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What do customers say about Dads Lane Fish Bar?

As of Apr 28, 2024, 917 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

Lovely fish and chips.

Very nice food and excellent service.

The fish was 10/10.

The food is sensational.

Absolutely sensational food.

The food is always fresh and amazing.

Good fish and chips!

Delish fish and chips.

The chips are always so so bad!!

I wouldn't say it was all totally worth it.

I won't be returning there anytime soon.

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April 28, 2024

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Dads Lane Fish Bar's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Dads Lane Fish Bar and Restaurant is mixed, with a clear divide between positive and negative experiences. A recurring positive theme is the high quality of the fish, often described as fresh and well-cooked. Many customers specifically mention the haddock's exceptional preparation. The restaurant's atmosphere, featuring a Greek Cypriot-themed service and fresh preparation of food, garners admiration, positioning the establishment as a memorable venue for some. On the other hand, a significant aspect impacting the company's reputation negatively is the consistent critique of the chips, which are variously described as soggy, tasteless, undercooked, or too soft. This issue is prominent enough to deter repeat visits, particularly where chips are considered an essential component of the meal. Another point of contention is the quality of sauces, described as watered down and lacking in flavor. There are also isolated complaints about service delays, such as long wait times, and the failure to receive complete orders.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Dads Lane Fish Bar and Restaurant often highlights the quality of the fish, with haddock receiving particular praise for being spot on. The fresh, chunky, and fluffy chips, along with tasty curry sauce and other menu items such as cod, scampi, and doner kebabs, also receive commendation. The restaurant's ambiance receives acclaim for its thematic design and welcoming environment, enriched by friendly, warm service reflective of the owners' Greek Cypriot roots. The establishment is recognized for its freshly prepared dishes and for providing a memorable dining experience, with some patrons asserting it holds the reputation as the best in the Birmingham area. Additionally, the separate frying of fish in vegetable oil is recognized as a positive aspect, catering to dietary preferences and food quality concerns.

Concerns and Threads

The key negative aspects of customer feedback center around the consistency and quality of the chips served at Dads Lane Fish Bar and Restaurant. Reviews repeatedly mark the chips as a letdown, described as soggy, stick-together, tasteless, undercooked, or microwaved in feeling – stark contrary to the expected crisp exterior and fluffy interior. The chip issue has been so prominent that even highly satisfied customers with the fish have had their overall meal experience ruined. Flaws in accompanyings like the curry sauce and tartar sauce, which are described as watered down and cheap respectively, also detract from the dining experience. Other negatives include occasionally undercooked meats, lengthy wait times and service delays, and the refusal of American Express as a payment option, which caused inconvenience for some customers.

Frequently asked questions about Dads Lane Fish Bar

Is the fish at Dads Lane Fish Bar and Restaurant fresh?

Many customers report the fish, particularly haddock and cod, to be fresh and well-prepared.

Are there any common issues with the food at Dads Lane Fish Bar?

A common issue highlighted by several customers is the poor quality of the chips, which are often criticized as soggy and undercooked.

Does Dads Lane Fish Bar cater to different dietary needs?

Yes, they fry fish separately in vegetable oil and this is appreciated by customers with specific dietary preferences.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dads Lane Fish Bar

Dads Lane Fish Bar
Harpreet Sangha Sembhi
2 months ago
I used to be a regular at Dads Lane. I’ve noticed every time I visit the food just gets worse and worse. My husband visited yesterday and we were not happy with our food at all! The haddock is always spot on HOWEVER the chips are always so so bad!! They’re always soggy, stick to each other and tasteless!! Well yesterday, the chips were atrocious (check the pic). I had to bin over half of them. The curry sauce had been watered down and lacked flavour. Ohhh and two weeks ago they failed to give my husband the gravy he’d ordered. He only noticed once he got home.
Dads Lane Fish Bar
Abdul Shafiq
4 days ago
Lovely fish and chips. Large portion of (cone of) chips. Tasty curry sauce. Been here twice now. Doesn't disappoint. Can eat in or take out. Plenty of parking.
Dads Lane Fish Bar
11 months ago
Very nice food and excellent service. Cod and scampi are very fresh and the chips are chunky and fluffy. Mediterranean chicken is a bit too minty but the doner is on point. Very nice seating area next to the main kitchen but also upstairs if you want more of a restaurant feel. Once you are seated a server comes to take your order and food is with you in good time. Would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.
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