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What do customers say about Helping Hands Liverpool?

As of Mar 09, 2024, 9 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Helping Hands Liverpool's customer reviews analysis

Review analysis for Helping Hands Home Care Liverpool reveals a divergent reputation with contrasting depictions of customer experiences. While some reviewers express profound gratitude for the compassionate and personalized care provided to their loved ones, particularly praising specific carers and office staff for their dedication and support, other feedback raises serious concerns about management changes, training of new carers, and adherence to care schedules. Positive accounts often reference the carers' ability to engender laughter, smiles, and a sense of value in clients, while negative reviews indicate potential risks to client well-being due to irregular service delivery and alleged neglect. It is imperative to note the polarity in customer sentiment, highlighting both outstanding care and the need for immediate operational rectification to address critical shortcomings.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback for Helping Hands Home Care Liverpool predominantly highlights the company's ability to provide compassionate and tailored care. Reviewers have expressed their appreciation for the carers, who are described as treating clients like family and fostering an atmosphere filled with laughter and smiles. The gestures of acknowledgement towards individual carers and the management for their willingness to assist and cheerfully accommodate clients' needs are notable. Moreover, the quality of care is celebrated as 'unbeatable,' and office staff members are commended for their professional and caring attitudes. These positive reflections suggest that when service expectations are met, clients and their families have deeply gratifying experiences.

Concerns and Threads

Contrastingly, there are severe negative critiques around Helping Hands Home Care Liverpool's service, predominantly post-management change. These criticisms include allegations of insufficient training for new carers, lack of regular schedules, and the inability of carers to effectively use essential equipment. The lack of adherence to schedules, according to one review, has led to serious health concerns such as undernourishment. Furthermore, the absence of updates in care rotas signals a deficiency in organizational consistency. The severity of these issues, including the foresight of potential life-threatening consequences, points towards a pressing demand for an in-depth inquiry and strategic intervention to rectify the flaws identified by these alarming reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Helping Hands Liverpool

What specific qualities of Helping Hands Home Care are frequently praised by customers?

Frequently praised qualities by satisfied customers include the carers’ warmth and familial treatment of clients, consistent cheerfulness and willingness to alter care as needed, and the personal dedication shown by office staff. Clients look forward to the carers' visits and feel valued, indicating a strong person-centric approach to care.

What concerns have been raised about the care provided by Helping Hands Home Care Liverpool?

Concerns raised include inadequate training of new carers, poor adherence to care rotas leading to irregular service, and an inability of carers to use vital equipment correctly. Customers also mention management changes as a turning point in the quality of service, with calls for urgent inquiries to rectify these issues.

How does Helping Hands Home Care Liverpool address scheduling and carer training issues?

Responses to these concerns are not evident in the provided reviews; therefore, prospective customers are encouraged to inquire directly with the company to understand current measures in place to ensure the consistency of schedules and comprehensive training for carers.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Helping Hands Liverpool

Helping Hands Liverpool
Helen Spedding-Lowe
5 years ago
I can't tell you how wonderful they are with my Mums care. They are friends who treat her as if she were their own family. Mum has Alzheimer's but has no idea, and Sacha and Margaret her lovely carers have got to know her as a person. Mum looks forward to their visits so much, and they make her laugh and smile and feel valued. I can't begin to tell you how brilliant they are. I couldn't find better care if I tried. I also need to thank Rob their Manager who always helps me if anything needs changing or adding to Mums care. Everything they all do is with willingness and cheerfully. Thank you doesn't say enough, but thank you so much xxx xxx
Helping Hands Liverpool
Terry Turner
a year ago
Helping hands have gone from the best care company to the worst in the country. This has happened since the new office manager Kim Henry took over and her so called Co ordinator Isabelle Jeffries who thinks she's something special are going to destroy this branch, hardly any of the new carers are not trained properly and no matter how important to your health rotas and time tables don't exist. I have not been given a rota since some time in April. Sooner or later there is going to be a loss of life. One carer who has worked for them 3 years cannot remember how to use a hoist over a bed. A full and in depth enquiry needs to be urgently done before it's too late, my Doctor has told me that I'm under nourished and that is because they can't keep me to a rota and I cannot eat for days on end thanks to the women I have mentioned in this review.
Helping Hands Liverpool
Lydia Sreenivasan
3 years ago
Helping Hands were absolutely amazing looking after my mum. The carers were fabulous they were so caring and gave my mum detailed care. My mum looked forward to them coming and my dad said the carers were so efficient in their role. The quality of care is unbeatable. Thanks so much Liverpool Helping Hands Team :)
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