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Published on
April 2, 2024
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April 2, 2024

What do customers think about We Fix Ugly Pools?

The reputation of We Fix Ugly Pools appears to be mixed based on the collection of customer reviews provided. A recurring positive theme is the company's ability to deliver quality workmanship and adhere to their warranty obligations, with multiple customers praising the expertise of the team and the final results of the pool services rendered. The company's communication platform, called dispatch, which notifies customers about service appointments, was also mentioned as a major plus. This indicates a systematic approach to customer service and project management. However, there is a significant vein of dissatisfaction related to project delays and poor communication. For some customers, projects have been significantly delayed beyond initial expectations, with difficulties in getting responses or updates from the company. Issues with the front desk's ability to provide helpful information have been cited, alongside a lack of transparency regarding scheduling and project progress.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for We Fix Ugly Pools is highlighted by their professional craftsmanship and reliable warranty service. Several customers have commended the in-house team's work, including thorough explanations of repair processes, effective remodeling, and maintenance services. Specific commendations refer to the skilled handling of technical issues such as repairing cracks, resurfacing, and equipment maintenance. Additionally, users have applauded the introduction of a communication tool, which enhances the customer experience by informing them of upcoming service visits. A sense of trust and family-like treatment has been reported, with some customers expressing gratitude towards the prompt completion of extensive projects amidst labor and material shortages.

Concerns and Threads

Detrimental aspects of We Fix Ugly Pools are predominantly found in the realm of customer service, particularly regarding communication and project timelines. Customers have reported pronounced delays, with some projects taking months longer than anticipated to complete. Such delays often occur without adequate updates or explanations from the company, resulting in frustration and uncertainty. Complaints include unreturned phone calls, miscommunication about the warranty coverage leading to dissatisfaction with the work longevity, and discrepancies between the promised and actual project duration. These negative experiences are severe enough that some customers recommend avoiding the company altogether, advising against signing contracts due to their personal adverse encounters.

Frequently asked questions about We Fix Ugly Pools

What types of pool services does We Fix Ugly Pools offer?

We Fix Ugly Pools offers a range of services including pool remodeling, general repairs and maintenance, swimming pool equipment maintenance, swimming pool crack repair, swimming pool resurfacing, and swimming pool water analysis.

How does the company handle project scheduling and communication with customers?

The company uses a communication platform called dispatch to inform customers about service appointments. However, some customers have reported issues with communication, including unreturned calls and lack of updates on project progress.

Does We Fix Ugly Pools stand behind their work with warranties?

Yes, We Fix Ugly Pools provides warranties on their work. Several customers have reported positive experiences with warranty service, highlighting the company's efforts to fix issues and stand behind their word. However, there have been instances where warranty coverage has been a point of contention.

What are customers saying about We Fix Ugly Pools

We Fix Ugly Pools
Kelly Webb
5 days ago
AVOID WARNING WARNING. DO NOT USE this pool contractor to remodel your pool. In my opinion they are incompentent. I gave them a LARGE deposit in MAY 2023 and we are now March 27 and my pool is half demolished, all the plaster removed and down to concrete and still not finished. The owner came out and did homework, but there have been 4 seperate crews come to "remove debris" and clean the pool because it has been so long, but then no work commences. I even have holes in my deck where they tore it up to repair a leak. See the photos for how they have left it unfinished. We have called six times in the last month and no return phone calls or no input to put us on "their schedule" I was told by a confident source that they had "signed up" over 100 pools to refurbish last year. I wonder how many were finished. My opinion would be to NOT sign any paperwork with this company. NOTE: THERE HAS BEEN NO Approvals presented, discussed or mentioned by your company for work to the outer shell. What are you talking about? Is your word good to complete the job?
We Fix Ugly Pools
Andrea muzzarelli
a month ago
We loved the expertise and knowledge Nikki had in designing and developing our new pool they are very professional and timely and we can’t wait to enjoy our new pool they are fixing the edge we had no idea was made out of the wrong material for our weather and area
We Fix Ugly Pools
James Deddo
7 months ago
Richard had come out by invitation for an estimate for a crack in my pool on the wall near the stairs. He spent an hour measuring and explaining the process and the steps if the crack was structural or just a shell crack. Talked with Brian Morris the owner who took the time to reiterate what and how things would be happening. I gladly signed a contract. During this process I met ( ALEXIS, DESTINEE, JOEL, LUIS, MINERVA, BIG MIKE). All of these workers are in house employees, no contractors lead the operation to empty my pool, tear out the old pebble tech, repair the crack, reinstall all new pebble tech and refilling of the pool, the clean up, the reset up, replace baskets, overflow flap, check all running parts, reset the chemicals, and the startup. This company has a greatest program called dispatch, it announces by e-mail and also by text who and when a technician will arrive to do the work. I never had such great communication with any other company as " WE FIX UGLY POOLS " HAD GIVEN ME. I truly Felt like I was being treated as family. Services: Remodeling, General repairs & maintenance, Swimming pool equipment maintenance, Swimming pool crack repair, Swimming pool resurfacing, Swimming pool water analysis, Swimming pool equipment repair
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Since its inception, WeFixUglyPools has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of homeowners. At We Fix Ugly Pools, we understand that being the #1 Pool Renovation & Repair Company is being time tested and providing a level of service and quality that is second to none in Arizona. When we say we have experience in building/renovating every type of outdoor space, we mean it! As the years continue to move forward, We Fix Ugly Pools will continue to strive to provide the very best experience!