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Published on
March 20, 2024
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March 20, 2024

What do customers think about Reunion Tower?

Reunion Tower offers a unique vantage point to view the Dallas skyline, with most reviewers having a positive experience. Customers appreciate the 360-degree views, the speed of the elevator, and the availability of parking, albeit for a fee of $10. The frequent mention of cleanliness, safety, and the provision of amenities such as restrooms and a gift shop contribute to the tower's overall positive reputation. Although most feedback is enthusiastic, pointing to the extraordinary views and the chance to capture skyline photos, negative points do surface. These complaints include unpleasant odors within the facility, reflections caused by internal lighting hindering night views, and occasional staff rudeness – factors that arguably detract from the overall experience. This mixed feedback indicates a strong appeal for Reunion Tower, balanced with areas for improvement, particularly in customer service and facility management.

Positive Feedback

Reunion Tower is consistently praised for its breathtaking panoramic views of Dallas, which serve as a significant draw for visitors. The convenience of parking, despite the cost, is regularly highlighted as a positive feature, alongside the efficiency of the ticketing process and the quick ascent provided by the elevators. The tower's amenities, including a gift shop, the provision of binoculars, and interactive educational displays, enhance the visitor experience. Personalized encounters with knowledgeable staff like Jayme contribute to exceptional visits, leaving a lasting positive impression. These attributes support Reunion Tower's status as a must-visit Dallas landmark, recommended by customers for its memorable views and facilities.

Concerns and Threads

Despite its overall positive image, Reunion Tower encounters criticism in some areas. Visitors have noted an unpleasant smell that is speculated to be due to plumbing issues, which appears to be unaddressed by staff. The experience at the observation deck is occasionally marred by the internal lighting at night, impairing the clarity of the view. Additionally, reports of staff rudeness, particularly towards non-local guests, cast a shadow over the service quality. These reported negatives, while not universal, highlight areas where Reunion Tower could focus on improving guest experience and maintaining its reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Reunion Tower

Is there a parking fee at Reunion Tower, and how much is it?

Yes, there is a parking fee at Reunion Tower. It costs $10 for parking, which provides ample space and convenience for visitors.

Can tickets for Reunion Tower be purchased in advance, and are timed reservations required?

Tickets for Reunion Tower can be purchased in advance, and visitors are encouraged to make timed reservations online to minimize wait times upon arrival.

Does Reunion Tower have amenities for visitors?

Yes, Reunion Tower is equipped with various amenities, including a gift shop, restrooms, interactive educational displays, and binoculars for an enhanced viewing experience.

What are customers saying about Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower
Colin Bosler
a week ago
Checked out this attraction on a Friday morning and it was really neat! There's plenty of parking ($10 cost), and then you make your way into the lobby of the attached hotel and eventually to the check-in area for the tower. You can buy tickets there, but most had pre-purchased and the line moved quickly. The elevator takes you up 50 stories to the observation area and if you wish, you can go outside. The 360 degree view of Dallas and the surrounding area is breathtaking! It's very safe and you can use the binoculars if you wish. There's a gift store, sitting area, some vending machines and bathrooms. Well worth the visit!
Reunion Tower
4 days ago
My Daughter and I took a road trip Monday from San Antonio to see the Reunion Tower and other Dallas sites! The view from the top was spectacular! The view of the ground had more clarity than the views from the Strat in Las Vegas. The Reunion Tower and surroundings are beautiful! I managed to zoom out in and out with my cell phone so the protective grid wouldn't show in my a few of my shots. I was particularly happy to see the amazing sunset! We made our timed reservations online a week before our visit, and only had to wait 2 minutes to get in. There is plenty of parking for 10 dollars. There are restrooms. If you want souvenirs of the flattened pennies featuring the Tower and other items, be sure to visit with extra quarters and pennies in case the change machine isn't working. We would definitely love to visit again!
Reunion Tower
a month ago
We had visited several observatories and this one was probably the least impressive. Bright, colorful lights inside the observation deck reflected on the glass, making it challenging to view the skyline at night. This significantly impacted our ability to enjoy the observatory. I don't understand why such lights are required inside an observation deck when the main objective is to view the city. I think the experience would be a lot better during the daytime when there won’t be any internal lighting. The only thing we liked here was the display showcasing a documentary on JFK's assassination and the option to view the skyline from multiple live cameras. Unfortunately these couldn't compensate for the disappointing experience we had because of the excessive internal lighting that obstructed the view of the city at night.
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Landmark observation deck featuring light shows, 360-degree city views & a gift shop.