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Published on
February 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Parachute Managed It Services?

The overall reputation of Parachute Managed IT Services is varied, with several praises for their prompt response, knowledgeability, and customer service alongside serious criticisms concerning responsiveness to issues and technical proficiency in managing their software. The positive experiences highlight speedy and efficient resolutions to IT issues, with technicians being commended for their politeness and skill. Conversely, the negative perspective is notable, with an executive recounting a poor trial phase and subsequent ongoing frustrations, including difficulties with the removal of proprietary monitoring software after leaving their company. This dichotomy suggests that while many clients have had satisfactory experiences, there are instances where Parachute has fallen short of expectations, which could indicate inconsistency in service quality.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Parachute Managed IT Services primarily emphasizes their rapid response times and effective solutions to IT-related problems. Customers appreciate the swift attention to their requests, often resulting in fast and satisfactory issue resolution. Technicians are lauded for their patience, politeness, and professionalism, with some providing valuable advice or preventive measures for future troubleshooting. The company has also been credited with smooth transitions during service implementation, with efficient follow-ups that suggest a reliable support structure for businesses reliant on robust IT infrastructure. Furthermore, the proactive approach to complex problems and successful collaboration with hardware vendors to save workstations from factory resets illustrates Parachute's commitment to thorough service.

Concerns and Threads

Negative experiences with Parachute Managed IT Services underscore a significant need for improvement in adhering to client expectations and technical competence. The most alarming critique comes from a former executive who experienced unaddressed support tickets and observed a general tendency among leadership to avoid utilising the service due to dissatisfaction. This situation raises concerns about Parachute's responsiveness and their ability to handle critical issues effectively. Additionally, the inability to remove the company's software post-employment reflects a troubling lack of proficiency with their proprietary tools, which could lead to trust issues for prospective clients. Such negative feedback suggests an inconsistency in service quality and response times, which might deter potential customers.

Frequently asked questions about Parachute Managed It Services

Can I request a trial period before committing to a full contract with Parachute Managed IT Services?

Yes, based on one customer's advice, you may request a trial period to evaluate Parachute's services. This allows you to personally assess their response times, technical competencies, and customer service before entering into any long-term agreements.

What should I expect in terms of response times if I choose Parachute for IT support?

While individual experiences may vary, several clients have reported that Parachute offers rapid response times, with some cases of support requests being addressed within minutes. The company appears to prioritize prompt communication and quick issue resolution.

How does Parachute handle complex IT issues that might involve hardware repairs or remote access problems?

According to customer testimonials, Parachute is proactive and determined when faced with complex IT challenges. They have coordinated with hardware vendors, offered troubleshooting guidance, and provided temporary solutions to ensure minimal work disruptions during the repair process.

What are customers saying about Parachute Managed It Services

Parachute Managed It Services
Dave Ackerman
a week ago
Sadly my experience with this organization has been abysmal. My previous organization used them for outsourced tech support, and the service was so poor our executives would actively attempt to solve most matters themselves rather than deal with Parachute. In my specific case, when we were evaluating their services initially during a trial period, I was being ignored for a ticket I opened. I sent a message expressing how disappointed I was that a member of the executive team had to follow up so much simply to get a prompt response, let alone a resolution - especially considering at the time we were evaluating them for a long-term contract. Over my objections we signed them. Fast fwd to today. Parachute installed remote software on all machines with consent, including mine, as a risk mitigation measure for employees who left the company. I recently left the company and the CEO was gracious enough to allow me to keep the computer so long any company files were wiped (which we kept 99% on a cloud drive so very minimal lift to comply). Parachute completed the wipe of data (after several attempts to contact them), but thus far has been unable to remove their proprietary remote monitoring and access software. It has been over a month, several calls, and still the software is still present. I will reiterate, it is THEIR software and they cannot remove it. It would be improper for me not to mention that all of their techs are incredibly polite to speak with and genuinely feel badly when things go wrong. That said, it is my strong recommendation for anyone considering Parachute for tech support services or managed IT services to request a trial period before entering into any agreements, and test them out for yourselves. Hopefully, for their sake, my/my organization's experience is an outlier - but given how consistent the issues have been that is difficult for me to believe. Buyers beware.
Parachute Managed It Services
Susan Lee
10 months ago
Prompt response to my request with an IT issue. I was running late and Technician arranged to call again in an hour, which he did. By some miracle the issue resolved itself. Technician showed me how to troubleshoot the issue in the event it arises again in the future. A quick and pleasant experience from beginning to end.
Parachute Managed It Services
Estelle Souza
a year ago
On February 1 our law firm completed the transition of IT services to Parachute. I would have to say the response time is phenomenal as well as the follow-up. On March 4 Vann successfully set up my home PC so that I could have remote access. He was very patient and is very good at what he does. Thank you Parachute for the great job.
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