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What do customers say about Quality Cleaning Services?

As of May 01, 2024, 57 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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May 1, 2024
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May 1, 2024

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Quality Cleaning Services's customer reviews analysis

Quality Cleaning Services Edinburgh Ltd appears to be held in high regard among its clientele, particularly for their end of tenancy cleaning services. The company's strengths lie in effective communication, professionalism, and the ability to deliver high-quality cleaning results, often exceeding original customer expectations. Recurring themes in the reviews include appreciation for the thoroughness of the cleanings, punctuality, and friendliness of the staff. Additionally, customers highlight the company's responsiveness and adaptability to meet specific cleaning needs, further contributing to a positive reputation. Such consistent feedback suggests that Quality Cleaning Services Edinburgh Ltd maintains a strong customer service ethos and has established a robust trust with clients who routinely recommend the company to others.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Quality Cleaning Services Edinburgh Ltd emphasizes the company's exceptional communication skills and customer service. Customers consistently mention successful interactions with the company, citing the ease of booking and responsive nature of the staff. The cleaning quality itself is frequently described as thorough and professional, often leaving properties in a better condition than the initial state. Praise for attention to detail, including additional services such as carpet and window cleaning, illustrate the company's commitment to comprehensive service. Clients also appreciate the efficiency and convenience provided by the company during stressful times such as moving, with several testimonials highlighting the role of the cleaning services in ensuring the return of deposits from letting agencies.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided do not directly cite negative feedback, it is essential in a balanced evaluation to consider the potential for drawbacks. Since the information is limited to positive reviews, readers should be mindful that such assessments may not encompass all experiences with Quality Cleaning Services Edinburgh Ltd. The absence of criticism could be a testament to the company's service quality, but clients should verify the consistency of this positive feedback from a variety of sources to ensure a fully informed decision.

Frequently asked questions about Quality Cleaning Services

What services do Quality Cleaning Services Edinburgh Ltd specialize in?

Quality Cleaning Services Edinburgh Ltd specializes in end of tenancy cleaning, deep cleans, moving-related cleaning, and offers additional services such as interior & exterior window cleaning, general carpet cleaning, and oven cleaning.

How does the company handle urgent cleaning requests?

The company has shown responsiveness to short-notice cleaning requests, as evidenced by customer testimonials. They have been able to schedule next-day services and communicate effectively to accommodate urgent needs.

Is Quality Cleaning Services Edinburgh Ltd a trustworthy and reliable cleaning service?

Based on customer reviews, the company is considered very professional, reliable, and trustworthy, often being recommended for their high standards and ability to deliver excellent cleaning results.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Quality Cleaning Services

Quality Cleaning Services
Maria Flores
4 months ago
I booked Karon and her team for an end of tenancy cleaning, and I’m so glad I did! Communication was great from my initial inquiry to the very last minute ask to shampoo more carpets. All very professional and price was competitive, and the flat is looking better than when we moved in! I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you!
Quality Cleaning Services
7 months ago
I booked Karon and her team for an end of tenancy clean. Everything about the process was easy and professional - the company were very responsive over email, were very clear about what to expect. On the day the cleaners did a fantastic job and took so much pressure off us in the moving process - there was no way we could have done as good a job ourselves. I would happily recommend Quality Cleaning Services Edinburgh to anyone who needs cleaning services, particularly if you're moving - they take so much stress out of the process. Thanks so much!
Quality Cleaning Services
Iain Ponton
4 months ago
Fantastic. Needed a house clean after some extension works. Place was spotless afterwords. Will hopefully be using them more frequently in the future.
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About Quality Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services
We are a family run domestic and commercial cleaning company covering Edinburgh and surrounding areas. We offer regular cleaning, one off cleaning, end of tenancy office and commercial cleaning. We also provide deep oven cleans, window cleaning and professional carpet shampoo service. We can assist with decluttering and getting your home back to a clean comfortable space.