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What do customers say about Byrnes Fish And Chips?

As of Apr 13, 2024, 794 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 13, 2024

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Byrnes Fish And Chips's customer reviews analysis

Byrnes Fish and Chips has a diverse range of reviews, where many customers praise their experiences with the establishment for its cleanliness, the friendly nature of the staff, and the freshness of the food prepared. The customer experience is augmented by the welcoming ambiance and accessibility due to ample parking. However, there has been notable dissatisfaction regarding the availability of fish varieties, with several customers expressing disappointment when particular items like hake, plaice, and haddock were not available. Additionally, the efficiency of service seems to be an area with mixed feedback, where some customers experience slow service and miscommunication, while others enjoy prompt attention. A point of criticism is the greasiness of some dishes, which detracted from the overall experience for a few customers. Despite these negatives, the reputation of Byrnes Fish and Chips remains generally favorable, primarily due to the consistency in taste and quality that loyal patrons have come to expect over many years.

Positive Feedback

The highlights of Byrnes Fish and Chips include the consistent positive feedback about the quality and taste of their food, particularly the fishcakes and chip's non-greasy preparation. The freshness of food is noted as a strong point, with items cooked to order ensuring hot and enjoyable meals. The friendliness and kindness of the staff have also been frequently acknowledged, contributing positively to the dining experience. The cleanliness of the premises and the ease of accessibility, mostly due to the availability of parking, further complement the positive aspects of the establishment. The loyalty of customers, some spanning several decades and even generations, underlines the establishment's standing as a quality fish and chips provider in Liverpool.

Concerns and Threads

Byrnes Fish and Chips faces several critical comments concerning service speed, with reports of slow service leading to queues outside the establishment, which becomes a deterrent for some. Complaints about the lack of availability of certain types of fish, which are advertised but not in stock, provoke disappointment and frustration among customers. The lack of communication at the point of order, when customers are not informed immediately about unavailable items, is seen as a significant service flaw. There are also concerns about the food's greasiness and the proper cooking of their batter, suggesting inconsistency in food preparation. These feedback aspects put a dent in Byrnes Fish and Chips' reputation, pointing to areas in need of improvement for ensuring consistent customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Byrnes Fish And Chips

Are there a variety of fish options available at Byrnes Fish and Chips?

Byrnes Fish and Chips usually offers a variety of fish options, including cod and haddock. However, the availability of other types such as hake and plaice may vary depending on the season. Customers are recommended to check the current menu or inquire about availability before visiting.

Is the food at Byrnes Fish and Chips prepared fresh?

Yes, many customers have noted that the food, particularly the fish and chips, is prepared fresh and cooked to order, which maintains the taste and quality. However, it is recommended to confirm the preparation style upon ordering for assurance.

Is there convenient parking available near Byrnes Fish and Chips?

Many customers have commented positively on the availability of ample street parking near the premises, which is not situated on a main road. This seems to provide convenient access for those choosing to dine in or take away.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Byrnes Fish And Chips

Byrnes Fish And Chips
Stephen Peel
4 weeks ago
Following the enthusiastic recommendations from both word of mouth and online critiques, I was keen to make my visit. The premises were immaculate and orderly. The team was welcoming and appeared happy, and I was pleased to find ample street parking, especially appreciating that it wasn't situated on a main road. Nonetheless, upon ordering, I discovered the absence of hake and plaice from the menu, which I was told was attributed to the season. I hoped to sample haddock, cod, hake, and plaice for comparison, yet this omission did not dampen my spirits. My order comprised haddock, cod, a large portion of chips, a cheese savoury, scampi, a meat pie, tartare sauce, and mushy peas. The peas stood out as exceptional, the tartare sauce was satisfactory, albeit slightly too acidic, and the cod and haddock fillets were enjoyable. However, their batter would have benefited from a tad longer in the fryer. Like the fish, the batter of the cheese savoury was undercooked, failing to hold its contents together when handling, despite that, the savoury being extra tasty, received an "Oh!" from me. Overall, the establishment and staff were commendable, and the food was tasty, although I feel it was rushed out and would have benefitted from a little longer cooking time. Cooking in: Palm Oil Hygiene Rating: 5 Cash Only Fish Reviewed: Cod and Haddock Check out the video review on The Chippy Tour YouTube Channel.
Byrnes Fish And Chips
Helen Ryan
a month ago
As always, delicious, freshly prepared food, served with a smile. No wonder we love to go back. Can't be beaten on taste or service. I haven't sampled the whole menu but all I've tried is great. Fishcakes are the very best - freshly prepared on request. Great old-fashioned delight. Parking: Usually places to park near the shop as it is on one corner of crossroads.
Byrnes Fish And Chips
Nathan Jones
4 days ago
Cracking Chippy, stopped by this place on the way home after a day out. The fish and chips were really good, beat I had in a long time. Staff were very friendly, gave us a double take when we ordered due to our Manchester accents😀Also recommend Marine Lake, Crosby to go and eat you F&C it’s about 2 miles away, food was still piping hot.
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