ft and 2bed/1bath, was relatively clean, but I wanted all the detailed cleaning. They not only did half the job, they left dirty microfibers and magic clean eraser that they used in the kitchen sink! I left a comment that I wanted the detailed cleaning in the fridge, they only cleaned the part that was mentioned in the comment - inside the fridge. The glass door is left with water marks. I wouldn't spend $250+ for a basic 1 hr cleaning of the apartment. Maybe it's Ok for some people and I'm attaching some photos taken AFTER the cleaning to see for yourself and decide. Service: Moving-related cleaning
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Companion Maids Cleaning Service stands as the premier cleaning provider in Chicago, IL, offering unmatched services for all residential & commercial spaces, including homes, apartments, and offices. We're known for our exceptional dedication and professionalism. Our team of cleaners are prepared, dependable, and trustworthy, ready to tackle any task with efficiency. We excel in maintaining excellent client relationships and delivering outstanding customer support. Understanding that every home has its unique aspects, we tailor our cleaning services to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a cleaning experience that is not only thorough and detailed, but also promotes a healthier environment. At Companion Maids, our goal transcends b...