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What do customers say about Cleen-Bees Ltd?

As of May 02, 2024, 10 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

did an amazing job

oven looked just like new

worked so hard

enter clean, fresh offices

lovely to come home

service provided was excellent

totally unbelievably brilliant

very efficient and friendly

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May 2, 2024
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May 2, 2024

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Cleen-Bees Ltd's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the reputation of Cleen-Bees Ltd through recent customer reviews reveals a predominantly positive perception of the company. Customers are highly satisfied with the company's ability to deliver urgent and efficient cleaning services. The reviews highlight the proactiveness and responsiveness of Cleen-Bees, notably with Cassandra’s capability to organize thorough cleanings on short notice. Another key element amplifying the company's reputation is the quality of the cleaning itself, which is frequently described as leaving areas 'spotless' and rejuvenated to a 'like new' state. Furthermore, the use of eco-friendly products has been positively received for those with environmental concerns. Customer experience appears to center around the reliability and professionalism of the team, encompassing both their interpersonal skills and cleaning competencies. However, an isolated complaint focuses on scheduling issues and undesirable interactions with the management team, which hints at an area that could be improved for a more consistent customer experience across the board.

Positive Feedback

The most commendable positive aspects of Cleen-Bees Ltd, as extracted from customer feedback, include the company's commendable response to urgent cleaning requests, with notable appreciation for the thoroughness and rapid organization of such tasks. The high quality of work — especially highlighted in tasks such as oven cleaning, general housekeeping, and 'blitz' cleans — suggests that the services provided significantly exceed expectations, revitalizing spaces to near-original conditions. Clients also emphasize the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, contributing significantly to the positive reflections of the business. Additionally, customers draw attention to the consistent delivery of excellent services, reflected in long-term engagements and the inclination to recommend Cleen-Bees’ services to others. The adaptability to use eco-friendly products caters to a growing environmentally conscious segment of their clientele. These strengths collectively forge a robust foundation for the company's commendable reputation.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the largely favorable testimonials, Cleen-Bees Ltd has faced criticism for elements that affect customer satisfaction negatively. A notable grievance revolves around the unpredictability of cleaning schedules, where customers encounter uncertainty around the specific timing of service deliveries. This has led to dissatisfaction, as clients expect reliability and punctuality. Furthermore, communication with the management team has been cited as a concern. Instances of perceived rudeness and a lack of professionalism during interactions—where customers feel unheard or interrupted—suggest a need for improvement in the company's customer service approach. This solitary negative aspect, while not reflective of the overall sentiment, is critical as it undermines customer trust and can potentially overshadow positive experiences if not addressed.

Frequently asked questions about Cleen-Bees Ltd

Can Cleen-Bees accommodate last-minute or urgent cleaning requests?

Yes, Cleen-Bees is known for their ability to swiftly organize and deliver thorough cleaning services even on short notice, as evidenced by multiple customer testimonials.

Do Cleen-Bees offer eco-friendly cleaning options?

Cleen-Bees does provide the option to clean with eco-friendly products, catering to customers who prioritize environmentally conscious cleaning solutions.

How reliable is the scheduling for cleaning services with Cleen-Bees?

While most customers report satisfaction with the timeliness and quality of the services, there have been isolated instances of scheduling unpredictability and dissatisfaction with communication about timing. Prospective customers are encouraged to discuss scheduling preferences and expectations clearly when arranging services.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cleen-Bees Ltd

Cleen-Bees Ltd
Michael Smith
5 months ago
Needed a deep clean on a property urgently and Cassandra with her ladies did an amazing job at short notice will certainly be using Cleen Bees again .
Cleen-Bees Ltd
John Beevers
3 years ago
We have recently used Cleen-Bees for the first time to do an oven clean and a top to bottom kitchen clean at our house. The oven looked just like new again and the kitchen was spotless. The two ladies that came to do the job were absolutely brilliant. This was a one off clean but having seen just how good Cleen-Bees are at the job they do, I think they will be coming back again very soon. I can highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to have a professional job done. Thank you so much to Cassie and the team. Great job.
Cleen-Bees Ltd
Jenni Morgan
3 years ago
Had Cassie and one of her team come and do a "blitz" clean on our house a few weeks ago. They worked so hard, quickly and efficiently and the house looked and felt amazing at the end. I would recommend them to anyone needing a cleaner for regular cleaning or to blitz the house from top to bottom. We will definitely be getting Cassie and the team back in. Amazing value and they can do your full clean with eco friendly products if you want them to.
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About Cleen-Bees Ltd

Cleaning Services
Founded in 2016, Cleen-Bees initially began operating in Wortley, Leeds, but we have since moved to premises at Madison Offices in Pudsey. We offer professional cleaning services including domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning services to customers across West Yorkshire. We are an ever growing and reliable company which has been built around the needs of our customers.