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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Skechers?

Skechers' company reputation appears generally favorable based on recent customer reviews, particularly in regards to their customer service. Customers praise the professionalism, prompt assistance, and friendly demeanor of sales personnel, notably mentioning their readiness to accommodate customers with urgent needs or large shoe sizes. The range of discounts offered and the variety of styles and colors available at Skechers also contribute positively to the customer experience. However, the company does face criticism for inventory issues, such as the lack of certain sizes or styles in physical stores. Some customers express dissatisfaction with the in-store inventory not meeting their expectations and with staff members not offering solutions. Additionally, there is an instance of incorrect shoe fitting for children, which negatively impacts customer trust and indicates a potential area for improvement in staff training or measuring accuracy.

Positive Feedback

Customers are very appreciative of the positive attributes of Skechers, emphasizing the quality of customer service experienced in-store. Sales staff receive commendation for their courteous, professional, and efficient service, particularly those who went out of their way to accommodate urgent needs. The welcoming atmosphere created by staff and diverse product range, including colors, styles, and fit, contribute to the enjoyable shopping experience. Discounts and promotions, such as 20% off, represent another significant appeal for customers, enhancing the value for money. Furthermore, Skechers is noted for having comfortable shoes, and stores are described as being conveniently located and pet-friendly, which adds to the overall comfort and accessibility for visits.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the preponderance of positive feedback, Skechers does have its share of criticisms that tarnish its overall customer experience. Inventory constraints leave some customers without their desired products, leading to frustration and the need to find alternatives online or elsewhere. In at least one reported instance, a lack of proactive customer service in addressing stock issues has resulted in a dissatisfied customer. Moreover, there is concern regarding the accuracy of children's shoe sizing in-store, where incorrect measurements have led to purchases that were not suitable, causing inconvenience and instilling doubt about the reliability of in-store services. Skechers might benefit from addressing these concerns to mitigate any negative impact on their reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Skechers

Does Skechers offer a wide range of sizes, including larger shoe sizes?

Skechers does offer a range of shoe sizes, including larger ones. However, availability may vary depending on the store and stock levels. Customers seeking uncommon sizes could benefit from contacting the store beforehand to confirm availability or explore online ordering if their size is not available in-store.

Are there any discounts or promotions currently available at Skechers stores?

Skechers occasionally offers promotions and discounts, such as 20% off on women's and men's shoes and boots. Customers should check the official website or subscribe to the newsletter for the latest deals or inquire in-store for current promotions.

Is the staff at Skechers knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to fitting shoes properly?

Many customer reviews praise the knowledgeable and helpful staff at Skechers, particularly for adult shoe fittings. However, there have been instances where customers experienced inaccurate sizing for children's shoes. It may be prudent for customers to verify the fit themselves or seek a second opinion when purchasing children's footwear.

What are customers saying about Skechers

Sheila Ferguson
3 weeks ago
We had an urgent visit to Sketchers, Princes Street Edinburgh yesterday afternoon as my husband quickly needed to replace his footwear that was causing him huge discomfort. We had a superb service from Salesperson 823213, she dealt with us professionally and quickly had the small stock they had in size 13 shoes brought from the stockroom for him to try. Success, she saved our day! Thank you
samantha lidster
3 days ago
I got a lovely pair of shoes from Skechers , and so did my son . He got a nice pair of boots . They have 20% off women's and men's shoes and boots . I would recommend them.
Roland Spiers
3 weeks ago
I thought - no I will not use Amazon I will go to a store and buy a pair of Sketches - I knew the style I wanted. So a trip to Edinburgh - parking - tram and then to the shop. Now the fact they did not have what I wanted in stock did not annoy me - I appreciate space is tight - but what was unforgivable was they did not even offer to get into stock - I said I was disappointed - the response was intelligable ' well we 'day-na' mak the shine' .( well I think that is what was said) Ordered the shoes on line from Amazon on the tram back to my car - to be delivered tomorrow. Hope you have better luck.
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