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Published on
March 2, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Piazza Honda Of Philadelphia?

Piazza Honda of Philadelphia has accumulated a predominantly positive reputation from customers, as evidenced by the content of the latest reviews. These testimonials often highlight the dealership's commitment to customer service and the expertise of their staff. Sales associates like Tony Yeung, Andy Âu, and Brian H are frequently mentioned for their helpfulness, patience, and willingness to go above and beyond for their clients. The dealership appears to excel at making the car-buying process seamless and worry-free, facilitating quick acquisitions and ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, the service department employees, such as Brianna White and Nicole, are praised for their kindness and competence in handling service-related matters. Sophan's bilingual capabilities and meticulous attention to customers' budgetary constraints have been particularly appreciated by the Cambodian-American community in Philadelphia. Despite the positive aspects, the lack of negative review narratives makes it challenging to provide a comprehensive analysis of all customer experiences.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects underscored in the reviews for Piazza Honda of Philadelphia include the exceptional customer service and the knowledgeable staff. Many customers recount experiences where sales associates were not only well-informed but also exceedingly personable and dedicated to finding the best fit for the customer's needs. This is particularly true for Tony Yeung, Sophan, and Andy Âu, who received individual praise for their attentive service. The ease of the leasing process, the ability to take vehicles for extended test drives, and the proactive follow-up services are characteristics that resonate well with customers. The service staff is lauded for their accommodating demeanor, with individuals like Nicole being cited for making technical aspects of vehicle maintenance straightforward and hassle-free.

Concerns and Threads

Given the data provided, it's difficult to identify any overtly negative trends or substantial criticisms from customers toward Piazza Honda of Philadelphia. The narratives shared are predominantly positive, with high levels of satisfaction regarding both the sales and service departments. However, the lack of negative feedback within the provided reviews does not preclude the possibility of such issues; it merely signifies that none were reported in this particular set of testimonials. Therefore, any further analysis of negative aspects would be speculative and requires additional review data.

Frequently asked questions about Piazza Honda Of Philadelphia

Can I trust the salespeople at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia to be knowledgeable and helpful?

Yes, salespeople at Piazza Honda, such as Tony Yeung, Sophan, and Andy Âu, have been highlighted for their knowledge and exceptional customer service, making the car buying experience simpler and more enjoyable for customers.

Is it possible to lease a car quickly at Piazza Honda?

Many customers report a swift and worry-free leasing process at Piazza Honda. The dealership has a reputation for facilitating fast transactions, often getting clients into their new cars within days.

Does Piazza Honda of Philadelphia have good follow-up customer service?

According to customer reviews, Piazza Honda excels in follow-up customer service. Sales representatives like Tony Yeung receive special mention for their prompt and efficient responses to inquiries and questions even after the car lease or purchase.

What are customers saying about Piazza Honda Of Philadelphia

Piazza Honda Of Philadelphia
Marie Ramos
3 months ago
This is my 3rd time leasing a car with Honda and each time I have had the most easiest, worry free experience at Piazza Honda thanks to Tony Yeung! Tony is attentive to your needs, great communication, and really goes above and beyond. He makes the process so smooth and fast, I was in my new car within days and I absolutely love it! Totally recommend!
Piazza Honda Of Philadelphia
Veronica Nguyen
3 months ago
I wanted to surprise my husband when he returns from his trip with a new car. It was so challenging searching for something that I have no clue about. Thank goodness Andy Âu was so patience with me explaining the different cars and their packages. “Thank you” and great KUDOS to Andy for being thorough and providing excellent customer service. Now a days excellent customer service is rare. Thank you again Andy; my husband loves his CRV.
Piazza Honda Of Philadelphia
Sarah Budlow
3 weeks ago
I was shopping for a used SUV and they were the absolute best here! I was able to put a deposit on the car and take it for a few days before signing paperwork. Unfortunately the deal didn’t go through (not their fault). They were so kind to me, they refunded my money, didn’t make me feel bad, and were friendly the whole time. Even though I didn’t get a car from them this time, I really appreciate the way they do business, I trust that they sell great cars, would absolutely recommend this dealership. Special thanks to Brian H!
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Piazza Honda of Philadelphia has a committed staff with many years of experience satisfying customer's needs. Whether you are looking for a new Honda or a pre-owned car or SUV, Piazza Honda of Philadelphia is here to help. We are conveniently located at 6935 Essington Ave. in Philadelphia, at the Airport Auto Mall.