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What do customers say about Big Yellow Self Storage?

As of Feb 09, 2024, 284 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Big Yellow Self Storage's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Big Yellow Self Storage Edinburgh is generally positive based on the most recent reviews. Multiple aspects consistently contribute to customer satisfaction: the helpful and professional demeanor of the staff, the ease of booking and moving in, as well as the cleanliness and maintenance of the facilities. A recurring emphasis on efficient and supportive staff indicates strong customer service ethos, particularly noting Tracey, Gill, and others for their proactive and friendly assistance. The company seems to excel in making the storage process straightforward and stress-free for first-time users, with staff readiness to address questions and provide guidance, which encourages recommendations from clients. The foresight to align move-in dates with customer schedules, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs, suggests that the company values customer experience over mere profit gathering. The four-star rating points to high, but not full satisfaction—reasons for not achieving the fifth star are not cited explicitly but might be linked to limited usage tenure or untested features of the service.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback primarily include the exceptional customer service provided by Big Yellow Self Storage Edinburgh. The staff, especially Tracey, Gill, and others, received accolades for their professionalism, helpful guidance, and friendly nature, contributing to a supportive and reassuring customer experience. The company's process of booking and moving in is praised for its simplicity and ease, which is particularly appreciated by those who are new to the concept of self-storage. Cleanliness and proper maintenance of the storage facilities is another highlight, reassuring clients about the care of their stored items. Customers also appreciate the flexibility and understanding exhibited by the company, such as coordinating move-in dates with delivery schedules and granting after-hours access when needed, adding a layer of convenience and personalization to the service.

Concerns and Threads

While the negatives are sparse and not overtly stated in the reviews, there is a mild undercurrent of reservation which can be inferred. One customer has withheld the highest rating, granting only four stars, suggesting that their excellent experience may still lack certain elements of satisfaction or might be pending further interaction with the service to fully assess its value. This implies there might be areas for Big Yellow Self Storage Edinburgh to further explore in customer engagement or service offerings. As there are no direct complaints or significant patterns of dissatisfaction from the provided reviews, the negatives remain speculative and are likely isolated rather than systemic concerns.

Frequently asked questions about Big Yellow Self Storage

What kind of assistance can I expect from staff at Big Yellow Self Storage Edinburgh?

You can expect highly professional, friendly, and helpful assistance from the staff at Big Yellow Self Storage Edinburgh. They are known to guide customers through the booking process, move-in steps, and answer queries regarding storage needs.

Can Big Yellow assist with moving items into the storage unit?

Yes, Big Yellow can recommend movers who can help move your items from your place to the storage unit for a reasonable price, as well as coordinate move-in times to suit your schedule.

Is it easy to change to a larger storage room at a later date if needed?

Yes, customers have reported that the staff at Big Yellow Self Storage Edinburgh are helpful in answering queries about upsizing to a larger storage room, implying a process that accommodates growth in storage needs.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Big Yellow Self Storage

Big Yellow Self Storage
Liz Menzies
a week ago
Never having used storage before , Tracey helped make the process easy, explained everything fully and clearly in a friendly and professional manner and guided me through the moving in process. Nothing seemed to be a bother and any queries about having to upsize to a larger storage room at a later date were answered fully. Liked the cleanliness and order of the storage area , which looked as though it was well maintained. Even after only 2 visits to Big Yellow at Bankhead, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it . It's 4 stars for now, but only because I've yet to really use the facility.
Big Yellow Self Storage
Jay Sarkar
2 months ago
Very easy to book and drop off stuff. I was helped by Gill on the day of the move. She was amazing. Big Yellow also recommended me movers who helped move stuff from my place to storage for a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend!
Big Yellow Self Storage
Graeme Blance
4 days ago
Staff were great, very efficient process from start to finish
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