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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Air It?

The overall company reputation of Air IT London, particularly through its Netstar services, appears to be highly positive among clients. Numerous reviews highlight the impeccable level of support and professionalism provided. The structured approach to managing IT infrastructure, from regular audits to proactive issue resolution, is frequently mentioned and greatly appreciated by clients. A key theme in the feedback is the company's efficiency in handling problems, ranging from fast and flexible troubleshooting to the smooth execution of office relocations. Through consistent client interactions and check-ins, Air IT maintains a dependable persona, which is also cited as being pivotal in enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction levels within the businesses they serve. Another recurrent element across these reviews is the personnel's friendly, approachable attitude and their ability to communicate complex technical issues in simple, understandable terms.

Positive Feedback

Client testimonials portray Air IT London’s Netstar service as a robust and reliable IT support partner. The positive aspects that emerge from the customer feedback include an unyielding dedication to swift resolution of IT issues and the consistent delivery of excellent service. The company's flexibility in dealing with clients, as illustrated by Matthew's accommodations for schedule changes, becomes a highlight, emphasizing their adaptable client service approach. Furthermore, the staff's expertise is acknowledged not only for resolving immediate concerns but also for providing cost-effective, creative solutions and making efforts to demystify IT jargon, fostering a sense of trust and empowerment for the users. Such commitment to excellence in customer care evidently leads to improved productivity in client businesses and a notable boost in their own customer satisfaction levels.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided do not explicitly mention negative customer experiences with Air IT London's Netstar service, it is important to observe that the absence of negative feedback in a set of selective reviews does not necessarily represent a flaw-free service. This lack of critical feedback in the provided data set prevents a balanced view of the potential areas for improvement or the challenges some customers may have faced. An understanding of any service limitations, response times during peak issues, or customer dissatisfaction instances, if any, would require a wider data set comprising both positive and negative customer experiences for an objective evaluation.

Frequently asked questions about Air It

What kind of IT support does Air IT London offer?

Air IT London provides structured IT support services including regular infrastructure audits, proactive issues resolution, cost-effective solutions, and has a friendly and professional support team available for help.

How does Air IT London handle urgent IT problems?

Clients report that Air IT London offers swift IT problem resolutions, with staff going out of their way to fix issues promptly while maintaining regular contact until the problems are solved.

Do clients find the communication with Air IT London effective?

Feedback highlights effective communication as one of Air IT London's strengths, with staff described as friendly, approachable, and good at simplifying technical explanations for better client understanding.

What are customers saying about Air It

Air It
Praveen Daniel
4 years ago
We have used their services for almost 4 years now and have to say that they are impeccable at the level of support they provide. They always go out of their way to solve the issues as soon as possible and also make an effort to explain in the simplest way possible as to what happened, instead of just saying ''Its all sorted''. They have a very structured hierarchy in terms of the levels of support required and everyone is very friendly & professional. They audit our infrastructure regularly and always find ways to keep everything simple, secure and most importantly cost effective. I would highly recommend, hands down five stars.
Air It
Tarun Sud
4 years ago
Matthew was very flexible when dealing with my hectic schedule due to client rearrangements and I had to rearrange this a few times which was no problem for Matthew. When we eventually spoke he identified and corrected the issue almost instantly and also helped solve another issue which I noticed as we were on the call. 10/10 Cheers Matthew!
Air It
5 years ago
I've recently started working at this company so I can give an inside peek at what it's like. The customer service levels at Netstar are top-notch. They are very organised and structured. Honestly the best IT support company I have come across so far in the UK.
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