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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Revolut?

The reviews of Revolut present a mixed picture of the company, hinting towards a generally positive reception among its customer base with some sprinkled instances of dissatisfaction. Customers laud the ease of use and usefulness of Revolut's services, including the speedy transfers, advantageous exchange rates, and the variety of options available with different account levels like free, premium, and metal tier services. The app's functionality in managing finances and facilitating international travel expenses receives particular acclaim, suggesting that Revolut has effectively leveraged technology to enhance user experience. However, a recurring theme seems to be the challenges associated with customer support and understanding the app’s full potential. Some customers have faced problems such as delays in receiving their bank card and inadequate assistance from customer service, leading to a sense of mistrust and frustration. Additionally, there's an apparent gap in the needs of customers with multiple under 18’s accounts, creating inconvenience for users with larger families.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Revolut centers around its user-friendly platform and the array of financial services aimed at simplifying customer experience. The app’s capacity for speedy financial transfers and providing good rates of exchange without hidden fees contributes to user satisfaction, reflecting a transparent and customer-centric approach. The company is celebrated for its multi-currency capabilities, which customers find extremely beneficial, particularly during international travel. The inclusion of value-added services like travel insurance with certain account tiers further heightens customer appreciation. Reviews often highlight the seamless onboarding process and ease of use, indicating that Revolut's digital-first strategy resonates with clients needing an accessible and efficient banking alternative.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, Revolut’s customer experience is tarnished by notable issues linked to customer service and account management complexities. Customers report frustrations with 'slow' or 'inappropriate' services and unresponsive or unhelpful support, particularly in times of urgency such as delays in card delivery against charged fees. Problems with updating personal details and the lack of clear support structures have also surfaced. This culminates in some customers losing trust in Revolut, leading to negative recommendations and warnings against its use. The added cost of managing multiple under 18’s accounts is a specific pain point that removes the potential for family-wide convenience and budget efficiency. These negatives suggest a gap in Revolut's offerings, particularly in more nuanced customer needs and aftercare support services.

Frequently asked questions about Revolut

Can I manage multiple under 18’s accounts on my Revolut app?

While you can manage multiple under 18’s accounts using Revolut, there is a monthly fee for this service if you require more than one such account. Depending on your plan, this could incur a cost of £3.99 or more each month.

Is customer support readily available if I encounter issues with my Revolut account?

Revolut does offer customer support, including a Live Chat option. However, reviews indicate that some users have experienced difficulties with responsiveness and receiving helpful support, which can vary based on individual circumstances.

Does Revolut provide benefits for international travel?

Yes, Revolut offers various features beneficial for international travelers, including good exchange rates and multi-currency accounts. Premium accounts also offer additional perks such as travel insurance, adding to its attractiveness for users who travel frequently.

What are customers saying about Revolut

Caroline Griffin
a week ago
Haven’t got any thing bad to say about the whole thing. If you only need the free stuff offered then it’s totally worth it 👍🏻👍🏻 Works great and so easy to use! Only thing I wish is I didn’t have to pay £3.99+ a month to be able to have more than 1 under 18’s account for my kids - I have 3 kids so will have to go elsewhere but it would be so much easier to see all the accounts in one place on the Revolut app like I do now!
Helen Lock
a month ago
Love Revolut. Everything upfront enables you to make decisions on your financial choices. Speedy transfers. Good rates of exchange. Lots of extras if you want them too. Haven’t had any issues/problems so not tested customer services.
Mohamed Jalal
a week ago
Inappropriate application and its services are slow. I asked for my bank card and it has not received it yet. I did not know the reason for the malfunction. Then I corresponded with one of the customer service and he did not answer me with anything useful at all. So I made the account and am still waiting for the card. Knowing that they took 4.99 pounds from me to deliver the card, I have not received the ATM card yet.
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