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What do customers say about Docklands Fish And Chips?

As of Apr 13, 2024, 742 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 13, 2024

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Docklands Fish And Chips's customer reviews analysis

Docklands Fish and Chips, situated at the tourist-heavy Albert Dock, presents a mixed bag in terms of customer satisfaction. While some patrons commend the friendly staff and the atmosphere, with particular nods to the location and views, criticisms emerge regarding inconsistent food quality, service, and pricing. Notably, the food receives polarized feedback; some customers describe the battered fish as lacking in flavor, with undercooked and tasteless elements, alluded to in descriptions such as 'dry and depressing chips' and 'fish batter saturated in fat'. Additionally, concerns over hygiene are mentioned multiple times, heightening the caution for potential health risks. Issues of cleanliness, such as dirty tables and improper glove usage, have been pointed out. The cost of meals is perceived as high by many customers, attributed to the prime location, yet this does not consistently translate into a likewise high-quality dining experience.

Positive Feedback

There are several positive highlights from customer reviews of Docklands Fish and Chips. Friendly service is often noted, enhancing the customer experience for those visiting the chippy. The ambiance and aesthetic of the location are described as classic and well-suited to the Albert Dock's busy environment alongside impressive views. When it comes to portion sizes, customers are generally satisfied, mentioning 'good portion size' and 'big enough' servings. Additionally, the flavor of the fish was praised as 'pretty tasty,' 'fresh,' and 'crispy' by some customers, emphasizing that there are quality culinary experiences to be had at the establishment. The combination of the scenic location, pleasant staff attitudes, and moments of culinary satisfaction contributes to a selection of positive customer experiences.

Concerns and Threads

However, Docklands Fish and Chips suffers from notable negative feedback in several key areas. Several customers find the pricing structure high, particularly in light of the meal quality, using terms like 'extortionate prices' and 'rip off' to describe their experience. There are numerous accounts of subpar food quality with specific reference to 'tasteless' chips, 'saturated' batter, and undercooked fish. Additionally, food hygiene practices have been questioned by patrons observing improper glove usage and employees handling food and waste concurrently. There is a distinct impression that cleanliness standards fall short, with dirty tables and a high risk of food poisoning mentioned in customer reports. Accusations of rude service and an unwelcoming atmosphere from staff have further tainted the reputation of Docklands Fish and Chips.

Frequently asked questions about Docklands Fish And Chips

Are the portion sizes at Docklands Fish and Chips adequate?

Based on customer reviews, the portion sizes at Docklands Fish and Chips are generally satisfactory, with patrons noting that servings are 'good' and 'big enough.'

Is Docklands Fish and Chips a good place for visitors to Albert Dock?

Docklands Fish and Chips offers a classic atmosphere and scenic views of the docks, making it a pleasant venue for tourists. However, prospective customers should also consider the mixed reviews regarding food quality and service.

How does Docklands Fish and Chips address food hygiene and cleanliness?

Customers have raised concerns about food hygiene and cleanliness at Docklands Fish and Chips. While specific instances have been noted in reviews, it is recommended for prospective patrons to consider current and consistently updated assessments of the establishment's health and safety practices.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Docklands Fish And Chips

Docklands Fish And Chips
Martin Edwards
a month ago
Myself and a friend popped into Docklands fish and chips during a sunny Sunday at the Albert dock. I've never visited this chippy before, so we thought we'd give it a try. Upon entering, the place is bright and clean, and the staff are friendly, and we were served promptly. We both decided to have fish 🐟 and chips 🍟 and mushy peas. The price for this meal was £14.99 which is a little pricy for such a meal at a takeaway, although there is a dine in option which we took. The portion size was good. The piece of battered fish was pretty big. The batter was light, although it lacked any real flavour, I thought. The fish was moist, and the chips were ok 👍🏻. Overall, it's not the best fish and chips I've ever had nor the worst. The Albert dock attracts a lot of tourists, so this place is aimed at the tourist. Overall, the place is worth a visit if you want some battered fish 🐟 and chips. There are no toilets within the dining area. However, public toilets are close by and free.
Docklands Fish And Chips
4 days ago
Clearly this is a tourist trap, everyone knows it given the location, but first time trying the place. £5.00 for a portion of chips!. They were the most dry and depressing chips i've had in years. To top things off, service was utterly dreadful, staff looked at us as though we were an imposition, when we asked if there was salt and vinegar they just grunted and said it was on the tables, and looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there. The vinegar was so watered down I used about half a bottle to try and get any flavour. Based on this experience...an awful chippy with rude staff and extortionate prices. Ive never reviewed a chippy before (never thought i'd want to!) but never returning here.
Docklands Fish And Chips
Chloe Jade Burke
5 months ago
Small chips , curry sauce and a small sausage between me and my daughter was a great portion size. The staff are so amazing & friendly, they made us feel so welcome. ill definitely go for another visit !
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