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What do customers say about Berties Proper Fish & Chips?

As of Apr 28, 2024, 4572 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

Still overall food was good

super kind

totally impressed

absolutely delicious

tasty and hot

Wonderful crispy onion rings

definitely recommend to try

Good textures, the ketchup was surprising

exceeded all expectations

really satisfied

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April 28, 2024

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Berties Proper Fish & Chips's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Bertie’s Proper Fish & Chips is found to be positive based on the selection of reviews provided. Customers frequently commend the establishment for its welcoming atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff, and convenient location near Edinburgh Castle. Food quality appears to be generally praised, with particular mention of the flavorful and flaky haddock, the delicious steak pie, and a variety of starter options like the black pudding scotch egg and salt and pepper squid. The traditional fish and chips dish receives notable acclaim, although a few customers point out a preference for thinner batter. Furthermore, the availability of diverse menu options catering to different dietary preferences, such as meat and vegetarian dishes, contributes to the inclusive dining experience. The serving sizes are described as generous, which aligns with customer satisfaction regarding the value for money. However, recurring minor critiques such as the thickness of the breading on fish and the crispiness of chips do emerge in the feedback.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Bertie’s Proper Fish & Chips as revealed by customer feedback include impressive food quality and taste, particularly the haddock fish and chips, which are often described as delicious, flavorful, and flaky. The variety of the menu is appreciated, providing for meat, vegetarian, and fish lovers alike, and the generous portion sizes ensure customers leave feeling full and content. Service at Bertie’s is consistently characterized as welcoming, with staff described as friendly and attentive. The ambience of the restaurant is frequently acknowledged as cozy and inviting, contributing to a positive dining experience. Additionally, the establishment’s central location and its proximity to Edinburgh Castle make it a convenient choice for tourists and locals. The cleanliness of the restaurant and the promptness of the service further elevate the customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the feedback for Bertie’s Proper Fish & Chips is positive, a few negative aspects are identified in the customer reviews. Some patrons express a preference for cod over haddock, which suggests that offering a choice of fish might improve customer satisfaction. Criticisms are occasionally leveled at the texture of certain food items, with mentions of batter on the fish being too thick for personal tastes and the chips not being crispy enough. Regarding dessert options, the presentation of the deep fried Mars bar is cited as unappetizing by one reviewer, highlighting the importance of presentation in the overall dining experience. While these negative comments are relatively minor and infrequent compared to the positives, they do provide the establishment with specific areas for potential improvement.

Frequently asked questions about Berties Proper Fish & Chips

What types of fish does Bertie’s Proper Fish & Chips serve?

Bertie’s predominantly serves haddock for their fish and chips. It is stated that some customers may prefer cod, so it is advised to check the menu for current offerings or ask the staff for available options.

Outside of fish and chips, what other menu options are available?

Bertie’s offers a broad range of menu options, including meat dishes like steak pie, vegetarian choices, a variety of starters such as black pudding scotch egg and salt and pepper squid, and even unique desserts like the deep fried Mars bar.

Are the portion sizes at Bertie’s Proper Fish & Chips satisfactory?

Customer reviews consistently mention generous portion sizes that contribute to a satisfying meal experience. Traditional fish and chips, along with other dishes, are known to be hearty servings.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Berties Proper Fish & Chips

Berties Proper Fish & Chips
Jane and Kyle
5 days ago
This was the first fish and chips in the UK I’ve had. I usually eat fish and chips with cod but they had haddock and I wanted to try it out. It was pretty good but I think I’d prefer cod over haddock. Still overall food was good. My wife got a steak pie and it was very good. The servers are very friendly and also helpful when asking for their recommendation. Was pretty busy and had to only wait 10 min for a table of 3.
Berties Proper Fish & Chips
Kristian J
a month ago
I came here for lunch before visit Edinburgh Castle. The place is huge and very welcoming and the staff was super kind. I tried as starter the black pudding scotch egg which was delicious, also the salt and pepper squid. Then I chose the battered haddock as main dish. The fish itself was good but personally I found the crust a bit too thick, but anyway I enjoyed it. I appreciated also that for those people who don’t want to eat fish there are also meat and vegetarian options.
Berties Proper Fish & Chips
Tuba Aisha
3 months ago
Eating fish and chips was the first thug on my to-do list when I visited Edinburgh this time! At first I was a bit skeptical of Bertie’s because fancy looking fish and chip places don’t always end up being the best. However I was totally impressed with Bertie’s Fish and Chips!! I ordered the traditional fish and chips and it was delicious to say the list. The haddock was so flavourful and flaky, the tartar sauce was yummy and the chips were also good. We ordered a side of onion rings but couldn’t finish the whole thing because the fish and chips is a hefty serving! The staff was all sweet, welcoming and polite. It wasn’t too crowded either and we found a place to sit right away. Will definitely be coming again.
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