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Published on
March 15, 2024
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March 15, 2024

What do customers think about Silverton Mortgage?

Analysis of the customer reviews for Silverton Mortgage indicates a prevailing reputation for excellent customer service and a seamless loan acquisition experience, sustained by a client-centric approach and professional diligence. Personalized guidance, particularly for first-time homebuyers, stands out as a recurrent theme, where loan officers like Lydia and Gareth are commended for their mentoring roles. Proactive communication appears to be a hallmark service feature, with various reviews applauding the prompt responses from mortgage specialists like Damon Kindred, Tricia, and Bill. Clients praise the thoroughness, patience, and knowledge of team members, contributing to expeditious and smooth closings, often ahead of schedule or within ambitious time frames demonstrated by David's 25-day closing. Despite the overall positive experience, there is a mention of initially slow communication, which was later clarified as diligent behind-the-scenes work.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects highlighted by Silverton Mortgage customers include a high degree of personalized care, with loan officers often guiding them through the entire mortgage process. Several reviewers highlighted this strong mentorship angle as particularly beneficial for first-time homebuyers. Client service is also characterized by prompt and effective communication, which creates a sense of being in good hands and builds trust in the company's professionalism. The ability to close on mortgage loans swiftly and with terms better than competitors receives notable praise. Team members like Lydia, Gareth, Jennifer, Tricia, Michele, Amy, Lori, Carrie, Rosalyn, Bill, David, and Josh Hoffmeister are individually recognized for their excellent service, responsiveness, and ability to build a comfortable rapport with clients.

Concerns and Threads

While overwhelmingly positive, the reviews for Silverton Mortgage do reveal a limited range of negative experiences. One customer reported a slow start in communications, which may point to an area where expectations of immediate responses are not always immediately met, potentially causing initial concern for the client. This incident, however, was later attributed to the background work being done, indicating that clearer upfront communication about processes might mitigate such concerns. No other specific negative aspects are cited, suggesting that the company largely exceeds customer expectations and any isolated issues are quickly resolved.

Frequently asked questions about Silverton Mortgage

Can Silverton Mortgage provide assistance to first-time homebuyers?

Yes, Silverton Mortgage is known for offering personalized guidance and support to first-time home buyers throughout the mortgage process, ensuring they understand each step and feel comfortable with the terms.

How responsive is the service team at Silverton Mortgage?

Silverton Mortgage's service team is frequently commended for their promptness in replying to clients and professional communication, providing a reliable source of information and support for customers.

Is it common for Silverton Mortgage to complete the home buying process quicker than the typical timeline?

Based on customer feedback, Silverton Mortgage is capable of expediting the home buying process, with some users reporting successful closings in notably short time frames, such as 25 days.

What are customers saying about Silverton Mortgage

Silverton Mortgage
Ashish Bhatawadekar
a month ago
This was our first experience of building home & mortgage process and Lydia guided us through the entire process like an excellent mentor. She proactively approached us from time to time to check if we have any questions or need any assistance or guidance. She has been very helpful. We have no hesitation in recommending her to our friends. Our overall experience was awesome. Thanks to Lydia.
Silverton Mortgage
Sam Greene
2 months ago
Gareth, and his team, made the loan process pleasant and seamless. They worked diligently through the holidays to get us to closing ahead of schedule and we appreciate their courtesy, professionalism, and diligence so much. The rate and terms were so much better than expected and one other mortgage lender said they could not compete. My wife and I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a home mortgage!
Silverton Mortgage
Delphine Burks
2 months ago
Damon Kindred did not treat me like a stranger in the house-buying process, he made me feel like family. He also kept me informed about the entire procedure to receive keys to my new home. He promptly called me back when I was unable to reach him and responded to all emails immediately. I would recommend Damon to anyone because of his professionalism in mortgage loans. (picture of myself and realtor). 🙂
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