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As of Jan 15, 2024, 632 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Fixfactor's customer reviews analysis

Evaluation of customer feedback suggests that Fixfactor Hardware & Software Repairs maintains a positive reputation among its clients. Customers frequently commend the company for their technical expertise, with multiple instances of successful complex repairs, from reviving a bricked Oneplus 7 Pro to restoring a dead Lenovo laptop. The recurring theme within the feedback indicates a high level of professionalism, as the company reliably recovers valuable data and handles various hardware issues effectively. Customer experience highlights include the efficiency of service delivery, exemplified by quick turnaround times for repairs, and a friendly customer service approach, often mentioned in tandem with the 'can do' attitude of the staff. Another aspect noted is the provision of additional services such as the 'fix it while you wait' option, which resonates with the convenience sought by clients. Nonetheless, there is a minor mention of external factors such as parking convenience, which could affect overall accessibility and, subsequently, customer satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback highlights several key strengths of Fixfactor's services. Clients consistently celebrate the company's technical acumen, evident in their ability to tackle a diverse range of electronic issues from mobile devices to PCs. Their ability to quickly and efficiently restore functionality to gadgets, sometimes within startlingly brief periods like 10 minutes for an iPhone SE charging port, underscores their commitment to swift service. Affordability and value are also underscored as customers perceive the services as a great deal. Friendliness and a welcoming atmosphere are recurrent in the reviews, with mentions of the staff's amicable nature contributing to a positive service experience. The reliability of the repair work is affirmed through follow-up comments indicating long-term satisfaction with the functionality of repaired items. Value-added services, such as in-store support and music, enhance the customer's in-store experience, while proactive communication regarding service delays bolsters trust in the company's client management.

Concerns and Threads

While the vast majority of the feedback is positive, there are minimal negative aspects mentioned by customers of Fixfactor. The primary concern noted is related to external factors such as parking convenience. The availability of only pay and display parking options might detract from the overall customer experience for those visiting the premises by car. However, this issue is not directly linked to the service quality but rather to the convenience of accessing the location. There are no direct references to negative experiences with the repair services themselves, which implies that any potential issues are minor or infrequent enough not to be reported in the reviews provided.

Frequently asked questions about Fixfactor

Can Fixfactor handle repairs for less common device brands and models?

Yes, Fixfactor has a track record of successfully repairing a variety of brands and models, including those that are not widely supported by other repair shops.

Do I need to book an appointment for a repair or can I drop in?

While appointments might expedite service, Fixfactor also offers a 'fix it while you wait' option, indicating flexibility for walk-in repairs.

Can Fixfactor recover data from devices that no longer power on?

Customers have reported that Fixfactor staff are capable of recovering data from devices that are not operating, so data recovery services are indeed available.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Fixfactor

2 months ago
Very knowledgeable and professional staff. Revived my completely bricked Oneplus 7 Pro, which i know many repair places do not support. The memories, photos and videos were very important for me and they were able to recover all the data onto an external harddrive. The phone now boots up normally - review written on the repaired phone!
Roberto Pereira
4 months ago
I had a dead laptop, a Lenovo G505s. These guys sorted it quick with super friendly help. Now my PC is back and I am so happy. I would 100% recommend these guys. Don't mess around with others. Top quality place. Thank you so much!
Asif Ahmed
3 months ago
This is my go to place for any phone, laptop or PC issues. Have been going there for years and already have recommended all my neighbours to FixFactor. Very friendly service, great value and knowledgeable.
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Welcome to Fixfactor, where we elevate repair services in London to an art form. Specializing in mobile phones, computers, drones, and unmatched data recovery, we've been perfecting our craft for 10 years, ensuring each repair is a testament to our commitment to excellence.From shattered screens to unresponsive charging ports, water damage, battery dilemmas, power issues, and software snags, we've got the skills to fix them all. In a rush? We can often mend your mobile phone or laptop while you relax in our store.Our dedication to data recovery is unparalleled. Trust us to salvage your files from damaged hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, mobile phones, or MacBooks.Book your repair experience with us or simply send your device with post.