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As of Apr 25, 2024, 143 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

provided great service

very satisfied with my repairs

highly competent and experienced

polite, professional, and explained everything

Super happy with the work

came out within a few hours of my call

entire company is awesome

courteous and professional from start to finish

bottom line is they left my elderly father's chimney in a worst condition

Never received an estimate

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April 25, 2024

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Chimney USA's customer reviews analysis

Chimney USA Inc.'s reputation is a blend of contrasting customer experiences. Analysis of the reviews reveals a recurring dichotomy, where multiple clients commend the company for its punctuality, professionalism, and quality of work, particularly praising a staff member named Mirna for her informative and step-by-step approach. Customers have noted that necessary repairs were well-explained and backed by visual evidence. Additionally, some reviews highlight responsive service and attention to detail in tackling challenging jobs. However, a notable negative review accuses the company of overcharging, performing unnecessary work, and leaving a chimney in a worse condition than before. This customer comparison with competitors implies that Chimney USA Inc. may have inconsistencies in pricing and service quality. Such polarized feedback indicates potential risks in customer satisfaction, suggesting that while the company can deliver exceptional service, there are reported incidents of poor practices that mar its overall reputation.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for Chimney USA Inc. offers insight into several positive aspects of its service provision. Praise is frequently directed towards the company's responsiveness and reliability, with reports of the company's immediate availability for emergency services and prompt scheduling. Professionalism and competency of the staff, particularly Mirna, are recurrently mentioned, with customers expressing satisfaction over the comprehensive explanations provided for the work required. The company's workmanship is also commended, with users appreciating the thoroughness of repairs, cleanliness post-service, and the offering of warranties. Positive reviews reflect customer confidence in the company's ability to handle complex projects, respect for customer property, and overall value for the service received.

Concerns and Threads

Despite several commendations, Chimney USA Inc. has faced significant criticisms that raise concerns about their service quality and business ethics. A notable grievance involves allegations of overpriced services compared to competitors, including charges for unnecessary removal of equipment and substandard installations. There are accusations that the company left a project incomplete and against code, causing distress and additional expense to rectify the situation. A customer has reported an unsatisfactory interaction with an owner, who was described as unprofessional and potentially untrustworthy. Such negative feedback points to issues with transparency, pricing, and customer care, which could deter potential customers from engaging with Chimney USA Inc.

Frequently asked questions about Chimney USA

Does Chimney USA Inc. offer emergency services for urgent repairs?

Yes, Chimney USA Inc. has been noted for their prompt response to emergency situations, with reviews mentioning their ability to quickly assess and initiate preliminary work to address urgent issues.

Can customers expect transparency and detailed explanations of the chimney work being done?

Many customers have praised Chimney USA Inc., particularly staff member Mirna, for providing informative and step-by-step explanations with visual documentation of the chimney repairs before and after the work.

Are there any concerns about overpricing and unnecessary work when hiring Chimney USA Inc.?

Some reviews have raised concerns about Chimney USA Inc.'s pricing being higher than competitors and performing unnecessary work. Potential customers are advised to seek multiple estimates and ensure clarity on the scope of the work to avoid these issues.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Chimney USA

Chimney USA
3 months ago
I DO NOT recommend Chimney USA. Their prices are doubled that of their competitors. They ripped out a perfectly good chimney liner, they did not put one back in the chimney (which is against code) of a furnance that was only 10 years old, and they charged me almost $1500.00. They said they removed debris from the chimney. I never saw what they removed except old newspaper that was probably used for insulation from the previous installer. They gave me an estimate of over $3600.00 to put the liner back in with minor cosmetic improvements to the outside of the chimney. They removed a perfectly good Tee that connected the water heater and furnace together with two separate temporary pipes going into the old piping entryway. Then they were going to come back and replace it with a permanent Wye connector in the new proposal (which would never have fit into the opening). The list goes on. The bottom line is they left my elderly father's chimney in a worst condition than how they found it! This was a scam. The first two pictures are what they pulled out of my Dad's chimney which they did not replace. The last two pictures are what a bad liner looks like...not mine. The first picture of the chimney cap is what I replaced Chimney USA's work with. The second picture is the cap Chimney USA put up. Very cheap looking, bent up and why is it black? The last two pictures are what Chimney USA did. The first (of the last set of pictures) is what I paid another company to undo Chimney USA's sloppy work. The new chimney company's work was not only aesthetically better looking and professsionally done they also restored it to the way it was originally.They put the "T" connector back in and all for less than what Chimney USA charged me. The new chimney company even gave me a lifetime guarantee on all the work provided and a coupon off the work they did. People, please do you homework. This is what happens when you don't.
Chimney USA
Allan Segal
2 weeks ago
Great! These guys are top notch. I called them to get my chimney cleaned from the winter that doesn't seem to end. They came out on time, provided great service and I was back up and running in no time. The rates were reasonable too! I'd recommend them to anyone looking for chimney cleaning or repairs.
Chimney USA
Valery Wright
a week ago
The staff at Chimney USA Inc. Mirna was very informative, knowledgeable when it comes to the needs and repairing the chimney. She explains and take you step by step of the process. Pictures before the repair and after. I’m very satisfied with my repairs to my chimney.
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