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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about New Look

Analyzing recent customer reviews for New Look reveals a mixture of positive and negative experiences, potentially impacting the overall reputation of the company. On the positive side, customers have praised the extensive selection, particularly highlighting the 915 range for teenagers and the variety of options in women's clothing that include dresses, jackets, and accessories. The store layout and commitment to health and safety measures, such as mask-wearing and maintaining spacing during payments, have also received positive mentions. However, negative experiences significantly muddy New Look's reputation. Notably, a customer detailed an unsettling episode involving perceived unprofessional and disrespectful behavior by staff that affected an elderly patron, suggesting customer service issues and poor handling of store alarms. Inconsistent discount policies and disappointment with product ranges, such as the petite section, indicate operational challenges and potentially misleading customer experiences. These critiques underscore a need for consistent staff training and policy enforcement to improve customer satisfaction.


Positive feedback about New Look is centered around the breadth and fashionability of its offerings, the enjoyable shopping environment, and the courteous demeanor of some staff members. Customers appreciate the vast selection of clothing available, including the trendy 915 teenage range and options in other categories such as jeans and women’s attire, catering to diverse fashion preferences. The physical layout of the stores is commended for its navigability and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, health protocols in place, including mask-wearing and social distancing at checkouts, show a considerate attention to public health and customer safety, contributing to a reassuring shopping experience.


On the negative front, New Look faces criticism in areas crucial to customer satisfaction that can tarnish its reputation. A particularly disturbing incident involving the treatment of an elderly customer by staff reflects poorly on the company's customer service and raises questions about sensitivity and professionalism. Additionally, inconsistencies in discount application across stores have left customers feeling deceived and dissatisfied. The petite clothing range has also come under scrutiny for not meeting specific customer needs, suggesting a lack of inclusivity in product offerings. Such experiences point to a need for better staff training and a more consistent, customer-focused policy approach.

Frequently asked questions about New Look

What range does New Look offer for teenagers?

New Look offers a dedicated 915 range catered specifically to teenage girls, which has been positively reviewed for its great variety and fashionable options.

Are there any health safety measures in place at New Look stores?

Yes, New Look stores maintain health safety measures including spacing during payment transactions and a commitment to wearing masks to ensure a safe shopping environment for customers.

Does New Look have a consistent discount policy across all stores?

Reviews indicate that there might be inconsistencies in the application of discounts across different New Look stores, and it is advisable for customers to inquire about discount policies at the specific store they are visiting.

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New Look
Ka Pre
2 weeks ago
I’m giving one star on behalf of my 67 year old mum. Yesterday 27 January 2024 around 5:50 pm she had a horrible experience in this shop, which ruined her entire day in the city . It was her day off and she was enjoying a bit of shopping. New look used to be one of her favourite shops, but these two staff were so rude. One was a security man and the other was a sales assistant. Once she walked in the alarm beeped , as she was coming out their alarm beeped again. There was absolutely no reason for this as she didn’t even touch anything in this shop and didn’t have any tags left from previous shops. Once the security man approached my mum she herself offered to show him the contents of her bags ( she had all of the receipts for everything she bought that day as well) , but she wanted to get everything out herself as she has a phobia of others touching her things with their hands (OCD). Then sales assistant intervened and started shoving her hands in to mums bag and rummaging all over. Once they understood that they made a mistake and that she did nothing wrong instead of apologising the security man told mum that it’s his job ( which mum totally understands ) and told mum to stop being rude! This is the point that really offended my mum as she is the nicest person you could meet and he made her feel like a naughty little girl when she is 67 and is a very nice and respectful person. The staff acted unprofessionally, rude and disrespectful. Not even an apology from either of them for stopping her in the first place. (She walked around other shops with the same contents of her bags and the alarm did not beep in any other shop but new look , which makes her feel that perhaps she was targeted on purpose.
New Look
David Duran
2 months ago
Great selection of 915 clothes... My daughter managed to spend 90 minutes looking and trying on outfits. Great choice for teenage girls
New Look
Maria Ayoob
5 months ago
Not happy with todays buy. Went a couple days ago to white rose new look who gave me discount on my item, went today to new look in trinity bought another pair of pants same ones and the lady said no cannot apply discount the other lady shouldn’t have done this and looked at me as if I was lying really disappointed 😢
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