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What do customers say about Hough End Leisure Centre?

As of Mar 29, 2024, 757 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 29, 2024
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March 29, 2024

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Hough End Leisure Centre's customer reviews analysis

An evaluation of Hough End Leisure Centre's reputation shows a mixed response from clientele, indicating inconsistency in customer experience. Positive remarks highlight the center's cleanliness in certain areas, functional amenities like hair dryers and swimsuit dryers, and a helpful staff, particularly in arranging swim classes and addressing special needs. However, recurring grievances are permeating the feedback with emphasis on the gym's state: mishandling and disorganization of equipment, cleanliness issues encompassing mold and dirt in the changing areas, lack of water fountain maintenance, and insufficient supervision at night. The overriding narrative suggests that while some patrons find the staff lovely and the facility satisfactory, there's a significant perception of neglect concerning cleanliness, organization, and customer service. This dichotomy between positive and negative reviews prompts an urgent call for management to address these concerns, as they considerably mar the center's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Amidst the diverse feedback, several positive highlights emerge from the customer reviews of Hough End Leisure Centre. Noteworthy commendations include the appreciated cleanliness of certain facilities and the presence of useful amenities like free hairdryers, warm showers, and a swimsuit dryer. The staff receives special mention for their helpful and compassionate service, particularly in accommodating special needs related to autism. Additionally, some patrons commend the organization of the swimming lanes and the general cleanliness and availability of good facilities for swimming. Furthermore, operational aspects like punctuality and assistance in arranging swimming classes are noted, painting a picture of a facility that, in specific instances, offers a supportive and well-run environment for its users.

Concerns and Threads

On the downside, customers voiced several critical issues plaguing Hough End Leisure Centre. The gym's condition is a focal point of dissatisfaction, with patrons decrying the lack of cleanliness, equipment left untidy and dangerous, and broken or outdated machines. Staff conduct also falls under scrutiny, with reports of rudeness and poor customer service tarnishing the experience. Notably, the cleanliness of the changing areas and poolside is repeatedly flagged for concerns over mold, hair, and dirt accumulations. These issues are compounded by reports of management's failure to adequately address complaints and maintain expected standards. Mismanagement of equipment and the safety hazards posed by unmonitored gym use, especially at night, further threaten the reputation of the center and member safety.

Frequently asked questions about Hough End Leisure Centre

Are the facilities at Hough End Leisure Centre suitable for individuals with special needs?

Some reviewers have praised the staff for being particularly supportive and accommodating of individuals with special needs, such as autism.

Does the gym at Hough End Leisure Centre have an issue with equipment management?

Yes, a number of users have reported disorganized and mishandled gym equipment, which includes weights being left unracked, posing potential safety hazards.

How are the cleanliness standards at the Hough End Leisure Centre?

While some areas are noted to be clean, there is significant customer feedback highlighting serious cleanliness issues within the gym and changing areas, including the presence of mold, hair, and dirt.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hough End Leisure Centre

Hough End Leisure Centre
Amber Millington
2 days ago
A nice 2 little pools. No slides or anything. The smaller pool was closed on arrival but opened just before our time slot finished. The pool was a bit cold getting in & took about 15 minutes for me to warm up. They have hairdryers, nice warm showers & swimsuit dryer available for free use. Only reason I give it 4 starts is that neither males or females should be forced to share changing/showering facilities.
Hough End Leisure Centre
Omar Siddiqi
a month ago
Hough End Leisure Centre has lovely staff and runs like clockwork! The place is clean, which is great and they have plenty of showers in the changing rooms. I can only speak about the swimming area as I didn't visit the other facilities available. The only thing letting it down, in my eyes, is the parking situation. Hopefully, this is a temporary bugbear. The drying machine is now up and working again, which is great for swimming suits.
Hough End Leisure Centre
Marco Di Bari
10 months ago
WHAT A SHAME! The gym, have several issues that are compromising the cleanliness and safety of the facility. Firstly, the gym has not been presented in a clean condition from the moment that you set your foot in at 5.30am. Despite being a place where people come to improve their health and well-being, the gym is frequently untidy and poorly maintained. There are often misplaced gym equipment and trash not properly disposed of. This not only creates an unpleasant environment for members but also poses health and safety risks. Furthermore, at opening time you will have to deal with many heavy weights ( especially barbells and dumbells) left unracked, loose, and fully loaded, creating hazards throughout the gym. There is no excuse, this negligence poses a significant risk of accidents and injuries to gym users and is ridiculous that no one from the closing/opening shift can't get bother to look after this important matter. It is the responsibility of the gym staff to ensure that all gym equipment is properly organized and stored to prevent any potential harm to members but unfortunately no one seems to take this issue seriously, even after several complains. It is unacceptable for a facility that promotes fitness and wellness to neglect basic cleanliness and safety protocols. In addition to the health and safety concerns, there is the disappointed for the recent fee increase . The decline in service quality, as evident by the lack of cleanliness and safety measures, does not justify the increase in fees.
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Hough End Leisure Centre has a 25m six lane swimming pool and a learner pool, 90 station gym, two squash courts, a sauna and steam room and a Community Room/Dance studio. Each week we teach hundreds of children to swim in the Better Swim School. This facility is part of a unique collection of community and elite facilities governed by MCRactive, a not for profit organisation established and overseen by Manchester City Council. It is operated by Better under the MCRactive brand.