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Fox Hollies Leisure Centre

Fox Hollies Leisure Centre Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Fox Hollies Leisure Centre?

Fox Hollies Leisure Centre exhibits a mixed reputation among its users, with several areas of customer experience drawing both acclaim and criticism. Positive sentiments frequently mention friendly staff, a variety of facilities, and an enjoyable environment for fitness activities, including swimming, gym, and group classes. Safety measures and cleanliness are also noted as strengths. Conversely, negative experiences seem to heavily revolve around poor customer service, perceived managerial indifference, inconsistent communication of terms and conditions, and facility maintenance issues, such as faulty equipment and cleanliness concerns in changing areas. The sporadic nature of service quality hints at potential management and operational inconsistencies, which can undermine the overall customer experience. These dichotomous viewpoints suggest that while there are commendable aspects to the Leisure Centre's offerings, the service delivery and facility upkeep may require attention and improvement.

Positive Feedback

Many customers of Fox Hollies Leisure Centre have shared favorable feedback about their experiences. The staff have been highlighted for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing positively to the overall customer experience. The variety and quality of facilities, including swimming pools, gym equipment, and other amenities, receive praise, indicating that the centre adequately caters to a broad range of fitness needs. Additionally, remarks about well-maintained facilities and adherence to safety measures signal the centre's commitment to providing a clean and secure environment. Interactive classes and lively atmospheres are described as engaging and enjoyable, fostering a vibrant exercise community that encourages regular use of the leisure centre.

Concerns and Threads

The Fox Hollies Leisure Centre has faced criticism that may affect its reputation negatively. A considerable number of patrons express dissatisfaction with customer service, particularly interactions with management and front desk staff, deemed unprofessional or slow. Issues such as poor communication of terms, especially concerning cancellation policies, and inadequate signposting have been frustrating for members. Further compounding these problems, complaints about unclean changing rooms, a limited number of functional showers during peak times, and persistent maintenance problems including malfunctioning gym equipment and internet connectivity issues on machines have been reported. These cumulative negative aspects reflect operational shortcomings that impact the customer experience detrimentally.

Frequently asked questions about Fox Hollies Leisure Centre

Does Fox Hollies Leisure Centre provide a range of fitness facilities?

Yes, the centre offers a variety of facilities for health and fitness including a gym, steam room, sauna, swimming pool, classes, and courts for squash, tennis, badminton, and basketball.

Are there any discounts available for Fox Hollies Leisure Centre memberships?

Discounted memberships may be available for individuals receiving government support or benefits. It is best to contact the centre directly to inquire about any current offers.

Can I easily cancel my Fox Hollies Leisure Centre membership if necessary?

The cancellation policy requires a one-month calendar notice, which must align with the day your direct debit payment is deducted. It's advisable to review the full terms and conditions or speak with centre staff for a clear understanding before initiating a cancellation.

What are customers saying about Fox Hollies Leisure Centre

Fox Hollies Leisure Centre
Le Luxe Occasions
2 months ago
Absolutely disgusting customer service from Shelly the manager. The leisure centre is in disgusting conditions with very limited amount of showers running as peak times. Long wait and queues to get a shower. Changing rooms are horrible. They don't communicate the terms and conditions effectively to you when joining. Their t&c communicated to me was 1 month calender notice however this isn't the case. Your one month notice has to fall in line with the day your direct debit payment is deducted. They don't pro rata the last payment to reflect the time in which you give notice of cancellation!!!
Fox Hollies Leisure Centre
Ali Husnyn
a year ago
One of the best leisure centre in town. Highly recommended. They just need to increase gym size. Swimming pool is best and staff is very friendly
Fox Hollies Leisure Centre
Caleb Neilson
5 months ago
Just experienced Fox Hollies Leisure Centre and it left a great impression! The attention to detail in facilities stood out - everything well-maintained. Nestled in a lively urban area, a convenient escape. The staff were super friendly, adding a personal touch to my workout session. Interactive classes were a surprise, making exercising enjoyable. Knowing they prioritize safety measures adds to the peace of mind. Highly recommend for fitness enthusiasts and those looking for a vibrant exercise hub.
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