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What do customers say about E & E Chimney Sweeps?

As of Apr 25, 2024, 68 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

best prices from everyone

knowledgeable, friendly, and honest

incredibly helpful

courteous, informative and honest

always pleasant and polite

Great company and honest

clean and extremely knowledgeable

professional and thorough

couldn't be happier

poorly done

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April 25, 2024
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April 25, 2024

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E & E Chimney Sweeps's customer reviews analysis

E&E Chimney Sweeps, Inc. has garnered a positive reputation as reflected in the latest customer reviews, which commend their competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, friendly service, and professional installation. Several reviews cited the company's ability to meet particular customer needs, such as providing a newer model fireplace and efficiently handling product installations and servicing. Such examples endorse the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its proficiency in addressing individualized requirements. A strong theme revolves around the company's responsiveness and reliability, as customers appreciate prompt service, clear communication, and the honest advice provided by the team. However, there is a notable concern raised by a customer regarding post-installation follow-ups and the quality of the finishing work. This singular yet detailed negative experience highlights issues with subcontracted work, responsiveness to concerns, and quality of craftsmanship, potentially identifying areas for improvement for the company.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for E&E Chimney Sweeps, Inc. underscores several standout positive aspects. Reviewers frequently highlighted the company's ability to offer competitive prices, particularly in comparison to other service providers in the area. The staff's expertise and professional demeanor are also frequently praised, with mentions of their honesty and the quality of service rendered. Customers reflect positively on their experiences with the company's punctuality and reliable scheduling, including the willingness to accommodate customers on short notice via a cancellation list. There is also a recurring theme of customer loyalty, with instances of repeat business over several years, indicating sustained satisfaction with the products and services provided.

Concerns and Threads

While largely positive, the reviews for E&E Chimney Sweeps, Inc. also reveal some areas of concern. One detailed negative review outlined a customer's disappointment with the finishing touches on a significant installation project. The critique focused on the perceived subpar quality of materials used for edging and trim, a lack of responsiveness to emails seeking remedy, and dissatisfaction with the aesthetics and installation of the hearth and mantel. This instance of inadequate follow-through on customer expectations, particularly after a substantial investment, poses questions about the company's oversight of subcontracted labor and its customer service in post-installation phases.

Frequently asked questions about E & E Chimney Sweeps

Does E&E Chimney Sweeps, Inc. provide competitive pricing for their services?

Yes, multiple reviews mention that E&E Chimney Sweeps offers competitive and fair pricing, often below other competitors in the area.

Can I count on E&E Chimney Sweeps for timely and reliable installations?

Yes, customers have reported that the company is punctual and provides reliable scheduling options, often accommodating customers promptly, even during busy seasons.

What if I encounter issues with the installation or service provided by E&E Chimney Sweeps?

While many customers report high satisfaction with their installations, there are instances where issues may arise. It is recommended to address any concerns directly with E&E Chimney Sweeps to seek resolution, as customer service experiences can vary.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for E & E Chimney Sweeps

E & E Chimney Sweeps
James Klemick (Coalition Nutrition)
3 months ago
Originally we were a little upset that we were buying a “new” fireplace but it was going to be an older model. E&E was able to get us the newer model. They had the best prices from everyone we received quotes from. Installation & cosmetic add ons were done with attention to detail.
E & E Chimney Sweeps
Mike Albert
2 months ago
The people at E&E are knowledgeable, friendly, and honest. Their prices are fair and below the competition in the area by a lot. Far and away the place to go in the area for pellet stoves or chimney work.
E & E Chimney Sweeps
Christian Formica
3 months ago
A bit late in writing this review but the recent cold stretch of weather reminded me how grateful I am for the work E&E did last year. My existing wood burning fireplace/chimney was in rough shape. Went to E&E to see if it could be converted to a wood insert... before I switched gears and decided on a gas insert unit. They were incredibly helpful in making sure the units I could chose from met the mantle/height/depth requirements, filled out the permit paperwork, showed-up on time on install day and carried out everything within the scope of work incredibly efficiently. A year in and I am very happy with my Jotul GI635 and will be using E&E to service it as needed.
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At E & E Chimney Sweeps, we want to help you make a quality investment in the value, safety, and comfort of your home, starting with your chimney and fireplace. We have provided superior chimney services and hearth product selection to the Philadelphia and Central New Jersey areas since 1981.