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What do customers say about East Manchester Leisure Centre?

As of Feb 26, 2024, 607 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 26, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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East Manchester Leisure Centre's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the overall reputation of East Manchester Leisure Centre from the provided reviews presents a picture of a facility with both commendable strengths and notable weaknesses. Positive remarks frequently mention the cleanliness of the pool and changing rooms as well as the friendly and helpful staff. The swimming pool is lauded for being conducive to fitness activities, often described as 'lovely' and 'mostly quiet,' which contributes to a good swimming experience. The centre also seems to cater well to children's activities, including birthday parties and swimming lessons, enhancing its family-friendly image. However, concerns are raised regarding the size and variety of equipment in the gym, and customer service issues such as slow or non-responsive complaint resolution, particularly in the case involving alleged discrimination. Additionally, operational inefficiencies, like non-functional showers and a lack of swimsuit dryers, have led to customer dissatisfaction. Some users experience challenges in the swimming lesson program, indicating potential issues with their structure or management. The combination of these factors creates a diverse user experience that ranges from highly positive to significantly negative.

Positive Feedback

Frequent praise in customer feedback for East Manchester Leisure Centre revolves around the facility's cleanliness, particularly the pool and changing rooms, and the affable nature of the staff. The swimming pool earns accolades for providing a quiet and pleasurable environment, which is beneficial for both recreational swimming and fitness-oriented activities. The staff's professionalism and engagement are highlighted, recognizing their salient role in positive customer experiences. Especially noteworthy is their contribution to the positive first experiences of children beginning swimming lessons, which can be instrumental in nurturing a long-term interest. The facility is also commended for its family-oriented services, like hosting birthday parties, further entrenching its position as a local hub for community and family activities.

Concerns and Threads

In stark contrast to the affirmative aspects, East Manchester Leisure Centre faces critical reviews relating to issues such as the limited variety of gym equipment and operational shortcomings. Customers express dissatisfaction with the size of the gym and the range of machines available. Furthermore, the swimming lesson program has drawn criticism for its perceived lack of progress monitoring and inconsistent teaching quality, which can be disheartening and confusing for both children and parents. Serious allegations such as discrimination and poor email response times reflect customer service deficiencies. Additionally, practical inconveniences like the absence of swimsuit dryers and insufficiently warm showers, especially in the colder months, significantly detract from the centre's otherwise favorable standing.

Frequently asked questions about East Manchester Leisure Centre

Is East Manchester Leisure Centre suitable for children's swimming lessons and parties?

Yes, the centre offers swimming lessons for children and is equipped to host birthday parties that involve inflatable obstacle courses, making it a family-friendly venue.

Are there issues I should be aware of before joining the gym at East Manchester Leisure Centre?

Some users have noted that the gym is small and offers a limited choice of machines, although it is suitable for basic training with free weights.

How does East Manchester Leisure Centre handle customer complaints and feedback?

Despite instances of delayed email responses and unresolved issues noted in the feedback, many reviews mention friendly and helpful staff. Prospective customers should approach customer service with patience and persistence.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for East Manchester Leisure Centre

East Manchester Leisure Centre
Olga Onuf
3 months ago
Great pool for any age. Good changing rooms, clean showers. The gym is small, unfortunately, the choice of machines leaves much to be desired, but basic training with free weights you can still do it here. Every weekend I see children's birthday parties here with inflatable obstacle courses.
East Manchester Leisure Centre
Tom W
5 months ago
I have been attending this pool regularly for swim fitness. It's a lovely pool and mostly quiet with minimal congestion on the lanes. The changing rooms have ample space and are kept clean, the staff are friendly and helpful. I really enjoy my swims here and it's definitely improving my fitness
East Manchester Leisure Centre
Barry Kirby
a week ago
Great place and great staff so friendly been twice both times for a swim,excellent facilities
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About East Manchester Leisure Centre

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East Manchester Leisure Centre is a state-of-the-art facility with a superb gym, fitness class studio and two swimming pools. Located in Beswick, close to the Etihad football stadium, we have a range of affordable memberships available for everyone. Gym membership starts at just £22.50 a month, with no contract and you can sign up online via our website today with no hassle. The Better Swim School in our facility teaches around 1500 children to learn to swim every week. We are also home to the City of Manchester Water Polo Team, Manchester Sharks LGBTQ Polo Team and are used as the main training facility for the GB National Water Polo Squad.