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Swimhappy Pool Service & Repair Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 23, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Swimhappy Pool Service & Repair?

SwimHappy Pool Service & Repair generally seems to uphold a robust reputation for delivering consistent and quality service. Majority of customers compliment the company on their reliability, communicating arrival times and work details. Clients note the efficiency of service tasks such as pool and spa replastering, tile work, and pool resurfacing, often emphasizing the timeliness, fair pricing, and the attractiveness of the finished work. Kellen, a primary contact mentioned by multiple reviewers, is commended for responsiveness and professionalism. On the downside, there are concerns about the decline in service quality, with issues ranging from inadequate cleaning to poor handling of algae problems and a perceived lack of skilled technicians. Such discrepancies suggest potential shortcomings in employee training or resource allocation, implying that while the company largely succeeds in its service offerings, there is a noteworthy segment of customer experience that requires attention and improvement.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects highlighted by customers of SwimHappy Pool Service & Repair include their consistent reliability and timely communication, as customers express satisfaction with the weekly notifications regarding service timing and activities. The level of professionalism is regularly praised, specifically noting team member Kellen's role in ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers are delighted with the outcomes of significant works like pool replastering and repair, describing the results as beautiful and commending the company for its adherence to deadlines and lack of surprises during the process. Additionally, positive reactions to the company's ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues, ensuring equipment is working correctly, and providing an immaculate swimming environment collectively bolster SwimHappy's image as a competent and efficient service provider.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the commendation for various aspects of SwimHappy's services, there are critical feedback points that cannot be overlooked. Some customers report deterioration in the quality of the routine maintenance service, where technical staff have neglected thorough pool cleaning and have demonstrated a lack of basic pool maintenance knowledge. Instances of insufficient vacuuming, skimmer basket issues, and unresolved algae growth contribute to concerns about the technicians' skill level and attention to detail. These lapses in service quality hint at operational challenges like overextension of resources or a decline in training standards, which appear to have negatively impacted some customer experiences and led to consideration of switching to alternative service providers.

Frequently asked questions about Swimhappy Pool Service & Repair

How responsive is SwimHappy Pool Service & Repair to urgent maintenance needs?

SwimHappy is typically very responsive to maintenance needs, with customers lauding their effort to keep pools clean and rectify issues swiftly. However, there may be exceptions depending on the complexity of the issue or resource availability.

Does SwimHappy Pool Service & Repair offer comprehensive services for pool resurfacing and repair?

Yes, customers report high satisfaction with SwimHappy's pool resurfacing and repair services, citing timeliness, quality craftsmanship, and the company's ability to stick to promised deadlines without unexpected drawbacks.

Have there been any concerns about the level of skill among SwimHappy technicians?

Although many reviews praise the expertise of SwimHappy staff, some customers have raised concerns regarding the competence of technicians, especially when dealing with routine maintenance and algae treatment, which could indicate variability in staff experience.

What are customers saying about Swimhappy Pool Service & Repair

Swimhappy Pool Service & Repair
Kerri B
3 weeks ago
SwimHappy has been an excellent choice for pool service and repair. They communicate their arrival time every week, provide pool details weekly, and most importantly they always show up. Five stars for them in a current world of 3 star service (if you’re lucky).
Swimhappy Pool Service & Repair
Ejh Max
a week ago
Kellen and the whole team were fantastic. Fast, smart, fun and fair. Replastered my pool and spa and made it all beautiful. Great company!
Swimhappy Pool Service & Repair
Tony P
2 months ago
We had some loose tiles on our pool and I contacted swim Happy (who is also maintaining our pool) to remove and replace all the tile on our pool. They were timely, decently priced and did a fantastic job! I’m very pleased with their work.
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About Swimhappy Pool Service & Repair

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At SwimHappy, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to hard work, exceptional customer service, and delivering outstanding value in the world of swimming pool services and repairs. Our dedication to your satisfaction is evident in our free initial service for pool cleanup and filter cleaning, exclusively for new weekly service customers.Beyond routine maintenance, we offer a wide range of services, including equipment upgrades for pumps, filters, heaters, and automation systems, as well as advanced sanitation solutions like salt and oxidation systems. When it comes to transforming your pool, our expertise extends to remodels, which encompass re-tiling and resurfacing with mini pebble finishes.