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Sobell Leisure Centre Reviews Summary

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Published on
January 8, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Sobell Leisure Centre?

The Sobell Leisure Centre's reputation appears to be in a state of transition due to ongoing refurbishments. Customers report limitations on available activities and a sense of incompleteness in areas such as the soft play zone, which seems not to meet the expectations with its limited offerings. The center's staff receives mixed reviews—some customers describe them as friendly and professional, while others felt a lack of warmth or experienced inefficient service, particularly at the reception. Despite the renovations, which seem to have stemmed from flooding damage, there is anticipation and hope for improvement. Positive experiences in specific activities like trampolining and gymnastics are highlighted, along with appreciation for the center's atmosphere, cleanliness, and low prices.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for the Sobell Leisure Centre focuses on the friendly and professional nature of the staff, the clean environment, and the value for money. The gym facilities and the trampoline area are particularly praised, providing good memories and effective services like grippy socks and safety presentations. Taekwondo classes and supportive gymnastics instructors are mentioned as assets of the centre, contributing to a sense of community and engagement. The provision of separate spaces for younger children, a cafe, and seating areas also add to the center's attractions, catering to families looking for indoor activities on rainy days.

Concerns and Threads

Negative aspects in the customer feedback revolve around the impact of ongoing refurbishments, which create limitations and an atmosphere that some find unwelcoming. The soft play section is cited as sparse and insufficiently engaging, with one customer's child becoming bored swiftly. Accessibility issues are noted, with no lift available for strollers, potentially making the venue less accommodating for parents with young children. Other customers express discomfort with the cleanliness of the toilets and difficulties encountered due to organizational aspects like parking, navigation within the centre, and the clarity of announcements. The one-way system in the building also seems to pose challenges, particularly in terms of accessing bathroom facilities during activities.

Frequently asked questions about Sobell Leisure Centre

What age groups are the facilities at Sobell Leisure Centre suitable for?

The Sobell Leisure Centre caters to various age groups, offering a separate play area for under 5s and activities such as gymnastics and trampolining that appeal to school-aged children and teens. Family-friendly activities like taekwondo are also available.

Is the centre accessible for people with strollers or mobility issues?

Currently, due to refurbishments, the centre has reported accessibility issues, such as a lack of a lift, which can make it challenging for people with strollers or mobility issues to navigate between floors.

Are there any amenities available at Sobell Leisure Centre?

Yes, the centre offers a cafe and seating areas for relaxation and snacks. However, it's advised to be aware of possible cleanliness issues with the toilets and to consider that navigation inside the centre might be affected by current refurbishments.

What are customers saying about Sobell Leisure Centre

Sobell Leisure Centre
optimisticrealism x
2 months ago
It's under refurbishment so although open,lots closed and limitations as to what you can do, the reception staff are quite unwelcoming and butch, mainly one. The soft play is such a big space but has barely anything in it, it had a few soft building pads,a large entertaining connect four stand up unit and a tiny ball pit with lots of balls...and that's it..needless to say my child got bored after 20minutes, and we lasted 30 mins, don't know that I'd go back.
Sobell Leisure Centre
Matt B
a week ago
Staff are friendly and do their best but GLL/Better are killing this place. They've already successfully killed the ice rink... what next?
Sobell Leisure Centre
Niamh O Sullivan
5 months ago
Soft play - the centre is still very much bare bones from the flooding last year. Went today for the first time and truthfully they shouldnt be putting on scheduled play time. Its a room with gymnastic mats, a few soft shapes and balls. Also no lift to get the buggy up/downstairs. Someone helped me with the buggy going up and I was fine coming down but I only have 1 baby but othees may struggle. I look forward to visitng when its renovated.
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