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What do customers say about H. Firkins & Sons?

As of Jan 17, 2024, 150 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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H. Firkins & Sons's customer reviews analysis

H Firkins and Sons Ltd appear to enjoy a strong reputation for providing high-quality chimney services. The reviews consistently highlight the company's promptness, efficiency, and thorough cleaning methods. Their use of technology, such as cameras for inspection and electronic certification, alongside a convenient payment system, are frequently mentioned and appreciated by customers. Notably, their attention to detail and extra services such as debris removal and fireplace repairs, contribute positively to customer experience. However, there is a discordant note regarding customer service, particularly over the telephone, which suggests an area that could potentially impact their reputation adversely.

Positive Feedback

The positive customer feedback for H Firkins and Sons Ltd focuses on several commendable aspects of the company's services. Enthusiasm for their punctuality and efficiency is a recurring theme. Customers are also impressed with the company's thoroughness, as evidenced by the surprising amounts of soot removed during cleanings that had previously been overlooked by other providers. The professionalism of the workers, who are described as knowledgeable and friendly, and the cleanliness maintained during and after service, further enhance customer satisfaction. Additionally, longstanding relationships spanning several decades imply trust and a consistent level of quality in their services. This trust is also bolstered by their willingness to be flexible in scheduling and the use of modern conveniences such as email invoicing and card payment options.

Concerns and Threads

Despite a wealth of positive feedback, H Firkins and Sons Ltd has encountered some criticism related to customer service. One instance describing a client's interaction with a representative over the phone as abrupt and rude illustrates the disconnect. This isolated event, which includes confusion about service areas, may suggest a lack of clarity in company communication and potential shortfall in customer service training. Although it is a solitary complaint within this set of reviews, it is significant because such experiences can be enough to deter potential customers from engaging with the company's services.

Frequently asked questions about H. Firkins & Sons

What services do H Firkins and Sons ltd provide?

H Firkins and Sons Ltd specialize in chimney cleaning, inspections, and stove & fireplace cleaning. They utilize cameras for checking chimneys and provide electronic certification post-service.

Can I pay for H Firkins and Sons services using a card?

Yes, H Firkins and Sons offers convenience in payment by allowing customers to pay on the spot with a bank card.

How does H Firkins and Sons ensure cleanliness during chimney sweeps?

The company is known for its careful work, leaving no mess behind. They protect the area around the chimney thoroughly and ensure that dust and debris are contained during the cleaning process.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for H. Firkins & Sons

H. Firkins & Sons
Magnus Summers
6 days ago
Excellent service and good value. They arrived on time and, after efficiently clearing the chimney, they showed me how to turn on my gas fire. Also easy to pay on the spot with my bank card and got a certificate of completion and invoice emailed to me straight after. Highly recommend!
H. Firkins & Sons
Finchley Foodie
4 days ago
We have lived here for over 20 years, in a 1930s property with gas fires. We use Firkins regularly to look after our chimneys. They use a camera to check, sweep carefully, leave no mess and are very nice people. Reasonable price. Highly recommended.
H. Firkins & Sons
Sonja McGeachie
3 months ago
excellent service, so thorough! I have had my fire place swept by a different company every year since I first got it some 7 years ago. I always watched what they did and today I was literally shocked to see how much more thorough H Firkin were - the amount of soot that came down was unreal and they actually took they side plates off the stove which had never been done before. And repaired my griddle included in the sweeping fee - very impressed, I would highly recommend. Worth the money for sure.
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