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What do customers say about Hyatt Regency Dallas?

As of Mar 25, 2024, 8823 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Hyatt Regency Dallas's customer reviews analysis

The Hyatt Regency Dallas is experiencing mixed reviews that reflect on its overall company reputation. Guests appreciate the hotel's beautiful, spacious, and clean rooms, modern amenities, and the spectacular views of Dallas from higher floors. The hotel's location is convenient for downtown activities, and the facility provides adequate event spaces. Notable positive staff interactions add to memorable stays. However, there are concerns relating to service, particularly the check-in experience and the parking situation. Guests have encountered issues with a perceived lack of hospitality upon arrival and confusion regarding parking options, which add unexpected costs and create inconvenience. The presence of sounds from public areas echoing into rooms, a particular problem for atrium-facing rooms, raises concerns about soundproofing and guest comfort during their stay. Additionally, some guests have marked the hotel dining options as inconsistent and suboptimal.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from customer feedback include the commendation of the hotel's clean, modern, and well-equipped rooms offering expansive views of the city. The hotel's advantageous location for downtown Dallas activities is consistently valued by guests. Positive guest experiences are often shaped by interactions with friendly and attentive staff members, with specific commendation for quick valet service and exceptional service leading to memorable visits. Another favorable point is the hotel's amenities, such as the praised fitness center which enhances guests' overall experience. Facilities dedicated to events also receive appreciation, contributing positively to the hospitality offered by Hyatt Regency Dallas.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative aspects emerge mainly from the customer service and parking experience. Multiple reviews have pointed out less-than-satisfactory encounters with the front desk during check-in, contributing to a perceived lack of overall hospitality. Another recurring concern is the parking situation. Customers report miscommunication about available parking, unexpected additional valet fees, and inconvenient parking locations that detract from the hotel's luxury standing. Furthermore, issues with noise pollution for rooms facing the atrium significantly disrupt the comfort of those stays. Lastly, inconsistent dining experiences within the hotel, specifically related to food quality and service, have also negatively impacted guests' stays.

Frequently asked questions about Hyatt Regency Dallas

Are there any additional parking fees I should be aware of when staying at Hyatt Regency Dallas?

Yes, guests should anticipate additional fees for parking, including a separate valet parking cost. It is advisable to clarify parking options and associated charges with the hotel ahead of time.

Can I expect a quiet stay at the Hyatt Regency Dallas?

While many guests find their rooms quiet and comfortable, some have reported noise issues in rooms facing the atrium. It is recommended to request a room away from these areas for a quieter stay.

Is the Hyatt Regency Dallas suitable for special events and conferences?

Yes, the Hyatt Regency Dallas offers facilities for events and conferences, with many guests noting the adequacy of these spaces. However, future guests may want to inquire about recent renovations to ensure the most updated facilities are available.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hyatt Regency Dallas

Hyatt Regency Dallas
Angelina Rodriguez
a month ago
I want to give this a five star rating because the rooms were beautiful. It was a nice clean also very spacious. The view was okay only cause we got the view of the freeway maybe the other side is nicer. Service wasn’t the greatest experience when checking in the hospitality wasn’t there for it being the kind of hotel that it is. Also when I ask where to park I was told I can go in the garage but turn to find out it’s only for valet parking which is a whole other fee from the $30.00 that is already automatically charged to your room. So we had to park across the street in some open parking lot area, yes it was gated but still gave that vibe that didn’t seem as safe. Also if you check out before getting your vehicle you won’t be able to get out cause you need your key card to get out which is something what wasn’t told to us. Overall the rooms were nice and comfortable but the service could have been a lot better and also better informed about the hotel. Due to the location I thought it would have been a lot better. But for that price you are paying here you can find a better hotel in that area with better service.
Hyatt Regency Dallas
Crystal C-T
2 weeks ago
We came for a dance competition/ convention. It’s very large and really nice. The glass elevators are really cool! Even this mom enjoyed them like a kid. Food options are good too. We didn’t use the pool but it seemed meh.
Hyatt Regency Dallas
Tahmina Ahsan
4 days ago
My experience staying in this hotel was special because my daughter invited me to attend with her to an office conference. The hotel room was nice. The view was interesting, we could visit the 3rd floor to watch the city. Noteworthy details: The hotel lobby and hallway smells like dead mice. Sorry to say but this where it needs improvement.
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About Hyatt Regency Dallas

Upscale venue offering an outdoor pool & a gym, plus 2 restaurants & a sports bar.