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Cpr Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown

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What do customers say about Cpr Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown?

As of Feb 18, 2024, 669 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Cpr Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown appears to be quite positive, with numerous instances of exceptional customer service noted by patrons. Customers have highlighted the staff's friendliness and efficiency, particularly their ability to provide service even near closing hours and effectively addressing problems. The responsiveness of the owner in resolving an overpayment issue stands out, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and fairness that has been well-received. A trend of positive experiences includes timely repairs, proactive assistance for customers with additional needs (such as those with children), and commendable service from both front-of-house staff and technicians. While the majority of customers praise the quality of the repairs, with several mentions of devices 'looking brand new', there are concerns about the use of non-OEM parts and an incident where a repair led to additional damage.

Positive Feedback

Key positive feedback for CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown consistently aligns with their customer service, as many testimonials commend the staff for their kindness, efficiency, and professionalism. The rapid turnaround on repairs is a recurring theme, often cited along with the quality of work wherein repaired devices are described as looking like new. The technicians, including named employees, are praised for their quick and effective service. The hands-on approach by the owner to rectify a billing mistake further reinforces the positive image, as it reflects a business that values transparency and customer retention. Additionally, accommodations for customers with special circumstances, such as those with young children, have been noted for providing a compassionate and considerate customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the many positive reviews, CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown is not without its critiques. A significant concern raised by customers revolves around the authenticity of the replacement parts, specifically a case where a non-OEM part resulted in malfunctioning of crucial phone features. This raises questions about the consistency and quality of the repair materials used. Moreover, an incident where a device incurred additional damage during service—the cracking of back glass on an S22 Ultra+—suggests possible shortcomings in technical skill or care. This negative experience was compounded by the customer's expectation to receive further communication and resolution from the store.

Frequently asked questions about Cpr Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown

Does CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown use OEM parts for repairs?

Based on customer feedback, there is at least one instance of CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown not using OEM parts, which affected the functionality of the repaired device. It is advisable to inquire directly with the store about the types of parts used during the repair process.

How quick is the service at CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown?

Many reviews commend CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown for their fast service, with some repairs being completed within an hour and technicians efficiently meeting appointment times. However, it's always best to consult with the store for estimated repair times as they may vary.

How does CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown handle service issues or complaints?

In situations where service issues arose, such as an overpayment or additional damage during a repair, CPR Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown has shown to be responsive. The owner personally reaches out to resolve billing issues, and they have invited customers back for corrective service when needed.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cpr Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown

Cpr Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown
Christopher Kuntz
2 months ago
I showed up 15 minutes before closing to have my screen protector replaced. The young lady was so kind and efficient she looked up my account information. Located the LAST screen protector for my iPhone style, AND installed it for me! All the while making pleasant conversation about the upcoming holidays. What a delightful young woman! I left the store seven minutes before closing - now that is great Customer Service.
Cpr Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown
a week ago
had a over payment issue initially and left 2 stars, changed to 5 because the owner reached out, explained the confusion, and refunded the $22. Very appreciative and its rare to see an owner take care of their business and customers fairly these days. will be back next time I need a repair.
Cpr Cell Phone Repair Dallas Uptown
Francisco Puente
2 months ago
Filed a claim on S22 Ultra+ through assurant. This store was provided to repair front screen. Took about an hour but only to receive it with the back glass now cracked. Tech couldn't repair without damaging the device. Still waiting to hear from them for the replacement/ repair. Update: I've been contacted to return for a replacement of the back glass.
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