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Ainslie Park Leisure Centre Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 7, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ainslie Park Leisure Centre?

An analysis of customer reviews for Ainslie Park Leisure Centre reveals a mixed but overall positive company reputation. Customers praise the extensive facilities, including a gym with a wide array of machines, a swimming pool, sauna, and steam room. They appreciate the cleanliness of the facilities and the friendly, helpful staff. Moreover, the family-friendly atmosphere and weekly passes at reasonable prices are highlights contributing to positive experiences. However, there are concerns regarding the age demographic of the clientele during certain hours, affecting the atmosphere and leading to a perception of the center as a 'social club' for younger age groups. Furthermore, there have been negative remarks about the cleanliness of the changing rooms and an observed decline in the customer service experience over time, with issues such as lack of space for free weights exercises and overcrowding at peak times. This suggests that while the center is well-received for its amenities and staff, operational and maintenance aspects require attention.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects highlighted by customers of Ainslie Park Leisure Centre include the extensive and well-equipped facilities that cater to various exercise preferences, from swimming to fitness classes. Customers are particularly satisfied with the clean and modern environment, which adds to the comfort and enjoyment of their visits. The gym's vast selection of equipment garners appreciation, preventing the feeling of overcrowding and waiting times for machines. Family friendliness and a welcoming atmosphere are frequently mentioned, creating an inclusive environment for all age groups. Staff are commended for their dedication to customer service and continual efforts to maintain a clean, advisably run center. Moreover, the availability of weekly passes for unlimited access is seen as economically advantageous, particularly for visitors.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive feedback, Ainslie Park Leisure Centre faces critical reviews concerning certain aspects of its operations. Cleanliness of the pool changing rooms has been noted as a significant issue with calls for better maintenance to match the standards of other Edinburgh Leisure venues. The customer service experience has seen a decline, with patrons reporting issues such as inadequate space for conducting safe free weights exercises, leading to discomfort and safety concerns. Complaints about the pool temperature being unpleasantly cold and overcrowding during peak hours have surfaced, with certain customers feeling it detracts from their experience. Additionally, the high presence of younger patrons at certain times is causing a shift in the center's atmosphere, making it feel more like a 'social club' and potentially deterring those seeking a more mature environment.

Frequently asked questions about Ainslie Park Leisure Centre

What facilities does Ainslie Park Leisure Centre offer?

Ainslie Park Leisure Centre boasts a range of facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, and a well-equipped gym with a wide variety of machines. It also offers fitness and sport classes, catering to diverse exercise needs.

Are there any concerns about the age demographic of the clientele?

Some reviews indicate that during certain times, particularly after school hours, the leisure center can attract a younger demographic, which can influence the atmosphere to feel more like a 'social club'. This may be a concern for those preferring a quieter or more adult environment.

Has the cleanliness of the center been an issue in customer reviews?

Yes, there have been specific complaints about the lack of cleanliness in the pool changing rooms. Customers suggest that the level of cleanliness does not meet the expected standards and that management should address the cleanliness more effectively.

What are customers saying about Ainslie Park Leisure Centre

Ainslie Park Leisure Centre
Michal Trzezwinski
2 weeks ago
Great place that offers multiple ways to exercise from swimming pool, sauna, gym to any fitness or sport classes. Family atmosphere,cleanlines and very helpful staff will make sure that You will come back after first visit. 13/10
Ainslie Park Leisure Centre
Oor Wullie
6 months ago
Gyms big and lots of machines probably one of the biggest collections, the pools great and they have a fantastic steam room and sauna combo, modern clean and well looked after. Staff are friendly and can always see someone cleaning or giving advise (team are on the ball). Only reason this isn’t a 5* review is the age of sometimes the majorly of the people there can be between 13-18yr old, this can sometimes give the place a “social club” feel with all the young team acting like kids in a place that’s for acting like an adult. Was a little shocked to hear staff say council let under 16s without being supervised by an adult asking as they complete a “introduction to lifting”, seems like an insurance thing but this is what leads to young team vibe.
Ainslie Park Leisure Centre
Heather Goodwin
2 months ago
I have no problem with Ainslie Park swimming pool. My review is concerning the lack of cleanliness in the pool changing rooms. They have to be the “ filthiest “ throughout Edinburgh Leisure venues. As a thrice a week user of three different EL pools I find Ainslie Park is a disgrace with no proper, or even surface, cleaning carried out from one week to the next. The most I have ever seen is a person slowly moving a rubber brush across small areas of floor tiles. The management are certainly not doing the job they are supposed to be doing and as a result this part of the Leisure Centre is being badly let down.
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